Prepping For The Unexpected

Preparing For Unpredictable Scenarios

Prepping for the unexpected is one of the biggest challenges a prepper can face. We do our best to prepare by creating specific plans and gathering supplies for set scenarios. For example hurricanes and extreme weather conditions. We get better at preparing for such scenarios because we are getting better at predicting them.

Sadly there are some man-made scenarios that are impossible to predict. These scenarios are so illogical and unpredictable that when caught up in one of them we may have little or no time to act. Examples of this would be an unforeseen terrorist attack or a shooting. When there are many unpredictable variables it’s very hard to plan for these scenarios.

Currently, America and the rest of the world is reflecting on the tragic loss of life caused by the recent Las Vegas Shooting. Questions are being asked as to how and why this has happened. Why would someone want to inflict such evil on their fellow citizens. Was the shooter of sane mind, was he driven by political beliefs and what went so wrong in his life that he would commit such an atrocity against innocent people.

Even the shooters own brother cannot comprehend why or what motivated his brother to act as he did.

As the F.B.I continues to carry out their investigations we may in time get answers to these questions. In the meantime, we need to consider another important question. How can we do our absolute best to prepare for these unforeseen atrocities?. In the remainder of this article, I’m going to cover some areas that could help when prepping for the unexpected.

Adaptive Mindset

Now more than ever we live in a volatile world. We need to accept this and adapt our mindsets accordingly. Disasters, terrorist attacks, and unpredictable atrocities are unfortunately likely to continue. They are becoming a fact of life so Ignore them at your own peril. Yes, we must go on with our normal lives but we must also have a more focused approach accepting that any one of these situations could be just around the corner and plan for them accordingly.

Situational Awareness

An important factor in being prepared is to be constantly aware of your situation. Especially if you are attending a large event. Wherever you are whatever you’re doing always try to be alert to your situation and surroundings. This is known as Situational awareness. This means having the ability to remain constantly aware of what is happening around you and being prepared and able to adapt to any variable that may change. A good example of this would be the quick thinking actions taken by a Las Vegas shooting witness Bryan Hopkins, a musical artist who had been at the Route 91 Harvest Festival. He ran for cover and hid in a freezer until he deemed it safe to make his escape.

 Prior Research

Whether for work or play I always research every trip and location thoroughly before I leave. The internet and google are a great tool for this. I use google maps and any other information available online to familiarize my self with alternative route planning and to check out my destination with regards to its layout, exits and so on. Now I may be the only person out there that does this religiously but this can help no end in an emergency situation.

If you need to make a quick escape, having this prior knowledge puts you at an advantage. Instead of running around deciding on the best course of action. You will have greater knowledge because you have prepared. This gives you the ability to make a quicker decision because you are more familiar with your location and your options.

In going to such lengths I have on occasion been accused of paranoia. My reply to my accusers is “at the right level and for the right reasons paranoia is the best form of self-defense”. After all, even the scout’s motto is “be prepared”.

Emotional Preparedness

Sometimes this is easier said than done because when we are under stress our bodies shift into survival mode. Better known as the fight-or-flight syndrome. One of the most important things you can do in an emergency situation is trying to stay calm. Panicking will not help in fact it will do more harm than good and could cost you valuable time. Panicking puts you at risk of making a bad situation even worse.

Basic Planning

As preppers we will have already prepared ourselves with some basic skills, gear and supplies and these will help in unpredictable scenarios. Ensuring that you always have some basic first aid items on your person is important. In fact, a lot of the standard items that we carry in our every day carry gear (EDC) can be of great use. Also ensuring that you always keep a larger more detailed first aid kit in your vehicle is also a must. Doing this gives you more options if you can make it back to your vehicle.

Prepping For The Unexpected Summary

This prepping for the unexpected article was prompted by the recent terrible Las Vegas Shooting incident. I wrote it to discuss my ideas and opinions on how we can approach being better prepared for such atrocities. Sometimes these situations are so illogical and random it can be hard to be fully prepared. But that doesn’t mean we shouldn’t attempt to be as prepared as we can. I welcome your comments and ideas on how you currently prepare for such situations.

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6 thoughts on “Prepping For The Unexpected”

    1. I must make an effort this weekend to make it to the countryside, I spend to much time at a desk 🙂

  1. I was at the ER today waiting for my husband to get an infected peg tube removed.
    I heard code purple and went a little ballistic…getting up from my seat and asking the desk what exactly was that …with glaring eyes!…thinking shooter!!
    Well, it’s escaped patient…just so you know for future.

    1. Hi JJ thanks for adding your comment. I bet that gave you a bit of a start. I wonder what other color codes they have 🙂

    1. Hi Lonewolf, very true that’s definitely the best approach to have. Only a couple of hours ago me and the family jumped to be ready for action upon hearing what turned out to be a sonic boom. Glad it was nothing in the end but wow those things create a hell of a bang.

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