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Fine Tuning Your Prepper Gear

Using A Prepper Gear Color Coding System

Often when Preppers first start out preparing their bugout bags, get home bags or any other collection of emergency gear and supplies. Their main focus tends to be on what the best kind of gear and supplies are and the best way to carry them.

The next step that then naturally occurs is the fine tuning step in which we look at ways to cut the weight of our gear and carry it in the most effective way possible.

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When fine tuning our emergency kit bags and supplies organization is the key. It’s no good having a full quota of emergency preparedness gear if it’s simply rattling around all together in the bottom of your bugout bag.

If this is the case your not going to be effective because, in an emergency situation, you will lose valuable time rummaging through your bag for the item you need.

Often having to remove the majority of the contents of your bag to find what you need risking losing other items in the panic.

To avoid this some Preppers will store items in their bags divided up into smaller see-through bags. Whilst this does improve the situation. If you’re like me I don’t really want to openly advertise the contents of my bags to all around me.

Remember not everyone prepares and those that haven’t in an emergency situation could be looking to obtain gear and supplies by any means necessary.

Instead, I use a mixture of containers, waterproof bags, pouches and cases in my emergency bags to store my kit and supplies as efficiently as possible. I then color code each of these pouches and cases so that I can easily tell whats in them and go straight to the item I need.

How To Color Code Your Prepper Gear

prepper gear color coding

In order to color code your gear and supplies, you need to divide your items into separate emergency preparedness categories and give each category a color. The number of categories you choose and the color you give to each category can be of your choosing.

Below is an example of a popular Prepper gear color coding system that is offered by a company called Vanquest through their Prepper’s Color-Coding Kit.


Red for all your First Aid and Medical Supplies including any Personal Medications.


Orange for all your Fire Starting equipment such as matches, lighter, tinder and so on.


Yellow For your Navigation and communication gear.


Green for any emergency Food supplies.


Blue for your emergency Water and Water Purification gear.


Purple for any clothing items.


Coyote for items of Shelter such as emergency tarps and sleeping bags.


White for Hygiene and sanitation items such as toothbrush, toothpaste, anti-bac handwash and so on.


Gray for all of your emergency cooking equipment.


Black for your Tools and Tactical Kit.


Once you have decided on the number of categories and the colors you want to use in your own Prepper gear color coding system. You need to consider how you are going to apply the code to your own kit. Here are a few ways in which you can do this:

  • If like mentioned above you already use various smaller pouches and cases to store items in your emergency bags. You can use a system like or similar to the Vanquest Prepper’s Color-Coding Kit. Which consists of colored strips that you can anchor to your existing cases and pouches.
  • If you’re just starting out or have decided on a total review of how you organize your emergency bags. You could buy pouches and cases in the colors you have chosen for your categories. Then store your items as in the example above.
  • To keep costs down you could attach strands of cotton, fabric, plastic tags or anything you have to hand that will help you to quickly find the contents of your pouches and cases in an emergency.

Prepper Gear Color Coding Conclusion

Organizing the contents of your go bags, bug out bags, car kits, get home bags and so on is the key to being able to act swiftly in an emergency. It will also make it easier for you to keep track of the gear and supplies that you have especially if you need to rotate any perishable items.

If you’ve already organized your emergency gear bags in a similar or even a different way. Why not let other readers know by offering some tips in the comments section below.

For example:

What system works best for you and why?

Have you encountered any pros and cons of using a certain method?

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