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Today’s guest post entitled “Making The Shot When It All Counts” was kindly submitted by Ben who is the founder of the blog.

Making The Shot When It All Counts

For preppers and survivalist owning guns is part of the lifestyle. Of course, many of these forward-thinking folk’s own guns to hunt with as well. There is a growing contingency in the nation that shares the desire to arm themselves and shoot regularly. There is a difference between a gun owner that doesn’t carry or shoot often.

If you bought a gun and threw it in a safe, thank you but I would suggest you start getting out and shooting that thing!

Spending time afield with a rifle or at a range will give you an appreciation and understanding of distance. You cannot be an effective shooter if you have no understanding of distance and your effective range. At the range, you are always training for that one shot. You are training to make the shot when it all counts.

Now, this scenario can mean different things to different people but it all amounts to the same understanding of range and proficiency behind the weapon.

# Hunting

One of the simplest examples is that of the hunter. If you are a bowhunter you probably understand this better than most people. Range can make or break your shot. The other part of being a bowhunter is the tireless practice of shooting hundreds of arrows, maybe thousands, from a certain distance.

How do you dictate that distance? Well, you have to measure it right? If you are hunting with a traditional bow, that effective distance may only be about 20 yards. You will have to be right on top of an animal.

Of course, using a rifle, versus a compound bow, versus a traditional will make your effective range vary wildly. Should you know how to use all of these weapons? Yes. Should you be better at one than the others? Well, that just tends to happen.

I find that the best way to measure multiple distances is to use a range finder. There are many types of activities outside of hunting that will benefit from the use of a range finder. We will discuss some others below.

# Self Defense

Police have noted and train on the fact that an attacker with a knife can be incredibly deadly at 20 feet. In fact, you will likely not be able to make your draw in time to use your gun. That is a fundamental problem. That said, you can understand where most of your practice for self-defense shooting should happen. Spend very minimal time practicing shots at distances that will likely be ineffective.

With a range finder you can play with distance at the shooting range and start to pinpoint where you are most accurate.

Now, in a man to man self-defense scenario, there is something else you are going to need to train in order to make that shot when your life depends on it. I am talking about your will to act. A lot of that has to do with comfort. How comfortable you are with pulling your gun and using it. There is also something else I want you to try.

Visualize the situation. It’s a technique that many MMA fighters use. They visualize how a fight will go down and how it will end. This could b a great tool for you as well. You must find the will to act.

# Post Collapse Bartering

We would all like to believe that bartering is something that will go over smooth and calmly. Even in a post collapse scenario, we will want to make quick and effective trades with minimal negotiations. That said, you could find yourself dealing with an unscrupulous party. Unfortunately, you will not know this until you are standing in front of that person.

To remedy this and assure you or your party members are safe, you will want to set a time and place for the barter and get there early. One of the very best things to do when bartering with the unknown is to set up snipers or shooters in a comfortable range of the bartering location. While this may sound extreme, if things go wrong, it could be the only thing that saves your life.

Understanding your range will make this important shot go off without a hitch. You will want capable shooters behind your weapons and hope you don’t even need to use them.

# Perimeter Defense

If you make the smart decision and band together as a community, you will likely be able to survive longer. Of course, all that depends on your ability to set up a thorough base defense. Protecting the perimeter of your community means making the right choices about when to shoot and being able to execute that shot under circumstances like darkness and fatigue.

Establishing an effective perimeter depends on an agreed upon range that you can operate in. You have to have enough people for that perimeter and they all need to be capable of defending themselves with firearms. This is crucial.

A good method to consider when putting people on the perimeter is to establish the same distance between each person. For example, you may want 50 yards between each person. You will need to be able to operate and communicate in that distance.

#Easily Defining Range

All of the above-mentioned methods require that you or the person behind the firearm be capable enough to make the shot when it counts. Practice and proficiency go a long way but understanding and utilizing range will play an important role in your success as well.

Whether you are shooting a bow at 30 yards, practicing a shot from 100 yards or targeting a threat from 1000 yards, these distances will make all the difference in knowing what weapon to use and how to dial that shot in. They will also be the defining factor in whether you make the shot or not. That may be the most crucial part of making a shot when it counts.

Don’t discount the role that a quality range finder can play in your training as well as your execution.

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