Preppers Bow Hunting Guide

The following article entitled “Preppers Guide To Bow Hunting ” was kindly written and submitted by Adam who has been involved in archery since 2010 and led him to create a website called The Archery Guide. Which aims to educate people about archery and how to improve their skills. Thanks, Adam.

Preppers Guide To Bow Hunting

I’ll be honest, I am not a Prepper. I am however thinking more about the future and what would I do if I needed to become a survivalist and fight for my chance to survive. It was not until I came across PrepperBits, that it really got me thinking…what would I do!

If you are like me and new to the Prepper world, I would check out the Preppers 101 guide it really helped me.

So why am I here?

I am an archer, I have been shooting a bow since 2010 and I think it is a skill that would benefit all preppers. The aim of this bow hunting guide is to show you exactly why you should learn to use a bow. Offering a bit of advice on the types of bows. And how can you actually get started in learning to shoot a bow?


What Is Bow Hunting?

I am not going to assume whether you agree or disagree with hunting, personally day to day I don’t hunt. If however the SHTF, you are going to need to do whatever you can to survive. Depending on the situation you may not be able to just walk into a store and get food, so what are you going to eat?

The idea behind bow hunting is to hunt wild game such as Rabbit and Deer, with the use of a bow.

Why would you use a bow instead of a gun?

If you are in a survival situation, there are several reasons as to why you would pick a bow;

  • Quieter – You may need to remain hidden
  • Cleaner Kill – No need to worry about pellets in the meat
  • Re-use Arrows – Some arrows can be reused, whereas bullets cannot

compound bow

What Type Of Bow Do You Need

If you are just getting into learning about archery and bow hunting, picking a bow can be an absolute nightmare. The 3 most popular types are Recurve, Compound, and Crossbow, but which one is best for preppers?

Compound Bow

If you have done any research, you have probably seen these and thought how high-tech they look with the cams on either end. These types of bows tend to be incredibly accurate, shoot fast and allow you to add some really cool accessories.

Many people prefer these as the cams (the wheels on either end) help to control the amount of weight you pull when you draw the bowstring back. If you were to pull back a standard recurve bowstring you might be holding 40lbs of weight, however, with a compound, this could be 70-80% less.



I always look at a crossbow as a combination of a gun and a bow. This is probably because they often have a pistol-style handle and use a trigger to release the bolt. There are two types of crossbows, a compound and a recurve. Again like the bows, the compound uses cams to help reduce the amount of let off.
Crossbows are often popular with hunting due to the speed and power in which the bolt shoots to the intended target.

recurve bow

Recurve Bow

A recurve bow is the typical style of bow you would think of when looking into archery. The bow is made up of 3 parts.

  • The riser which is where you grip the bow and place the arrow
  • The limbs are attached to the riser and curve away from the archer
  • The bowstring is then attached to either end of the limbs

It is the limbs that give this type of bow its name since they recurve away from the archer. The reason they do this is that when the bow is drawn back, it allows the bow to store more energy which results in a faster shot.

Which Bow Should You Choose?

The first step to being prepared is to have the right equipment, but which type of bow should you go for?

Personally, I would recommend Recurve…

You might have to hold more draw weight and build upon the poundage but this does out weight the negatives of the other two. (when it comes to survival anyway)

I wouldn’t pick a compound bow for a couple of reasons if the string broke or jump the cams, it can be a bit of a task to get these fixed. You would also need to carry the compound bow around with you, which could get in the way when trying to get into tight spots.

I also wouldn’t go for a crossbow, they are much more expensive. The main reason, however, is that they can take a while to load, time you might not have in a tight situation. It’s also worth noting that if the strings break, they can be a right pain to restring.

So why a recurve?

Generally, recurve bows are fairly light to carry and even though they are big, you would want to get yourself a takedown one. These basically allow you to remove the string, unclick the limps and pack it all away – which is perfect for traveling.

The strings are also very easy to attach, once you have had a little practice. I have done a big guide on recurve bows, which goes into more detail on what all the elements are, how to string them, how to shoot them as well as a buyers guide. There is a lot of information in my best recurve bow guide, hopefully, it will help.

3 Reasons Why You Should Learn To Use A Bow

So know you know what bow hunting is and what type of bow would be suitable, why should you learn it? Here are 4 key reasons;

1. Great Way of Getting Food
If you are out in the wilderness or not able to get to stores for supplies, it’s a great way of getting food. Whether you are using it to hunt game or attaching a fishing reel and going bowfishing.
By learning to shoot with a bow, you will always have a way of getting food if needed.

2. Protection
If SHTF we don’t know what kind of situation we will be in, we need to think about protection. A bow and arrow is a perfect weapon in case we needed to protect ourselves and the ones we love. Now I am not recommending archery to be used this way.

However, if we are attacked then you need to do what you have to. Don’t forget its also used for protection against wild animals if you are having to sleep in the wilderness.

3. Long Range Accuracy
A lot of the time, the key to survival is to remain hidden. This is very hard if the only weapon or protection you have is a close range item. It’s also worth noting that very few weapons have the accuracy a bow does at such a long distance.

How To Learn How To Use A Bow?

Are you keen to learn how to use a bow, it’s an art form in itself and actually more complicated than many people believe. It’s not just a case of pulling the bowstring back and shooting. You have to think about how you are standing, where you pull the bowstring back to (known as anchor points), how you release the arrow. And finally what your arms do after the arrow has left the bow.

This is not even going into how to determine which arm you should pull the bowstring back with…
It’s not as complicated as it all sounds and with a bit of practice, even the most novice of archers can hit their target.

Preppers Guide To Bow Hunting – Conclusion

If you are looking to learn, I would always recommend joining a local club or beginners course. These will go through many of the basics and get the technical elements right from the get-go. If one of these is not available in your area. There are many resources online to help you get a better understanding as well as many YouTube videos.

You can find a complete Archery 101 training section on The Archery Guide (

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