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Today’s guest article entitled “Why Preppers Should Get Their Ham Radio License”. Was kindly submitted by Dale from HamRadioPrep.com.

Continue reading to find out more about obtaining your Ham Radio Licence. Dale has also kindly provided us with a HamRadio.com Training Discount Code which can be found in this article.

Why Preppers Should Get Their Ham Radio License

If there is one thing that we consistently underestimate for SHTF Situations it’s this – COMMUNICATION.

In a real SHTF scenario, you can expect the communication grid to be just as vulnerable as the power grid. This is because the communication grid is literally dependent on that same power grid!  Our cell phones and WiFi also depend on that vulnerable infrastructure.

We’ve already seen what widespread communication failures can do on the local level many times. So it’s wise to consider that depending on the type of disasters that happen. For example an EMP blast or terrorist attack on a power plant. That this could very easily happen again on a much larger scale.

Let’s not forget communication outages don’t just happen in a SHTF scenario. They actually already happen all the time.

The most common example of this is regular hurricanes (think New Orleans, Florida, Puerto Rico). Where it’s commonplace for Ham Radio operation to be the only means of communication. Many Ham Radio operators even volunteer their time to relay emergency messages for others.

There are often many instances of mismanagement or broken infrastructure in cities that can cause large outages. When this happens how can we continue to communicate with each other?

You Guessed it – Ham Radio

Ham Radio Guy




For those of you who don’t know what ham radio (aka amateur radio) is. Its a collection of amateur radio frequencies that average citizens can obtain access too IF they receive their license from the FCC. Once you get your license you have access to all the frequency bands that your license allows. But if you try this without your license, you can expect a nasty fine from the FCC.


There are a number of reasons why preppers should consider using Ham Radio to communicate. Let’s take a look at some of the top reasons and benefits below:

  • The ability to talk when the grid is down.
  • No need for cell towers or satellites.
  • You can listen to other broadcast stations such as the NOAA weather channel and other emergency broadcasts.
  • Remain connected to others in your prepper group. Even if you’re located in a different bug out location.
  • Find your family members in mass pandemonium during an initial communications failure.
  • Be aware of, or alert others in your prepper group, to any roaming marauders in your neighborhood.

We at HamRadioPrep.com strongly believe that all preppers should at least get their Technician License. Think of it as your preppers drivers license!

Some folks might argue that getting your license is entirely unnecessary. And that you can turn on your radio when you need. These folks couldn’t be more wrong.

Whilst Ham Radio has been around for a long time. This doesn’t mean its as easy to use as our cell phones. Ham Radio takes just a little bit of practice to master. BUT you can’t practice legally without being licensed by the FCC.

How Do I Get My Ham Radio Licence?

To obtain your Ham Radio Licence you can follow the 3 easy steps below:

  1. Study for the license test. You can use an online provider such as HamRadioPrep.com’s Online Technician Course (use: prepperbits20 for 20% off!). You only need a passing score of 74%….C’s are for Degrees!
  2. Register for the exam here. The exam cost should be around $10-15 and is offered all around the country every week in a center close to you.
  3. Wait for your license to be emailed to you and begin practicing! You can cut it out and place it in your wallet (or laminate), and it is good for 10 years.

Why Preppers Should Get Their Ham Radio License – Conclusion

Traditionally, Ham Radio is thought of as being difficult to learn. This is because the traditional ham radio resources are often too dense and technical. At HamRadioPrep.com we break it down topic-by-topic in a digestible way like no one else has before. On average we see that our users take a little under 10 hours to study. And you can study on mobile, tablet, laptop or desktop. So you can catch some study time wherever you are.

We’re serious about preparedness, and you should be too. Get licensed and be prepared!

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3 thoughts on “Why Preppers Should Get Their Ham Radio License”

  1. OK, Mac- do you even know how to program your radio? If you can’t talk to others, how do you have any idea if you got it right?
    Get licensed and practice both talking on and programming your radio. “They” aren’t going to be much of a threat once the SHTF, so the database probably won’t do you any harm.

  2. Ham operators will not talk to non-licensed operators. You have to give your radio call sign and the hams look you up. If you are not in their “book” they won’t talk to you. You can listen but not talk. As dmwalsh says the license is just another list the government has to keep track of preppers. I have two hand held ham radios stored in my faraday cages for when the SHTF. I do not have a license.

  3. The only reason I’ve hesitated to get a HAM license is the public database which lists all license holders and their mailing address. Occasionally I’ll see someone with a HAM plate on their car which is terrible OpSec, since with a quick search I know their name and address…
    On balance, I think practicing with HAM gear before an event is worth the lack of OpSec, but folks need to be aware that it puts them on yet another government list….

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