Survival Emergency Apps On Smartphone

Survival Emergency Apps for your Smartphone

Survival Emergency Apps are often overlooked by Preppers because they assume that in a SHTF scenario technology is no longer of any use to them.

This does not have to be the case. Even when preparing for an event such as an EMP attack, if you have had the foresight to protect a backup smartphone using a Faraday cage.

Your smartphone should then still work meaning you can take advantage of the growing number of smartphone Survival Emergency Apps available to Preppers.

Most of today’s smartphones have a good battery life and are more water-resistant if not waterproof. Deleting all non-essential apps will extend battery life further. In addition to this portable smartphone, power banks extend battery life and enhances its usefulness in a survival situation. You could even go one step further by adding a good smartphone solar charger to your Bug Out Bag and Every Day Carry.

Most smartphones already have useful built-in apps such as a compass, flashlight, and maps. You can extend this further by trying out some of the following Smartphone emergency survival apps that are available.


This App is one of our most favorite Survival Emergency Apps

You can by the full App with the following features. A lite version is available but we think its well worth paying for the full version.

One of the great features of this app is that during normal use it does not require an active internet connection some assets, like videos, need to be downloaded and features like social sharing will be disabled without an active internet connection. Aside from that its fully functional and is truly usable in a survival situation.

Written by former SAS soldier and instructor, John “Lofty” Wiseman, this application brings you the elite training techniques of Britain’s toughest fighting force in the most accessible version ever.

This FULLY SELF CONTAINED Survival app includes : 

Full text of the bestselling book optimised for the iPhone (over 400 pages)
16 videos providing invaluable survival tips from Lofty himself
Photo galleries of Animal Tracks, Knots, Edible, medicinal and poisonous plants, sea creatures and snakes
Morse Code signaling device
100+ question quiz to test if you’ve got what it takes to survive
Survival Checklist
Sun Compass
Search tool to scan entire book by subject
Extreme Climate Survival: sections on surviving Polar, Desert, Tropical, and Sea
Comprehensive First Aid section


The ultimate guide to fending for yourself in an urban environment from the team that brought you the million-copy-selling SAS Survival Guide. Written by legendary ex-SAS man John ‘Lofty’ Wiseman, the guide comes stuffed full of useful tips for fending for yourself in every urban situation and much more besides.

This interactive edition contains: 

* The latest training on self-defense and the law
* Dealing with fire and hazardous chemicals
* Tackling snake bites and other animal dangers
* Handling DIY: power tools, welding, machinery and more
* Terrorism
* Health information
* Full search functionality
* Urban survival checklist
* And more


or Android 

Or if you’re looking for one of the well renowned SAS Survival books why not head on over to our Prepper resources section which contains useful links to books, free downloads, and noteworthy prepper / prepping websites.

Disaster Alert (PDC World Hazards)

Another App in our list of favorite Survival Emergency Apps is:

Disaster Alert (by Pacific Disaster Center) is a free-download, global, multi-hazard monitoring and alerting application for iOS and Android providing mobile access to multi-hazard monitoring of an early warning for “Active Hazards” around the globe. Additional information and reports about hazards can be viewed and shared.

Hazards include:
Global events: Hurricane/Tropical Cyclone, Drought, Earthquake, Tsunami, Volcano.
Major events: Floods, Marine, Storms, Man-made, Wildfires.

It has a Global Community of 1.6 Million users Who Stay Disaster Aware


Android or use PDC’s web-accessible Application with any phone, tablet, or computer.

Bug Out Bag Checklist

Want to put together a great bug out bag but don’t know exactly what to pack? or Have a bug out bag but want an easy way to track and keep up with it?

The Bug Out Bag Survival Guide App solves these common problems and MORE!

With the help of this survival guide, you will know the perfect survival gear to fully sustain you during a disaster. There’s no longer any need to waste countless hours on the Internet for clues on what you need to pack for emergencies. Now you can have a complete survival guide with a list of essential survival gear on your mobile device with comprehensive descriptions, only one finger-tap away!

Main Features:
Comprehensive bug out bag checklist with descriptions of every item
Calendar for reminders to renew/replace selected items
Completely editable – items and reminders can be easily edited, added, and deleted
Inventory your pack – Keep track of what you have and what you still need – easily add type, number, size, where located, etc… into the descriptions of items

Download for Android

British Red Cross First Aid App

If a friend or family member was having a heart attack or was choking, would you know how to help them?

The British Red Cross Free First Aid features simple, easy advice on 18 everyday first aid scenarios, as well as tips on how to prepare for emergencies, from severe winter weather to road traffic accidents.

It also has videos, interactive quizzes, and simple step-by-step advice, it’s never been easier to learn first aid. The information you need is all hosted on the app itself, meaning no internet connection is needed, making it fast and easy to access.

Download for   iOS or Android or in the Windows Store 

Wild Edibles

Wild Edibles provides an intuitive and easy to use interface for identifying and using wild edible plants, drawing on the outstanding publications and extensive knowledge of “Wildman” Steve Brill.

You can identify wild edibles using up to 8 images for each plant. Contains detailed descriptions, similar plants, poisonous lookalikes, and medicinal information improve your knowledge of useful plants. Covers Harvesting methods, preparation instructions, and recipes help you prepare free foraged foods.

Wild Edibles offers a massive compendium of foraging knowledge suitable for beginners and experts alike. Use this app at home as a quick reference, or in the field as a replacement for cumbersome field guides. Providing the most comprehensive resources on the subject in a compact digital form, this app takes wild edible plants to a whole new level of accessibility.


We will regularly review and update information on the Survival Emergency Apps we feel are worth a mention and welcome your comments and suggestions regarding any Prepper apps you think are noteworthy.

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