prepper procrastination

Prepper Procrastination

Do you suffer from prepper procrastination? I know I sometimes do and acknowledging this is the first step to becoming an efficient prepper. My grandmother used to say to me don’t put off until tomorrow what you can do today. When I asked why she replied, because you never know if you will still be here tomorrow.  At the time I was a child and didn’t give it a lot of thought. Little did I know how relevant it would become when I later became a prepper.

If you’re like me and have a tendency to procrastinate worry not because with a little understanding and focus. You can train your mind and become better at managing procrastination. Let’s take a more detailed look at procrastination and how you can combat it.

What is Procrastination?

Procrastination occurs when a person delays or puts off carrying out urgent tasks. Often someone who procrastinate’s will delay carrying out a high priority task in favor of one far less urgent. Procrastination is defined as a counterproductive decision to delay doing something. Even though by not doing it straight away you can become worse off. Often people who procrastinate will select a more enjoyable low priority task instead of a high priority one.

Why do People Procrastinate?

Now I am not a psychologist but In my opinion, procrastination comes from our subconscious. It’s not an illness It’s just the way some people are wired. We don’t get up in the morning deciding to procrastinate, its something that happens as part of our decision-making process. In our daily life’s we face many tasks that ultimately need to be prioritized. Some more than others find it difficult to do this. There can be a number of reasons for procrastinating the most common ones being:

Fear of Failure

A fear of failure is one of the most common causes of procrastination. Fear of failure often goes hand in hand with people not wanting to make mistakes. They like to get things right the first time and strive for perfection from outset. Putting off a task if they are not confident they will get it right the first time. When fear of failure rears its head people procrastinate as a protection mechanism. It may sound illogical but they believe if you don’t start a task you can’t fail.

The problem is that failure to start the task in itself is still a failure. The mind often counters this by creating excuses as to why it’s better to put off starting a task. As preppers, we make plans for many emergency and disaster scenarios. All of these scenarios will have unknown variables because we don’t have a crystal ball as to what would happen. It may be that the fear of being unable to perfectly plan for all possibilities puts us off from starting in the first place.

Low Energy Levels

Low energy levels can also adversely affect your ability to act immediately and lead to procrastination. When suffering from low energy you will not feel like completing any task. On paper reading, this may seem like a no-brainer. The problem is we don’t always recognize that we are run down. If we do we don’t understand the reasons why low energy has occurred.

There are some common causes of low energy for example. Not getting enough sleep, lack of exercise or poor diet. One or more of these will result in a lack of focus. Your mind may be willing to get up and carry out a task but you lack of energy prevents you from doing so.

A Lack of Focus

As mentioned in the previous section lack of focus can be caused by low energy levels. You could also suffer from lack of focus if you have a lack of direction. Planning as a prepper is no different to planning anything else in life. If you don’t set any goals for what you want to achieve then you won’t achieve anything. Part of goal setting is laying out and targeting the steps that will allow you to achieve your goal. Failing to set goals causes procrastination. Instead of moving forward your focus will revert back to the easy option of just dealing with today and not planning for tomorrow.

Extreme Perfectionism

Extreme perfectionism is not wanting to undertake a task unless you can guarantee the end result will be perfect. Not staring a task in this situation is often linked to a lack of confidence in one’s ability. This often happens when attempting to do something that you have never done before. Extreme perfectionism causes procrastination and encourages us to put off a task until we are convinced the end result would be perfect.

Signs of Prepper Procrastination

After reading the above you may have already identified that you procrastinate. If you haven’t let’s look at an example:

You researched a specific disaster scenario and made a list of needed supplies. You’ve also listed the actions you need to carry out to be fully prepared.

You now have a detailed list in front of you that contains numerous items you need to source, label, and store. You may also have a plan A, B & C which results in a long list of actions you need to carry out before you can finally feel confident that you have fully prepared to the best of your ability. Faced with this long action list you delay starting because you feel you haven’t got enough time to complete it.

Often this is an excuse and easy way out because whilst you may not have time complete all actions on your list. If you make a start on it, you will still make considerable headway. This will, in turn, reduce the time you need to spend on it the next time you get the opportunity. Instead, you have let procrastination get the better of you and risk getting stuck in a loop of constantly putting off the task in favor of a lesser task.

How to combat Prepper Procrastination

The majority of preppers are good at researching emergency preparedness. They are also great at making checklists and plans. Often the first instance of prepper procrastination is when it becomes time to put plans into action. The first step in combating prepper procrastination is, to be honest with yourself. Ask yourself what are the main reasons why you put off some or all of your prepper tasks. To put it another way, what goes through the mind when deciding to move an important task down the list of priorities. What justification are you using?

Try to remember the following Tips:

  • When you highlight the reason, ask yourself is this a genuine reason or an excuse?
  • Reassure yourself that failure is not making mistakes but failing to start in the first place.
  • We often learn from our mistakes resulting in an improved outcome.
  • Review your health and lifestyle circumstances trying to improve your diet, exercise levels and quality of sleep.
  • Set realistic prepper goals, there’s no point in planning a bunker in your yard if you don’t have space. This would go on your wish list, not your to-do list.
  • Remember starting an action or task and giving it a go is better than not staring at all.
  • Break lengthy emergency plans down into smaller chunks to make them easier to complete.

Prepper Procrastination Summary

I’m probably not the only prepper who has experienced prepper procrastination. As I mentioned earlier I don’t consider it to be an illness or even a weakness. If we become self-aware of our procrastination we can train ourselves to be better at managing it. If you have any tips, tricks or experiences of your own to share feel free to add them to the comments section below.,

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