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Storm Threat Shelter In Place And Go Bag Supplies Checklists

If you live in an area that is prone to experiencing severe storms or you are planning to travel to such an area. The storm threat checklists below will help you to prepare some supplies to keep you and your family safe.

Preparing for the possibility of a severe storm event happening is a sensible thing to do because if a severe storm strikes. Local stores may have to close and If they do you won’t be able to buy food and supplies.

Basic utilities such as your water and power supplies may also be cut off until any storm damage can be repaired.

With this being a real possibility for many people all over the world especially during the hurricane season. It’s important to make a plan to store some essential items you would need to help you to survive in case of a severe storm.

The following storm threat checklists will help you to prepare for the following:

  1. Supplies to keep you and your family safe if you plan to shelter in place until the storm subsides.

  2. A Go Bag for If you have to leave home and head to a designated evacuation center during a storm.

Clicking on either of the storm threat checklists below will open up a PDF version of the checklist. So that you can download and print them for your records.

Storm Threat Shelter In Place Supplies Checklist

If a severe storm strikes and you have to shelter in place at home or in your storm shelter. The Storm Threat Shelter In Place Supplies checklist below has a list of some essential items that you should consider storing in your home or storm shelter. These items will help to survive until you are able to resupply once stores reopen.

storm threat shelter checklist

Storm Threat Go Bag Supplies Checklist

If a severe storm strikes causing you to evacuate your home to seek safety in a designated evacuation center. You will need to take some basic supplies with you. The Storm Threat Evacuation Go Bag Supplies checklist below has a list of some essential items that you should consider packing into a go-bag for when you have to quickly evacuate your home.

storm threat go bag checklist

Storm Threat CheckLists Conclusion

The downloadable storm threat checklists above are not exhaustive lists. You should consider adding any other supplies to the lists that you feel you and your family will need. Including making sure you have an adequate supply of any personal medications for family members. Also, remember to make provision for any pets and anyone in your family that has any special needs.

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