Twenty Free Preps

Twenty Free Prepping Ideas – No Money Required

Whether you’re just starting out as a prepper or looking for some free preps that won’t put a dent in your budget. Here’s a list of twenty free preps that will cost you nothing but your time.

Twenty Free Preps You Can Start Now

  1. Start Storing Water

    The first item in our list of Twenty Free Preps is water. Water is something that many people have on tap. Instead of buying bottled water. You can use for example plastic coke bottles, larger water bottles or gallon cans that you may have normally thrown away. Fill them up and aim to store at least a three-day supply of 3 liter’s minimum for each person you’re preparing for.

  2. Do Some Research

    Never underestimate the importance of research. Search engines, blogs, and forums are all very good places to improve your prepping knowledge. It costs nothing but your time and can often save you money on those preps you will have to purchase. Prior knowledge can also save you from making costly mistakes.

  3. Improve or Maintain Your Fitness Levels

    You will be no help to yourself or anyone else if you are not fit enough to deal with an emergency situation. There are many low & high impact exercises you can undertake. Whether its yoga, running, aerobics or any other exercise you want to do. Make sure you do your research and check with a doctor prior to commencing if you have any medical concerns.

  4. Learn To Build A Fire

    There are various different survival methods for building a fire. These can be researched online and practiced at home in an area that is safe to do so. You can try out these methods in different weather conditions to test how you would get on, for example in the wind or rain.

  5. Download Some Free Survival Apps

    There are many really useful smartphone apps related to survival. You can download them for free from the app store or google play. Here is a survival app review that we recently posted on prepper bits.

  6. Free Checklists & Guides

    Many prepper related websites are run by helpful members of the prepper community. These websites often have dedicated resources sections similar to our prepper resources page that you can download checklists and guides from for nothing.

  7. Free Food Grade Storage Buckets

    Food grade storage buckets are great to store your food preps in. They are useful for storing pretty much anything. Many local supermarkets, bakery’s and grocers use these buckets and are often happy to let you have some for free.

  8. Label Your Gear & Supplies

    It costs nothing but time to go through your supplies and label them. Doing this will save you time and make your supplies work more efficiently for you. You will know what you have and where it is when you need it most. It will also help if you record any food expiration dates so you can rotate items and avoid waste.

  9. Make An Emergency Plan

    Free or not, your preps won’t help you much if you haven’t made your emergency plan. Thinking carefully about the scenarios you are planning for should be a priority. List what you think you will need and how you intend to execute your plan should a disaster scenario you are planning for.

  10. Practice Your Plan

    Having an emergency plan is only the first step. You should practice your plans whenever you can. These may be basic plans like leaving the home in the event of a fire or more detailed plans for when you need to evacuate for a longer period. Where would you go? What route would you take? and so on.

  11. Make An Emergency Contact List

    Make a list of emergency contacts that you and your family might need to contact quickly should an emergency occur. The list may include family members, doctors, local organizations and any other numbers you feel would be important.

  12. Make Copies Of Documents

    Make copies of any important documents you may need to carry with you in an emergency. Documents like passport, drivers license, birth certificates, marriage certificates, title deeds, wills and so on.

  13. Join Prepper Facebook Groups & Forums

    There are some great prepper facebook groups and forums that are free to join. These are full of like-minded preppers who are happy to share information and ideas for free.

  14. Free Preps From Free Adds

    Many local communities have free ads magazines and newsletters in which people are giving away free items. In most cases, this is because they have items that are taking up space which they no longer need. They simply want someone to take them off their hands. The items will vary but you may just find some useful prepper related items advertised.

  15. Fast Food Restaurant Freebies

    How many times have you visited McDonald’s or KFC (other restaurants are available). Only to find yourself with excess condiments, for example, sauces, wipes, napkins, coffee stirrers. I’m not saying walk into the restaurant grab a handful and leave. But when you can grab a few extras whilst you’re having a meal you can add these to your supplies.

  16. Tidy Up

    The number of useful preps you could find around your home as you tidy up may surprise you. I have previously found items around my home that I had forgotten I even had. Because you are tidying up wearing your prepper hat so to speak.You may even find useful items like old mint tins and other items that you can use for preps.

  17. Search In Your Garage

    Much the same as tidying your home. Carrying out a search of your garage or any outbuildings can unearth items of use. For example small multi-tools or other items you’ve had in boxes dating back to before you were concerned about emergency preparedness.

  18. Learn Wild Edibles

    Search online or if you can’t get online visit your library to research plants that grow in the wild that you could eat in an emergency. Learning how to identify these plants will prove invaluable if you ever find yourself in a survival situation without a normal food supply.

  19. Sell Stuff

    If your anything like me you may have items of value in your home that you no longer need or want. Don’t let them sit around gathering dust if they have any value. Sell them on eBay or advertise them in your local free ads. This has two main benefits when they are sold. Firstly you have made some money to put towards other preps. Secondly, you have freed up more storage space for your preps.

  20. Ask For Free Preps

    There’s an old saying that goes “If you don’t ask you won’t get”. If you are in need of a particular item, talking about this in open conversation with friends and family can often score you extra preps. They may just have what you need lying around their home and happily gift it to you because they have no need for it. In most cases, people like to help others out especially family and close friends.

Twenty Free Preps Summary

I hope you’ve found this list of Twenty Free Preps useful and its given you some ideas. If you have any ideas for free preps you would like to share with our blog readers. There’s a comments section below.

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