Wazoo Survival Gear Cache Belt

Wazoo Survival Gear Cache Belt

Every Day Carry at its Best

Update: 9th 

Greta news the guys at Wazoo Survival have posted a new update on Kickstarter to confirm they are safe and no Cache Belts were damaged in the storm. You can read the update here Sep 8 2017 : Kick Starter Wazoo Survival Cache Belt Update

Update: 1st 

Due to recent devastation caused by HURRICANE HARVEY and evacuation on the South East side of Houston where Wazoo Survival Gear is based. There Will be a delay is the shipping of the Cache Belt and in turn our full review of it. 

We hope everyone is safe and will update this post further when we have more news.

Originally Posted: 7th August 2017

Wazoo Survival Gear Cache Belt – Full Product Review to Follow Shortly

Hi fellow Every Day Carry (EDC) fanatics how excited are we about the new Cache Belt from Wazoo Survival Gear  

So excited in fact we can’t wait to start talking about it, hence this post.

We placed our order and have been patiently watching the progress of their kickstarter Project

After just receiving an update to confirm our payment has been taken so It won’t be long now. Were very much looking forward to updating this post with a full in-depth review.

If like us your excitement level is boiling over in the knowledge that such a great Every day Carry Belt really does exist then here’s an extract from their website:

“It’s versatile enough to take you from the boardroom to the backwoods of Borneo and combines the highest grade components with a sleek, goes-with-anything look. Best of all, it features a velcro enclosure over two feet long that’s fully customizable.

From discreet carrying of extra Euros on the streets of Amsterdam to packing a compass and signaling mirror up a volcano in Nicaragua, we’ve tested this belt all around the world and we’re confident you’ll agree: this is the ultimate everyday and travel accessory”.

Remember to bookmark this post and come back soon to read our full unboxing review.

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