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The Purge: An Ultimate Preparation Guide if it Happens in Real Life

The Purge refers to a concept wherein the government stops the enforcement of laws. Giving people the chance to do whatever they want without any consequence for a certain period. This causes one to see the worst in people as this can lead to chaos, murder, and full anarchy.

If you are unfamiliar with this concept yet then you may want to watch the film series entitled “The Purge” as it shows what usually happens in that event.

In the film, people are allowed to do things without being restricted by laws or rules for a night. For a total of twelve hours, the government will support their crime as they believe that this can result in lower crime rates, higher revenue from security and weapons, and population control.

The whole scenario looks and sounds terrible because of the heinous crimes that might result from it but what if it happens in real life?

Are you fully prepared to survive it?

Here are some things that you should and should not do if you want to survive the horrible and dreaded scenario:

#1 – Prepare for self-defense

Of course, complete preparation is the key to survive a situation as scary as “The Purge”. It is important to know exactly how you can defend yourself and set up improvised perimeter alarms for your home, especially if you plan to lock up yourself there as a means of protection. It also helps to create improvised weapons using things and objects surrounding you.

Fortunately, it is not that hard to find things that you can use as a self-defense weapon. Even a broken bottle and a melted plastic can help. Your butcher knife is also a good weapon. However, a better alternative for the knife is a blade, which you should practice working with.

A blade is as deadly as a knife when brought using a similar level of force but the former has the benefit of being more concealable. Prepare the things that you think can help you defend yourself and conceal them in a spot that you can easily access but can’t be noticed by anyone who might attack you.

 #2 – Do not go out or move alone

During “The Purge”, it helps to be part of the buddy system as it is dangerous for you to stay at home, go out, or do things alone. Doing so might cause you to end up in the local morgue. Note that you can’t predict when paramilitary goons, a team of bikers, or any other dangerous intruder will lurk around your place, fully prepared to harm you and wipe you out of your country’s population through overwhelming force.

This is the main reason why you have to try building alliances and friendship during the terrifying scenario. Just make sure that you establish a friendship with someone you can truly trust.

#3 – Stay indoors

One way to survive in a situation wherein criminals are lurking in the streets is to hide indoors. Just make sure that your home is secure before that event happens. Avoid being too excessive when putting up security measures, though, to the point that your home is already filled with security cameras, high fences, and barbed wires as such might only encourage criminals to figure out what is inside.

A more efficient security solution is to reinforce your home’s entry points from the inside. Also, determine certain areas in your home where you can hide even further. It could be a hidden basement, wardrobe, or attic. Make sure that it is not easy to find. With that additional level of invisibility, criminals who might do a quick tour or search on your home will not be able to see you and consider your house as clear.

#4 – Avoid hiding in safe places

In case you need to leave home, do not stay in a place where you think you are safe. Note that safe places, like police stations, food halls, schools, and shelters serve as fishing nets for criminals who tend to wait for people who are desperate to find a place where they can hide. It also helps to avoid public places or any other place where a lot of people gather together.

Note that being in a public place might make you an easy target for mass shootings and unless you know exactly how to survive mass shootings, you will end up getting killed. If possible, go out of town. Stay away from central and public areas and move to quieter ones, including back roads.

 #5 – Have a good supply of tear gas

This works if criminals do not own advanced collection of military equipment. With a good supply of tear gas, you can let the gas fly right away once someone tries to breach your home’s perimeter. You may also want to incorporate a large amount of gas to your ventilation system as this makes it easier and more efficient for you to disperse it. Any intruder will gag and choke while trying to get out of your property without harming you once the gas is dispersed. Just do not forget to put your masks on while you disperse the tear gas.

The Purge: An Ultimate Preparation Guide – Conclusion

Apart from the tips above, it also helps to stay out of the streets. Note that while several people may end up getting killed indoors during the Purge Night. The situation is still worse outdoors due to booby traps, snipers, and criminals who might end up shooting everyone they see.

Going on a vacation or staying on a plane might also save you. The most important thing that you should do, though, is to be fully prepared for what might happen. Study everything that will most likely happen during that terrifying situation so you will know exactly how to deal with each one and increase your rate of survival.



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