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One area of emergency preparedness planning that is often overlooked is Survival Prescription Glasses. For those of us who wear prescription glasses. We only have to think back to a time when we either forgot or lost our glasses to know that being without them makes life difficult. Remembering to include survival prescription glasses in your emergency survival kit is a must for people who need glasses.

Survival Prescription Glasses Tips

Having established the importance of including a backup pair of glasses in your survival kit. Let’s look at some survival prescription glasses tips that will be helpful for any preppers that need prescription glasses.

Adding Spare Glasses To Your Kit

In the event of an emergency or disaster occurring, you will probably already be wearing your glasses. However, you shouldn’t take this for granted. Glasses can become lost or damaged in the midst of an emergency or disaster. Including spare glasses in your survival kit will help negate this potential problem.

Remember to include spare glasses in your survival kit for all family members that need prescription glasses. I also recommend adding more than one set of glasses, especially if you need separate glasses for close up work. Glasses can also have other uses in a survival situation so having more than one pair can benefit you further.

Contact Lenses

You’re probably wondering why I haven’t suggested including contact lenses in your survival kit. Whilst the principle of being prepared with back up contact lenses could be considered the same as glasses. Contact lenses are not designed for long-term use and most are replaced daily or weekly. Contact lenses can sometimes tear or pop out and don’t work well in dusty situations.

Personally, I worry about hygiene during a disaster, especially if there is insufficient power or water. Changing contact lenses when normal hygiene methods are limited can cause eye infections. Eye infections are not pleasant and will hinder your attempts to survive. Wearing glasses as an alternative also provides an extra barrier for your eyes.

If you still plan to use contact lenses in an emergency or disaster situation, you should pack spares. You should also carry hand sanitizer and the right contact lenses cleaning solutions. Ideally, though I would recommend you get yourself a pair of glasses for use as a backup in your survival kit.

Don’t Throw Old Glasses Away

Part of prepping is trying to keep the cost of your kit and supplies as low as possible. With this in mind don’t throw away your old glasses when you renew them. Even if your prescription has changed, your old glasses can still be used in an emergency survival situation. Adding your old glasses to your kit will save money, allowing you to use your budget on other preps.

Emergency Glasses Alternative

If you don’t have any old glasses lying around and you want an emergency solution to add to your kit straight away. You may want to consider buying some emergency glasses. For example, these Adlens Adjustable Glasses are emergency spectacles that have a range of -6.0 to +3.0, and work for both near-sighted and far-sighted users. They are adjustable focus glasses that have dials that can quickly change the prescription and magnification of the lenses.

Hard Cases

When adding back up glasses to your emergency survival kit, make sure you are storing them in hard glasses cases. Other gear and supplies in your bag can damage the glasses if they are in a soft case. It’s also a good idea to secure the hard case with rubber bands to prevent the case from accidental opening.

Glasses Repair kit

Grab yourself an eyeglasses repair kit, I carry one similar to this Fix-all Eyeglass Sunglass Repair Kit with me on a daily basis, I also have one in my car kit and one in my bug out bag. These kits contain a glasses screwdriver tool, spare screws and nose pads. They don’t take up much space in your bag or pocket and come in really handy for repairing glasses. The screwdriver and screws would also come in handy for other survival use as well.

Survival Uses For Glasses

In addition to aiding vision, including glasses in your emergency survival kit can offer more survival benefits. If you have no other tools or kit at your disposal, glasses could be used for the following:

Fire Starting

In a similar way to using a magnifying glass to start a fire, you can use the lenses to direct the suns rays on to your tinder and create an ember for starting a fire. You may need to use a drop of water on the inside of the lens to allow light to bend further.

*!This method will only work with farsighted lenses.

Hunting & Self Defense

In a survival situation, a sharpened lens could be attached to a stick and be used as a spear to use as a weapon. You could also shape part of the frames into a hook to use for fishing.

Making Tools

Lenses from your glasses could be used as digging and cutting tools. Taking care not to cut yourself you can use a rock to sharpen the edges of the lenses.

*!Success using both of the methods mentioned above will depend on the material of your lenses. Some lenses are made from glass, lenses can also be made from composite plastics. Composite plastics are so durable that it is unlikely you would be able to fashion a blade from them. 

Signaling For Help

You can use the lenses from your glasses to reflect sun rays and signal for help.

Survival Prescription Glasses Tips – Summary

In most cases adding back up glasses to your emergency kit costs little or nothing. Doing so will not only make sure you can see what you’re doing in an emergency. It also offers some handy hidden survival uses.

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  1. never throw away old glasses when you get a new pair, post SHTF your going to need all the pairs you can get . you’ll also need some small screwdrivers for adjustment and tightening.

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