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Prepper Letter Of Wishes

In an earlier post, I talked about prepper wishes which discussed the importance of making a last will and testament a (Will) to provide for your family in the event of your death. Today’s post is about a memorandum of wishes letter that could be used as a prepper wishes letter to gift your preps to someone when you pass away. By expressing your wishes using a prepper wishes letter you can ensure your supplies go to the right people.

What is a Memorandum of Wishes?

A memorandum of wishes also known as a letter of wishes is often used when setting up trusts. It provides more detailed guidance to the trustees of a trust on how it should be managed. However, this is not its only use for a memorandum of wishes. It can also be used when an individual wants to provide further guidance to the executors of their Will. Guidance on how they would like some or all of their personal possessions distributed should they die.

Personal possessions in law are sometimes referred to as personal chattels. The term personal chattels means “An article of movable personal property”.

Personal possessions can also be gifted in Will documents as legacies. For example items like rings. watches and so on. However, people often choose to use an accompanying letter of wishes instead for a number of reasons.

  1. Adding too much wording in a Will can cause it to become ambiguous and could cause the will to fail.
  2. Many people dispose of their personal possessions prior to death so the gift in the Will would fail.
  3. As life moves forward people obtain more personal possessions that they would like to gift. Changing the Will to do this would incur a cost.

This being the case using a letter of wishes with your Will provides a more flexible and cost-effective way to ensure the right people receive the right gifts when you pass away. You can have as many letters of wishes as your require, for example, separate letters for your jewelry, vehicles, preps and so on. If your wishes change in the future you can simply tear up the letter and write a new updated version to store with your Will.

How Can a Letter of Wishes Benefit me as a Prepper?

As a prepper creating a prepper wishes letter outlining who would receive your emergency preparedness gear and supplies when you pass away provides peace of mind. It can ensure that your hard-earned preps will go to the people you want to benefit when you pass away. For example, even if don’t want family or friends to receive your peps. You may want to donate them to a charity who could make use of your prepping legacy. You could donate them to a local prepper group to help new preppers get started on their journey to all things preparedness.

Another example of why this can provide you with peace of mind is as follows. Let’s say you have for example a niece or nephew who has shown interest in you prepping activities. They have started to prep themselves and would love to benefit from your preps. You, in turn, would be happy to leave them your preps in the knowledge they would be appreciated and valued. If you don’t leave a letter stating your prepper wishes for your supplies your executors will be unaware of your wishes. In this scenario your hard-earned preps would be sold or destroyed, the opposite of what you would have wanted.

Can a Letter of Wishes be Used With a New or Existing Will?

The answer to this is both. If you are planning to make or update your Will you can create a letter of wishes and keep it with your new Will. If you have already made your Will you can still create a letter of wishes and keep it with your existing Will.

****Please note: never staple, clip or attach any letter or document to your Will. If it becomes detached and the Will shows signs of this it could falsely indicate tampering with the Will an invalidate it if challenged****

How to Create a Memorandum of Wishes – Prepper Wishes Letter

A letter of wishes is not a legal document in the sense that it does not need witnessing. You could simply grab a pen write a letter expressing your wishes. Sign and date it and keep it with your will. We have also created a template that you could use or adapt to your own circumstances. You can download our prepper wishes template letter from our free download section of our Prepper Resources Page.

Think about your gear and supplies and who you would like to benefit from them in the event of your death. Complete the template or write a letter outlining this information and store it with your Will. It’s a good idea to tell your executors you have done this so they are expecting to distribute your preps.

Prepper Wishes Letter Summary

A memorandum of wishes is a useful tool that allows you to guide your executors as to who you wish to gift your hard-earned prepper gear too.

When making a new or updating an existing Will it is recommended that you carry out due diligence research relating to your own circumstances and wishes. If necessary speak with your legal adviser and explain you wish to separately outline your preps.

Sometimes if a person’s wishes for the distribution of their estate is straightforward they choose to make their own will by using Will Kits, books, and software. Here are some examples of whats available:

Adams Last Will and Testament, Forms and Instructions, Includes CD (LF235)

Quicken Willmaker Plus 2017 Edition: Book & Software Kit

Legal Do It Yourself Will & Testament Kit

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