The Urban Everyday Carry Secret Shoe

The title of this article “The Urban Everyday Carry Secret Shoe” sounds like the kind of gear you would expect to see appearing in a well-known series of spy films. However, such a thing really does exist in the real world and if you’ve got the budget you too can own a pair of these bespoke custom-made shoes.

If you work in the city these shoes could be just what you’re looking for to add to your wardrobe for concealed carry of EDC items that could help get you out of trouble in an emergency.

secret shoes
Photo: Oliver Sweeney & VeryFirstTo

Oliver Sweeny and Luxury Launches site have teamed up to create “the secret shoe” that can hide a number of survival tools and gadgets depending on your personal preference.

The shoe is described by its creators as “a shoe designed for extraordinary missions and everyday emergencies from losing your jacket on a night out to being kidnapped”.

Urban Everyday Carry Secret Shoe Features

secret shoe sole
Photo: Oliver Sweeney & VeryFirstTo

Costing around $2600 (we did say if you’ve got the budget) you get a pair of made to order bespoke secret shoes that are handcrafted in Italy.

In the sole of each shoe, there’s a hidden compartment that can hold 3 EDC items totaling 6 items across the pair.

No two pairs will be the same because they are handcrafted in small batches for a unique finish from wild red deer sourced from Scottish Estates.

Colors available to choose from are Black, Brown, and Tan.

Gear Items List

You get to choose your 6 EDC items from a master list of the following 12 items:

  1. World’s Smallest Phone
  2. Flashlight
  3. Micro Pen
  4. Pill Case
  5. Miniature Camera
  6. Contactless payment Ring
  7. GPS Tracking Device
  8. USB Stick
  9. Swiss Army Knife
  10. Compass
  11. Aftershave Atomizer
  12. Currency (£50; €50; or $50)
secret shoe
Photo: Oliver Sweeney & VeryFirstTo

In addition to the items you choose from the list above the shoelaces are made from Kevlar and can be used as a friction saw for cutting through wood or plastic. So should you ever find yourself zip-tied, you will have a fighting chance of escaping.

The shoes can also accommodate a spare house key and the soles can be inscribed with details of your choosing. For example your blood type or even your GPS coordinates.

The Urban Everyday Carry Secret Shoe Conclusion

We haven’t had the opportunity to get hold of a pair of these shoes to test in the real world. This has a lot to do with the fact that they cost around £2600 per pair. However, we accept that quality handmade bespoke items always cost a premium. If you’ve got the budget they could be just the thing you’re looking for to carry your EDC items stealthily around the city.

If nothing else these shoes show another clever way of carrying items that can help you out in an emergency. Without advertising that you have them on your person.

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