Why People Fail To Prepare For Disasters

Why Are People Not Prepared For Disasters?

With all of the natural disasters going on around us at the moment I find myself wondering why people fail to prepare. Why isn’t emergency preparedness everyone’s number one priority and why isn’t everyone a prepper.

Are people not seeing whats going on around them, news headlines are filled with stories regarding natural and man-made disasters. Terrorism and civil unrest are reported from all corners of the world. These headlines provide us with several very good reasons to become prepared for emergencies. Throughout our lives, we are always being told to prepared after all its the boy scouts motto but still, we fail to be prepared.

Initial Thoughts On Why People Fail To Prepare For Disasters

Maybe today’s modern conveniences and luxuries are the reason for the complacency of many of our attitudes towards emergency preparedness. We flip switches, turn a dial, insert keys to obtain virtually any necessity of life we desire. Food, water, heat, and light are all available with almost no effort. For the most part, many of us live a life of luxury, yet continually search for bigger, better and more convenient items.

This being the case I need to point out that we are taking for granted all these man-made luxuries in a society created by man. That’s great while it lasts but mother nature has a habit of having her say and she’s doing so on an increasingly more regular basis.

Today we live in the age of technology, information from around the world reaches our homes as fast as you can tune a radio, turn on a television, open a newspaper or turn on the computer. The speed and ease at which it can be processed, provide us with the ability to assess potential hazards far better than we could in years past. But if we can see them coming why are people still not preparing for them.

Whats the point of an early warning system if we’re not going to bother to head to the shelter. Maybe some people are like my wife. Her opinion is “If  the SHTF I don’t want to survive I would rather be gone”

It’s hard to say whether she would actually feel that way if disaster struck. Lucky for her I’m prepping for the whole family. 🙂

Other Reasons Why People Fail To Prepare For Disasters

The truth is people are often too busy to get prepared or maybe they have a secret fear that if they prepare they will inadvertently cause a disaster to happen. Maybe they feel that emergency response is so good that they don’t have to prepare.

Unfortunately, we’ve seen too many recent natural disasters hit whole communities and they were not prepared. Not only that, the emergency systems designed for these catastrophes are undermanned, understaffed and under-budgeted. They just can’t keep up when a major emergency strikes.

As mentioned above, having modern convenience leads to comfort which leads to complacency. When you become complacent you don’t feel the need to be prepared. Modern lifestyles have given us a false sense of hope. For this reason, we often put off doing things that we know we should do. Alas if a disaster ever did strike us this is the time you’ll wish you had planned ahead, but by then it’s too late and mother nature or circumstance may well decide your fate.

So What Can People Do To Be Prepared?

As with most scenarios of great importance you need to start by making an emergency preparedness plan. In this plan, you will need to determine what survival gear and supplies you will need and a plan to start stocking up on these items.

Wait a minute I think I’ve just inadvertently stumbled across another reason why people fail to prepare for disasters. Maybe they stumble at the first hurdle, the planning stage. After all, it can be quite daunting thinking of everything that could possibly happen and what you would need to survive.

Don’t fall into this trap, the key to planning for emergency preparedness is to break it down into smaller chunks or stages. Ask yourself questions like what would I do if?

  • My home catches on fire
  • I’m caught up in a terror attack
  • A tornado comes through and damages my home
  • There was a major power outage that could last several days
  • There was a significant flood or hurricane
  • If I didn’t have enough food or water supplies

Once you start to break it down like this you can create sub-lists detailing items and supplies you will need for each scenario.

Head over to our Prepper Resources Section where you can start downloading some of our free checklists and guides.

By planning ahead and being prepared you can save a lot of frustration and confusion. Don’t leave these things to chance and don’t depend on emergency responders to get to you in a timely manner. Take control and start planning and preparing.

You may not ever be fully prepared for disasters but some prepping is better than no prepping, good luck.

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6 thoughts on “Why People Fail To Prepare For Disasters”

  1. People are inherently LAZY. It’s far easier to NOT prepare, and expect “somebody” to bail them out of their situation.

  2. Very true I guess some just have this as their coping mechanism, perhaps even on a subconscious level. For me trying to be prepared as I can is about being in control.

  3. Plain and simple – Normalcy Bias. Same goes for situational awareness. I do this everyday. Nothing will happen to me, That only happens to other people.

    BTW, That’s not how I think.

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