UST Survival Bandana

UST Survival Bandana

Welcome to or UST Survival Bandana Review. When it comes to searching for survival gear that has multiple uses a bandana is a great survival item that you can carry with you every day. Bandana’s cost very little are lightweight and have a multitude of practical survival uses. Nowadays there are bandana’s available that are specifically designed for use in a survival situation. One such bandana currently on the market that is designed specifically for survival use is one made by Ultimate survival technologies (UST). Let’s take a look at its features and applications in a little more detail:

Key Features Of The UST Survival Bandana

The Ultimate Survival Technologies Survival Bandana is designed to be highly visible in an emergency situation and for this reason, its color is orange. As with all bandana’s It can be used for basic purposes like covering your head but it also has many other survival uses. It’s machine washable for easy care and measures 22 inches square.

The feature that makes the UST Survival Bandana stand out from a basic bandana is that it has a number of helpful emergency survival tips printed on it. Covering hiking safety, navigation, knots, first aid, and more. This makes the bandana Ideal for backpacking, hiking, hunting, emergency preparedness and more.

Some of these survival tips are there to help you to prepare before you go on a trip. These are worth memorizing so your already aware of them. Others are there for you to reference in the event of you finding yourself in a survival situation. The tips printed on the bandana include the following areas:

  • Advice for if you find yourself lost.
  • How to locate north using stars to navigate.
  • How to find your way without a compass.
  • Survival Uses for Paracord.
  • Long distance signaling.
  • Essential list of bandana uses.
  • Essential gear to pack List.
  • A before you go checklist.
  • How to keep warm in the cold.
  • The survival rules of 3.
  • The importance of water and how to keep hydrated.

How to get hold of a UST Survival Bandana

The UST Survival Bandaba is widely available to purchase online. You can search for local stores that have them in stock. They are available to buy on Amazon and If you live in the UK you can currently buy them from our Survival Store.

UST Survival Bandana Review Summary

The UST Survival Bandana gets a thumbs up from me. This bandana would definitely make an ideal addition to your everyday carry (EDC) and you can literally take it with you in any situation. Having a bandana for survival uses is a good idea and I like that this bandana goes one step further with the addition of some helpful outdoor emergency survival tips. The bandana that I purchased has proved to be durable and has washed well in the washing machine.

Wherever you decide to purchase your UST Survival Bandana I don’t think you will be disappointed. It’s not just for emergency preparedness it would be ideal if you’re going backpacking, camping, or hiking and scouting. All in all a very useful multipurpose addition to your survival kits.

I hope you found my UST Survival Bandana review informative and welcome any feedback regarding any alternative survival bandana’s you would like to be reviewed. Or indeed if you have some of your own experiences with the UST Survival Bandana you would like to share with other readers of our blog.

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