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Brand Gorilla

Using Duct Tape & Super Glue for Survival

When it comes to using products like Duct Tape and Super Glue for Survival applications you need to know you have a quality product in your kit, today’s post focuses on how a well-known brand Gorilla Glue Helps Preppers Survive.

There are two Gorilla Glue products I’m going to be talking about today, the first is Gorilla Tape and the second is Gorilla Superglue which I have both of in my survival Kits.

Why Gorilla Products?

Preppers and Survivalists have been using products like duct tape for many years to help them get out of sticky survival situations. In addition to Gorilla, there are a number of different manufacturers of Duct / Gaffer tape. The ones that spring to mind as I type are 3M & Duck Tape. But for me, Gorilla is my go-to brand because I believe they make the best tape and glue on the market.

Duct Tape Is Duct Tape Right?

Wrong! there are many unbranded cheaper and in my opinion inferior products on the market. Whilst these may be fine for less critical applications around the home including DIY. In my opinion when your building or adding to a Survival Kit you should avoid these cheaper offerings.

Ask yourself would you really trust a cheap inferior product in a Survival situation when you needed it most. I certainly wouldn’t and for the small increase in cost its worth buying the best quality you can afford.

Gorilla Tape is strong and tough because it’s made with double thick adhesive and a reinforced backing. It can be used in all-weather situations and It sticks to rough or uneven surfaces like wood and brick.

Gorilla Superglue is also strong and sets quickly, it dry’s within 10 to 30 seconds so you don’t have to hang around waiting. Gorilla has designed their Superglue to provide long-lasting repairs and the glue itself is reinforced with rubber for increased impact resistance.

Survival Uses For Duct Tape

There is a surprising amount of survival uses for Duct Tape check out this list:

  • Repairing or adapting Clothing
  • Repairing and Insulating Footwear
  • Sealing and re sealing Jars, Tubs, Containers
  • Making or repairing a Shelter
  • Fixing a ripped Tent
  • Making a spear
  • Wrist Restraints / Handcuffs
  • Marking a Trail
  • SOS Signal
  • Making Rope / Cord
  • Fixing Leaks
  • Repairing Holes
  • Vehicle Repairs
  • Repairing Spectacles / Glasses
  • Make a Belt
  • Repair Broken Windows
  • Create a Splint
  • Make a Bandage
  • Support a Strained Ankle
  • Make a Sling
  • Accelerate a Fire
  • Protect and Avoid Blisters
  • Make a butterfly suture

Survival Uses For Duct Tape

Superglue also has its place in your Survival kit, its small and lightweight so easy to carry and doesn’t take up much space. Some of its uses are the same or similar to those in the Duct Tape list above. Superglue is a great back up to Duct Tape if you run out of tape or you need to use both together for extra strength.

  • Repair Clothing
  • Repair Footwear
  • Fix a leaking Water Bottle
  • Fix Fishing Tackle or Rod
  • Repair Tents
  • Repair Back Packs / Bug Out Bags
  • First Aid to close a small cut
  • Repair Glasses
  • Repair Gear

These are just a few examples of how Gorilla Glue Helps Preppers Survive, I am sure there are many more if I have missed some or you have some great uses to add to this list let us know using the comments section below.

Gorilla Glue Helps Preppers Survive Conclusion

Gorillas Duct Tape and Glue products would make a great addition to your everyday carry (EDC) and Survival Kits. Even if your on a tight budget for your Survival supplies these products can provide a multitude of fixes for very little outlay. I carry both the tape and superglue in my Survival kits and have already used them on a number of occasions.

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