Run Hide Tell Approach

The Run Hide Tell Approach To Surviving A

Gun Or Knife Terror Attack

The recent terror attacks that have happened all over the world are a stark reminder to each and every one of us of the terrorist threat we face. Most countries have their own threat level warning system to keep us posted on the likelihood of a terrorist attack happening where we live.

The current threat level in the United States is set at ELEVATED. Warning us there is a credible terrorist threat to the United States.

The current threat level in the In The United Kingdom is set at SEVERE. Meaning a terror attack is highly likely.

This article talks about the Run, Hide, Tell approach to survive a gun or knife terror attack. Run, Tell, Hide is a campaign recently set up by counter-terrorism police in the United Kingdom. It’s the first stage of their first ever safety campaign aimed at children and teenagers. Although this campaign is United Kingdom specific, keep reading because this is information that everyone can benefit from.

How The Run Hide Tell Approach Came To Be

The Run, Tell, Hide approach is designed to teach 11-16-year-olds how to act in the unlikely event they are caught in a gun or knife attack. This ACT for YOUTH campaign reinvents the successful ‘Run, Hide, Tell’ public information films for a new generation.

Kids will be taught to RUN if they are able to, HIDE if they are not, and TELL police of the threat only when it is safe to do so. They will also be advised to warn others about an on-going threat, and crucially told NOT to stop and use their mobiles phones until they are safely away from danger.

When speaking about the campaign Met Deputy Assistant Commissioner Lucy D’Orsi, national policing lead for protective security in the Uk said the following:

“The atrocities in London and Manchester have sadly resulted in some of the youngest victims of terror this country has ever seen, and if we are able to teach children to act in a way which could potentially save their lives then it is our responsibility to do so.”

“We are particularly concerned when we see people – young and old – using their mobiles to film scenes when they should be moving away from the danger.”

The Run Hide Tell Approach – Celebrity Support

To promote the Run, Hide, Tell approach campaign the UK Counter Terrorism Police have enlisted the support of some well-known celebrities. Including Survival Experts Bear Grylls and Ant Middleton.


The Run Hide Tell Approach

If you find yourself caught up in a gun or knife terror attack remember these three words that can help you to stay safe.

  • Run
  • Tell
  • Hide


Run to a place of safety. This is a far better option than to surrender or negotiate. If there’s nowhere to go, then…


It’s better to hide than to confront. Remember to turn your phone to silent and turn off vibrate.

Barricade yourself in if you can. Then finally and only when it is safe to do so…


Tell the police by calling emergency services (Your call could save lives)


Run Tell Hide Approach – Videos

As part of the Run, Tell, Hide campaign a number of videos have been released to raise awareness.

The Run Tell Hide Approach – Next Steps

A supplementary package will follow shortly introducing a new element titled TREAT. This will provide additional first aid trauma advice from St Johns Ambulance which can be applied by 11-16-year-olds whilst HIDING. This is designed to help injured parties survive the potentially lengthy period before medical professionals are able to reach the scene.


At the moment, the issue of terrorist attacks is regularly in the news. Due to events around the world, people are understandably concerned about a firearms or weapons attack. These attacks are very rare but in the event of such an attack, it helps to be prepared.

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