Prepperlytics.Com Review

Prepperlytics.Com Review

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Prepperlytics Introduction

Today I am reviewing an online suite of analytical tools designed specifically for preppers. Prepperlytics provide online tools that can be used in one place accessed through many devices. Their mission is to make the process of planning for SHTF scenarios as easy as possible.

The current suite of tools available are:

  • Calorie Calculator
    An interactive tool to help you figure out how many calories you’ll need post SHTF.
  • Food Manager
    So you know exactly how much food you have stocked, and how much more you need to hit your family’s long-term calorie needs.
  • Action Lists
    To Keep track of all the things you need to do to get ready for the big event. Make lists, track progress, get prepared.
  • Group Size Calculator
    Automatically calculates the quantity of each item you need depending on your custom family/group size.

Prepperlytics First Impressions

The sign-up process is swift and straightforward. After clicking on the sign-up tab you simply have to fill in your email address and create a password. Once completed you have signed up and are taken to the Preperlytics Dashboard.

Prepperlytics Dashboard

The layout of the dashboard is simple as was navigation. You won’t get lost because you have a menu to the left and links to each tool in the main page views. There is also a navigation link to the next calculator on the right-hand side at the bottom of the screen.

prepperlytics dashboard

Calorie Calculator

To use the calorie counter you are asked to enter the following info:

  • Gender
  • Activity Level
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Name or nickname of the person in your family or group

Once you have entered this info click on calculate and the amount of daily and yearly calories required will be displayed. A next step link is also displayed which will take you to the food/inventory manager which I will cover in the section below.

prepperlytics calorie calc

Food Manager

The food manager is a pretty simple but nifty idea. You simply click on add item which will open a popup box. In this box you can name the food item you are storing and give it a category. you can also add details of the weight and calorific value of your item. Once done click on add food item and you will be taken back to the food managers main screen where you can enter the total number of items you have in storage. The food manager will then calculate the total number of calories you have in storage and deduct it from your annual goal. This allows you to continue to add your food supplies until you reach your calorific storage goal or exceed it for redundancy purposes.

prepperlytics food manager

Action Lists

When clicking on create action list you are taken to that page and provided with the following information. Prepperlytics helps you track your progress preparing for the future. Hundreds of pre-loaded tasks organized by category lets you jump in and start checking off your completed preps. You now have two options:

  1. Blank Project
  2. Community Action List

Selecting Blank Project allows you to add a project, for example, organize storage space. Once you have entered your custom project and description it is saved and moves you on to the task section where you can set yourself tasks (steps) needed to achieve your project goal. Once you have entered your tasks you are taken back to the main action list page where your new project is visible. You can add as many projects as you want and this an ideal way of viewing all your prepper plans in one place.

Selecting Community Action List takes you a number of pre-populated action lists which currently include:


Once you select one these action lists they are added to your dashboard with pre-defined tasks for you to complete. The dashboard widget for the specific action list shows you how close you are to completing each action the list is your en-devours to be fully prepared.

prepperlytics action list

prepperlytics action list

Group Size Calculator

If you are prepping as a group, the group size calculator will come in very useful. It allows you to create a list of prepping tasks/jobs that are specific to your group members. You can enter details about the job, who is best suited to carry it out and the estimated number of hours the job requires. Think of it as a group action list that once honed in on will ensure productivity is maximized. Without such a group task list you risk group members running around scratching their heads as to what best to do next.

Prepperlytics Blog

Also noteworthy is the fact that in addition to the suit of tools discussed above. The people responsible for prepperlytics are themselves passionate about prepping. So in addition to their prepper tools, they also run a blog. I spoke briefly with the owner who made the following comment “putting out practical, visually pleasing blog posts is a big part of what we do”. I have placed a screenshot of their blog page below to give an idea of the quality. You can also visit the blog directly here Prepperlytics Blog


Summary suite of tools is a very useful and easy way to deal with all your prepper tasks in one place. I have no doubt that this set of tools will grow and evolve as new features are added. It certainly beats using excel spreadsheets that require version control.

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