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We’re pleased to welcome back Vey the founder of for today’s Guest Post “Prepper Bingo!”

Prepper Bingo

Do you ever feel like every Prepper fiction story uses the same old plot devices and storylines over and over? That’s because they do. You’re going to read about EMP’s, the evil government and stockpiled food over and over because that’s what a lot of preppers want to read about. There’s nothing wrong with it, in fact, it wouldn’t be prepper fiction if the world wasn’t ending.

That said, we thought it would be fun to make a Prepper Bingo! board. That’s right, every time your favorite Prepper cliché is mentioned, place a little mark on your board to see how soon it takes the author to hit Bingo!



In all seriousness, we love Prepper fiction, and we hope to see more quality stories hit the shelves.

As a practical action, why don’t you use the Prepper Bingo board to see if you’re prepared for an EMP, looters or a tyrannical government? See if you can get Bingo on your own preps. And while you’re here, why don’t you check out the Prepperlytics Calorie Calculator? It’s a great way to see how long your food will last you when SHTF hits.




The SHTF Calorie Calculator is one of many tools in the Prepperlytics Suite;
a new way to organize your preps.

Use the Calorie Calculator


Vey Prpeprlytics
The article above was kindly contributed by Vey from Prepperlytics, and the original title, “Prepper Bingo!” can be found on the blog.

Prepperlytics is an online website that helps preppers calculate the number of calories that would be needed post SHTF. Vey’s site also has a number of other really useful tools that help preppers prepare. You can check out our Prepperlytics Review Here

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One thought on “Prepper Bingo”

  1. You know, I tried to write some prepper fiction that was different from the usual fare (fewer Bingo hits). Some liked it, but many complained. My stories didn’t have enough of the Bingo cliches. “The market’ really kind of demands all those cliches. That’s why writers write them.

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