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The following article entitled “Top Reasons You Need A Gun Safe As A Prepper – And The Top Qualities To Look For In One”. Was kindly written and submitted by Sam Bocetta. Sam is a regular contributor to the Prepper Bits Blog sharing with us his knowledge and experience of disaster preparation, survival, firearms, and self-defense. Thanks, Sam.

Top Reasons You Need A Gun Safe As A Prepper

And The Top Qualities To Look For In One

As a prepper, do you want to know what one of the most overlooked preparations you can make is?

That’s right: getting a gun safe.

Yes, many gun owners are well aware of the importance of owning a gun safe. But far fewer of those gun owners actually spend the money to own one.

When it comes to preppers in particular, many who live out in more rural areas believe that owning a gun safe is simply not necessary because they’re outside of the city and any crime associated with it.

But in reality, getting a gun safe can still be one of the most important investments that you make as a prepper. And is not at all a gun-related disaster preparation tip that you should ignore.

This article will discuss the top three reasons to own a gun safe as a prepper. Followed by the top three qualities that you will need to look for if you do indeed opt to buy one.

The Top 3 Reasons You Need A Gun Safe As A Prepper

Here are the top three reasons why, as a prepper, you need to have a gun safe:


First and foremost, a gun safe makes it much more difficult for any unauthorized persons to have access to your guns. Whether they be children, visitors, or burglars and intruders.

Just because that you live out in a rural area, such as on a homestead, doesn’t at all mean that a burglar won’t break in or try to. During an SHTF grid down disaster especially, the threat of burglars and armed raiding parties is exponentially greater.

And if you are forced to evacuate your house in the most extreme of circumstances. You can still take at least some degree of comfort in knowing that anything you stored in your safe before you left should be safe from unauthorized entry. (especially if you bolt your safe to the door or wall).


Just as important as protecting your guns from unauthorized entry is protection from dangerous or hazardous elements. Such as fire or moisture.

As we’ll discuss in greater detail later, one of the most important qualities to look for in a gun safe is a solid fire protection rating. A house fire is a more significant threat than you may realize, and in the case of a grid down disaster. Having the ability to shield and protect valuable items from a fire will be especially important.


Last but not least, a gun safe can also offer your guns and valuable possessions protection from the law and legal action as well.

For example, if a burglar breaks into your house when you’re not home, finds and steals a loaded gun, and then uses it in a violent crime later, the gun could be traced back to you. In that case, the victim or the family of the victim of the violent crime could then (potentially) decide to file a lawsuit against you, with the argument being that you didn’t take sufficient action to secure your firearm.

Furthermore, in some cases, it’s actually required to have a gun safe by the state government if you own firearms. Currently, twenty-seven states have what are called ‘safe storage laws,

Which means that you are legally obligated to acquire a gun safe to protect your firearms.

The Top 3 Qualities You Need To Look For In A Gun Safe

Now that we fully understand the reasons why you need to have a gun safe as a prepper. Here are the top qualities that you will need to look for in a gun safe:


The first quality your gun safe needs to have is simple: plenty of space! That being said, it’s very rare that the advertised capacity of a safe, at least when it comes to long guns, is the actual capacity of the safe.

For example, a safe that claims to have a storage capacity of fourteen or fifteen long guns will more realistically be able to hold around nine or ten at the most. This is because the advertised capacity usually fails to take into account larger types of long guns. Or long guns that have scopes or other kinds of topics mounted to them that take up even more room.


A high-quality lock is also essential on your safe, and you have several options.

One example would be to go with a combination lock, which is both simple and reliable. You only need to spin the dial to the designated numbers in order to open the safe. But at the same time, this is also very slow, and if you need to access a weapon quickly in a home defense situation it’s far from ideal.

A far faster option would be to go with an electronic lock, where you simply need to punch in a code in order to access a firearm. The only major downside to this method is that it’s reliant on electricity. So in a grid down disaster situation such as an EMP attack, your safe could be rendered inoperable. That’s also not to mention that the safe would require batteries in order to operate.

Another option would be to go with a biometric safe, which requires a fingerprint in order to access the safe. Most biometric safes can also scan and read the fingerprints of multiple different people as well.

Finally, you can also go with a combination safe. Which could combine any of the above locks (such as a biometric and electronic lock system).


The final quality that you will need to look for in a gun safe is protection because obviously, this is one of the main reasons to own a gun safe to begin with.

As a general rule of thumb, make sure that your gun safe has at least ten gauge steel. While twelve gauge is often advertised as being suitable. The truth is that twelve gauge is much easier to hack through by a determined intruder.

Furthermore, you should get a safe that has a fire protection rating of at least one hour at twelve hundred degrees Fahrenheit. This is because most house fires don’t even last a full hour. So to be on the extra safe side (pun intended), you should get a safe with even better fire protection.

Top Reasons You Need A Gun Safe As A Prepper – Conclusion

And there you have it!

These are the top three reasons to own a gun safe as a prepper and the top three qualities that you need to look for in one.

As we discussed previously, investing in a gun safe is something that every prepper should do. If you agree, you’ll want to get a safe that has each of the three qualities we have covered above.

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 And The Top Qualities To Look For In One”.

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  1. Biometric safe has the same problem as an electric safe. No power no gun. Get a combination safe then if you are really concerned about speed of access then get a small gun box with a biometric lock for your defense handgun the worst that could happen there is you can’t reach one gun. The concept of not being able to access all my weapons just doesn’t work for me.

    1. No it won’t. I’ll not tell you why. Go buy one yourself you will find out.
      Replace your battery every October when you replace your smoke alarm batteries. You will have no problems whatsoever.

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