How Tech is Expanding the Prepper World

Guest Post by James Walton

This article was kindly written for Prepper Bits readers by James Walton who is the author of Come Unity; Community and the host of the I AM Liberty Show. In this article James talks about how tech is expanding the prepper world.

How Tech is Expanding the Prepper World

Though bushcraft and self-reliance are huge parts of preparedness, the voice of tech cannot be ignored. To many this is blasphemous. The idea that we rely on some sort of tech to help our survival odds can be a nail biter. I want you to understand the benefits that are coming out of advances like drop shipping, 3D printing and the advancements in chemistry.

There are brilliant minds in the military and in civilian life that have access to material and markets to make their own products. In preparedness and survival, we are witnessing the unrivaled power of the free man and the free market. I encourage you to take advantage of this.

In this article I want to look at how our world is expanding and technologies are creating incredible products that make emergency preparedness a lot more approachable. As we have seen in 2017 we all need to get more involved in emergency preparedness.

This article will profile three unique areas in which tech is taking the reins on prepping.


Combat One

Survival hygiene was reserved for wet wipes and alcohol based formulas that both struggled to thoroughly clean human skin as well as had advertent effects on skin by drying it out. For most preppers this was their answer to bugout hygiene or hygiene in the field.

Since, then we have seen serious upgrades in the formulas used to achieve quality hygiene in the field. The very best example of this is a product called Combat One. It is fueled by an antibacterial that will sound familiar to many preppers, colloidal silver. Beyond the silver, this formula is designed to promote your skins natural bacteria to keep it healthy.

The Combat One product line was produced for special operations officers in the field. It has been approved by many in combat roles today. This waterless hygiene system has also been inadvertently created for preppers as well.


Prepper Drone

If you think these flying quadcopters are reserved for kids and adventurers, you are dead wrong. There is no other force multiplier quite like the drone. When it comes to having eyes on a disaster or a threat the drone is the safest and most effective way to gather survival intelligence.

This is your eye in the sky. If you have a drone with a high quality 4K camera you can see so much more of the world than the average survivor.

It’s important to understand that these drones are newborns. In the future these tools will be a normal part of our day. They may even be something you would consider for your EDC. They will get smaller, fly longer and become much more useful in the future. Get involved in drones today.


Arguably one of the most prepper centric upgrades in technological world are the fabrics and materials. These hi-tech insulators and concealers are the most ideal creations for preppers and survivalists. There are even clothes made of Kevlar that are protecting people on motorcycles as we speak. Imagine the possibilities.

The H2 Flow jacket is a creation that features multiple types of material that are layered and perforated to create an incredibly comfortable jacket that also works to regulate body temperature no matter what the conditions. The materials keep you cooler or warmer depending on the outside world.

Then you have the Scotte Vest. These clothes are designed to hold several items. There are zipper up jackets that will hold up to 15 items ranging from pocket change to iPads. This design should make the avid EDC aficionado drool a little bit.

Clothing is one of the most important parts of your prepping arsenal. We are going to see incredible advancements in clothing material over the next 10 years. There is a student in Vanderbilt who has created a small device that is capable of producing energy from human motion. There could come a time when you power much of your life with devices like this that are sewn into your pants!


Core basics like wilderness survival will always be critical. No matter how impressive the human advancement becomes, the woods and the wild will always be out there. The more prepared you are to straddle the human world and the wild world, the better off you will be. The secret is, the better life you will lead as well. By now you probably have figured out that the outdoors is the balance to the screens and the techno assault that is levied upon us.

All that said, keep your eyes on the horizon. There are new things popping up all the time. Tech will make survival much easier. Cities are developing street lights that will light to show a clear path out of town in times of disaster.

My message to you, personally, is that you don’t have to betray one to utilize the other. You don’t have to be tech prepper or master woodsman. Diversify your survival skills and plans.

James Walton is the author of Come Unity; Community and the host of the I AM Liberty Show. He is also a freelance writer writing for survival and outdoor publications and blogs.

How Tech is Expanding the Prepper World Summary

A big thanks to James for taking the time to submit this guest post giving his thoughts on how tech is expanding the prepper world. If you have any of your own experiences or opinions on how tech is expanding the prepper world. Feel free to share them with James and Prepper Bits readers in the comments section below.

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