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Prepping 101

Prepping 101 what to do first,  our Prepping 101 guide will help get you started on your prepping journey. Our aim is to provide as much basic info as possible. We are always happy to receive feedback on additional preparedness topics that you would like us to include in this section.

What Is Prepping?

Prepping is the practice of making preparations for a possible SHTF, Catastrophic Disaster, Terrorist Attack or other Emergency situation. Prepping is fast becoming a way of life for many people.

Survivalist’s and Preppers acquire and stockpile food and water, emergency medical supplies and train in self-defense. They create Bug Out Bags containing emergency survival items such as Knives, flashlights, fire starters and more. The ultimate preppers goal is to become self-sufficient.

Why Should I Prepare?

Not everything in the world today is doom and gloom and nor do we want it to be. There may not come a time when you are thrown into an emergency situation requiring you to use your prepper skills.

We hope this is the case, this being said we still feel in this day and age that Prepping and being prepared is extremely important. There is no denying the world is changing.

You only have to watch the news to witness both natural and man-made disasters occurring. Extreme weather events are reportedly increasing around the world, with 750 natural catastrophes last year (2016). Then there’s the ever-changing Political and Economic Environment and increase in terrorism.

We encourage you to live a normal family life full of fun and enjoyment, after all, that’s what we work hard for. Aim to find a natural balance linked to your own lifestyle allowing you to prepare for what may happen.

Once you’re as prepared as you can be you’ll be much more confident in a survival situation thanks to the knowledge and provisions you have acquired along the way.

Which Types of Event Should I Prepare For?

The types of event you are preparing for will vary depending on your geographical location and your daily routine. Not all events that preppers prepare for are for catastrophic SHTF events. For example, to could just be preparing a first aid kit for your car.

Only you will know the types of event you are concerned about and what to be prepared for, each of us will differ in this.

Here is some more example of types of event:

Flash floods, Terror Attack, Wildfires, Nuclear Attacks, Hurricanes, Economic Collapse, House Fire, Tsunami, Drought, Collapse of society, War, Emp Attack. There are many more depending on your location and individual concerns.

What Does SHTF Mean?

SHTF is an abbreviation of the term Sh*t hits the Fan. When referred to in the prepper community and the context of Survival it means that a catastrophic event has occurred. For example a terrorist attack, natural disaster, or financial collapse. To put it another way its the end of the world as we know it, resulting in a world or society without any Rule of Law because government, police, and military have lost control.

What Survival Gear or Kit Do I Need?

The specific items of kit you prepare will very much depend on your personal survival plan based on your personal and family needs and the types of event you want to survive.

Commonly used gear includes but is not limited to Multi-tools, Flashlights, First Aid Kits, Knives, Fire Starters, Medical Supplies, Water Storage and Purification, Signal Mirrors, Compasses, Pen, Paper, List of Emergency Contacts, Solar Chargers, Two-way Radios.

Check out our Prepping Gear Reviews Section for regular product test and reviews and our Resources Page for links to Prepping and Survival Books.

Don’t Forget to Prepare Yourself!

Prepping 101 rule 1# remember that you are the best prepping piece of prepping equipment you have. If you don’t look after your own physical and mental well-being. You could have all the prepping Knowledge and equipment available to man in your possession. It’s not going to help you if you get out of breath from climbing some stairs.

What is a Bug Out bag / 72 Hour Bag?

A Bug Out Bag is sometimes referred to as a BOB or 72 Hour Bag. It’s a Backpack, Rucksack or another type of bag that contains a portable kit made up of the items required to survive for seventy-two hours.

If an emergency situation or disaster occurs you grab your Bug Out Bag and leave immediately. From a Prepping 101 point of view, the purpose of a Bug Out Bag is for short evacuation, rather than long-term survival.

What Is Every Day Carry?

Every Day Carry also know as EDC refers to items that you carry with you each and every day. The items you carry in your kit will depend on your location and daily routine. Your EDC should help you to deal with everyday needs and possible emergency survival situations.

Some of the most common EDC items include Multi-tools, Flashlights, First Aid, Knives, smartphones and key chains. The type and quantity of these items may vary widely depending on your personal needs and the type of emergency you are preparing for.

EDC is normally carried in pockets as well as using other widely available every day carry solutions like Belts, Key Chains, Wallets, Pouches and even Bracelets.

How Much Does Prepping Cost?

Prepping can cost you as little or as much as you can afford, it’s a personal thing. We would all like to have the best kit out there, most of us have to work to a budget.

There are many DIY prepping projects available online. You will also find that if you take a look around your home or workshop that you may already have some useful items.

In our opinion, the key to getting the right prepper gear is to first think carefully about what scenario you are prepping for. Then once you have decided on the piece of kit you want to research it then research it again. This will save you from costly mistakes on getting the wrong gear and having to purchase an alternative.

If you have the affordability to do so remember this valuable Prepping 101 saying “One is none Two is One”.

This refers to the subject of backup prepping gear. For example, if you only carry one flashlight in your kit and it breaks or you lose it you don’t have one. If you carry two of the most important items then you have a spare.

See no Prepping Hear no Prepping Speak no Prepping

What would the three monkeys Mizaru, Kikazaru, Iwazaru, do if they were Preppers.

Should you tell everyone you’re a Prepper. Whilst we would always encourage to share your knowledge of Prepping with family, loved ones and people you truly trust especially if they’re part of your survival plan. We recommend that you are far more cautious about telling just anyone.

Doing this could be harmful to your plans and your family. Imagine this scenario, you live in an urban residential area, you are friendly with your neighbors and whilst chatting to them you mention your Prepping Skills and Resources.

You then go about your business thinking nothing more about this chat. Then one day the SHTF, guess what there’s a very good chance these neighbors will remember the conversation. Best case scenario you are inundated with requests for help from genuinely scared people. Worst case scenario they attempt to take from you the prepping supplies you have worked hard for.


Thanks for taking the time to read or Prepping 101 guide, please feel free to get in touch with any suggested improvements or additions.

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