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Today’s guest post “Turkey Hunting Season in Michigan is Coming – What Should You Prepare?” was submitted by William from hunthacks.com and edited for publication by Prepperbits.

Turkey Hunting Season in Michigan is Coming – What Should You Prepare?

Wild turkeys are one of the more paranoid animals and are not always easy to hunt. However, hunters always feel amazing when hunting these birds. If you want to hunt gobblers in Michigan you should prepare carefully and take the following steps before participating in the Michigan turkey hunting season.

Get A Hunting Licence First

Every state has different regulations and turkey hunting is not an exception. To hunt in Michigan, you will need to apply for a hunting license.

Before applying for a license make sure you are clear about the type of hunting licenses available (such as Resident and non-resident licenses, Youth hunting license, Senior hunting license, etc.)

You will also need to meet the requirements of the Michigan hunter education certification before you apply for a suitable license.

Anyone born after Jan. 1, 1960 is required to take a hunter education course. There are three options available:

  1. Traditional class in a classroom.
  2. Home-study program.
  3. Online course you complete at home.

You can search for a course near you or click on one of the following links to take the course online at home:

Check The Michigan Department of Natural Sources Hunting Season Calendar

Why do you need to check the hunting season calendar?

In general, there are two main wild turkey hunting seasons that you need to pay attention to which are the Spring Season and Fall Season.

Spring Season

  • Period of application: from January 1 to February.
  • Posted results through online: March 5
  • The time of leftover licenses: March 12 (applicants only) and March 19 (in the online sale)

Fall Season

  • Period of application: between July 1 and August 1.
  • Posted results through online: August 13.
  • The time of leftover licenses: August 20 (applicants only) and August 27 (in the online sale)

Please note that any leftover licenses will go on sale at 10 am. Check the schedule, arrange your time, and decide your hunting season!

Find The Gobblers

Can you catch turkeys everywhere in Michigan?

The answer to this is no so you will need to check the map of the Michigan Department of Natural Resources to find the right place.

Thanks to the latest technology, you can use the Michigan Department of Natural Resources MI-Hunt mapping service to find the places where you can hunt.

You should read, understand, and accept the terms of the map application before accessing the map.

When using the MI-Hunt mapping program, you will be able to learn about land boundaries and public hunting places. Additionally, you can find information on the areas of private land you could potentially hunt in. However, you should always ask for permission from the landowners before starting.

Whether you decide to hunt in public or private areas, you should do your homework so that you are able to recognize the telltale signs that gobblers are around. For example, their smell, signs of feathers and how gobblers move.

Choose a Turkey Call

Calling a gobbler is not compulsory, but it is necessary and crucial to attract these birds before hunting. Before beginning with your turkey call, you need to choose a call first. In general, there are three main kinds of turkey calls.

  1. Mouth Calls.
  2. Pot and Peg Calls.
  3. Box Calls.

Mouth Calls

Mouth calls also known as a diaphragm call are made of latex rubber (it is also called a reed) with a horseshoe-shaped structure in a plastic skirt.

When blowing air across the reeds, you can create a turkey sound. Mouth calls are lightweight and small enough to hide in your mouth. They are usually inexpensive so you could buy one or more depending on your needs.

Pot and Peg Calls

Pot and Peg Calls involve a pot with a surface made of materials such as slate, glass, and aluminum. A striker is also required to drag across the calling surface of the pot which makes the call sound.

Box Calls

Most Box Calls are rectangular boxes made from wood materials and are perfect for calling a wild gobbler.  With a Box call, you slide the lid of the box across its surface which creates friction that in turn makes the different turkey sounds. Such as gobbles, putts, clucks, purrs, yelps, cackles, cuts, and kee-kees.

When is the Best Time to Call Gobblers?

The best time to use a turkey call is when they fly down to the ground after roosting in trees. Keep in mind that you should not call them using very loud calls because they will probably feel threatened and flee immediately.

If this happens you can try to call them again using a lower call volume. After making the call you should be patient and wait to hear their responding sound. Getting the call volume right can be challenging at first but with enough practice, you will be able to use a turkey call like you are a female turkey to attract them.

Hunting wild turkey in the morning is a good idea because, during this time, they leave their roost and go to ground to feed. Also in the late morning, a male turkey often looks for a female partner by making a call to them.

Hunting and Shooting Turkeys

You can hunt turkeys using a compound bow, arrow, crossbow, shotgun, etc. But before you start hunting and shooting turkeys you should first learn how to identify following characteristics:

  • Colors
  • Gender
  • Body shape.

Some gobblers also have beards.

When shooting, you need to master your shooting range for your weapon of choice. To do this, you need to estimate the distance from your position to the turkey’s standing position. Do not forget to watch out for other hunters in the area who may also be shooting. Remember safety come first at all times.

Depending on the weapon you use, the best ranges are around 40 yards if you use a gun. If you use a compound bow, the distance can be further depending on your shot.

When a gobbler lies down, you need to catch it as quickly as you can because turkey can try to run and escape. Be careful to hold turkey firmly as it can hit and injure you with its legs.

Turkey Hunting Season in Michigan is Coming – Conclusion

Turkey hunting is an incredible outdoor activity which is not as daunting as you may think. It is up to you to choose whether hunting in Michigan in the spring or the fall is best for you. Hunting with friends or a group is a good idea as because you can support one another and share in the enjoyment of turkey hunting.

Editors Conclusion

Thanks to William for submitting this guest post “Turkey Hunting Season in Michigan is Coming – What Should You Prepare?” which is an interesting subject that we have not covered on Prepperbits before. It’s important to point out that we at Prepperbits have no expertise in the hunting of wild turkey so if you have any experiences or comments you would like to share regarding Williams article. Please feel free to add them to the comments section below.

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