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When seeing the title “urban survival gear say no to camo” you were probably expecting to read an article about my dislike of all things camo. I am pleased to say that this is not the case, in fact, I genuinely like camo. It definitely has its place in certain survival scenarios. For example military use and wilderness survival. The purpose of today’s article is to talk specifically about urban survival gear and why you should avoid using camo colored gear in an urban environment.

Types of urban survival Gear

When I refer to urban survival gear I am talking about items like

  • Jackets
  • Gloves
  • Hats / Caps
  • Cargo pants / shorts
  • Boots
  • Bandanas
  • Get Home Bags
  • Bug Out Bags
  • Ruck Sacks / Backpacks
  • Day bags
  • Boots
  • EDC Pouches
  • Paracord Bracelets
  • Phone cases
  • Flashlights
  • Watch Straps

Importance of Urban Survival Gear Color

As mentioned above I love all things camo but it should never be used in an urban environment. If you think about what the word camouflage means this makes perfect sense. Camouflage means to hide or disguise the presence of a person, animal, or object by means of concealing and blending into its surroundings. There’s no doubt that camo gear works well in wilderness or military settings but using it in an urban setting could be dangerous because it will make you will stand out more than the normal person on the street. This is the complete opposite of what camouflage is designed to achieve.

Let’s take a look at some examples of why having urban gear in the color of camo could be detrimental and hinder or prevent your survival.

Imagine you find yourself in the middle of a terror attack or a hostage situation. If you are wearing camo gear you are going to stick out like a sore thumb. You are likely to be the first person that catches the eye of your attacker and will most likely be the first person to be targeted by them.

Another example of when camo gear would be detrimental in an urban environment is in a SHTF scenario. Do you really want a camouflage bug out bag on your back advertising to those who have not prepared. That you are the person to target because you’re obviously carrying equipment that they now desperately need. In desperate times people will do whatever it takes to take your gear from you.

The Gray Man Approach

In the examples above its better instead to be a gray man blending into the background. A gray man is someone who is able to disappear into the crowd and move unnoticed when disaster strikes. The gray man conceals how prepared they are by carrying kit and supplies in a stealth manner. A gray man just looks like any other person going about their business.

Whilst we all have our own personalities and like to express our individuality in what we wear. In a survival situation, you need to be the exact opposite. You need to almost not exist and slip away without arousing suspicion. Being a gray man allows you to do this at a time when all around you are panicking.

Ask Yourself This Question

When combating terror attacks and hunting down terrorists on the streets why are police and special forces not wearing camo?

The answer is because they are trying to carry out their duties in as stealth way as possible. They don’t want to stick out so they can be easily picked off so they wear black. They can be deployed many times for different operations and do not want to be identifiable in any way. If they were this could endanger them and their families.

Urban Survival Gear Example of What Not to Use

When sourcing your urban survival gear and clothing remember the gray man approach. Steer clear of camo colors or any color that is going to bring unnecessary attention. Don’t carry gear items in a way that will make it obvious to passers-by what they are.

Here are some examples of what to stay away from for urban use:

Whilst great items, unfortunately, the examples below make the wrong statement in an urban environment. They give the appearance of military experience or at the very least make it look like you are prepared for a fight. If you use these items for urban everyday carry you are effectively putting a target on your back.



Urban Survival Gear Example of What to Use

Use urban survival gear and clothing that are neutral in color like black or grey. Aim to carry your gear in stealth either in pockets or on a stealth belt.

Here are some examples of what is ideal for urban use:

The items in the below example are far more neutral in color and therefore less obvious. They are items that appear casual and functional. They help you to blend more into the background giving you a better chance to slip away when panic ensues.



Urban Survival Gear – Say No To Camo (Summary)

I hope you found this article on urban survival gear insightful. Whilst ensuring that you stick to neutral colors when selecting your urban survival gear may seem common sense. When I first started prepping I was guilty of initially buying urban camo gear because of my love for camo. Until it dawned on me one day that it may not be such a good idea.

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2 thoughts on “Urban Survival Gear – Say No To Camo”

  1. Just my 2cents here………this whole Grey Man thing is fine, but i think alot of people dont realise that alot of camo (non military) is and has been for decades a very popular fashion trend. Go to any department store and check out the mens, womens, kids clothing lines and youll see camo (read “gucci-flage”). Look at colleges, sports venues, malls……… camo is the fashion.
    Of coarse the main rule here must be NEVER GO THE FULL CAMO!!! Military personel can pull it off but a civillian just looks stupid unless they are hunting in the bush.
    And lets look at backpacks, BOBs, rucks, etc etc. sure every colour besides camo will help you look like everyone else, but what happens when you have to stow or hide the pack in some bushes so you can do something that requires you to not have the pack on. Maybe a scouting mission, a meeting with someone, a forageing exercise………. chances are youll get back to your pack location and it will be gone simply because your Grey-man coloured pack has been spotted hidden in the bushes by another dude out looking around. Now if your pack was camo, or even coyote, then surely its got to be easier to hide. Lets face facts, if the SHTF to the extent that you need to gear-up and take off, then it doesnt matter what you wear or choose with regards to the colour of your clothes or pack, just the simple fact that you are wearing a pack AT ALL is goin to tell any potential threat that you have something that they probably want or need.
    All 3 teirs of my bug out gear is camo and im ok with that. In a semi urban environment i know i can still blend-in and have the added bonus of being able to hide myself or my gear wherever. It could be in parkland, up a tree, in somebodies front garden……. wherever, and i’ll feel alot better knowing that my BOB blends in better than something blue, pink, red, purple with pink poccadots, orange, or whatever. Remember, there is no such thing as fashion when you are talking about survival.

  2. its more to do with being a “grey man”(or woman) in an urban situation, camo would make someone stick out in a city or large urban centre, you want to merge in not stand out, in some places abroad camo means army or government and would make you a target!
    out here in the English countryside camo is normal working gear and nobody even looks twice at anyone wearing it but that would not be the case in a big multicultural city.

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