Preparing To Survive A Nuclear Attack

Is World War Three Really Looming

Today I started searching for answers to this very question because if it really is I need to be focusing all my energy on preparing to survive a nuclear attack. Finding a definitive answer to this question is of course near on impossible. I ended up reading numerous articles speculating on what may or may not happen.

Different experts and media sources have different opinions and then there is the rhetoric. I mean seriously can the human race really be at risk of nuclear war based on what two people said on a social media platform that only allows a maximum of 140 characters to express yourself.

I once broke the news to my wife that I didn’t like her chicken curry on twitter, now believe me when I say that nearly did start world war three 🙂

Why are us mere mortals at the mercy of such playground tactics? I don’t know maybe if Twitter allowed 180 characters Donald & Kim could have paid one another a compliment and things might have calmed down a bit.

Preparing To Survive A Nuclear Attack

Over the last few months, the North Korean nuclear issue has been steadily gaining ground in the press. In fact aside from a large number of natural disasters that have been recently occurring. The North Korean topic is all we seem to hear about. Personally, I don’t think the situation will escalate any further and I really do hope that this is the case.

That being said there is always a possibility and however small that possibility maybe I’ve come to the decision that it can’t hurt to be prepared. I would rather be safe in the knowledge that I have prepared as best I can than the alternative of wishing I had been preparing to Survive a nuclear attack.

Now usually at this point in my articles, I attempt to go into as much detail as possible on all the different ways and means of how you should be preparing to survive a nuclear attack. On this occasion, however, that’s exactly what I’m not going to do.

This is because during the time I spent researching nuclear preparedness. I came across a website called Ready.Gov Nuclear Blast. In my opinion, this site provides great information on surviving a nuclear attack in an easy to understand format. Any attempt on my part to emulate the quality and amount of information provided by READY.GOV would be like reinventing the wheel.

READY.GOV (nuclear blast page run through)

So it is my recommendation that you should head over to the READY.GOV Site which covers in detail all areas of nuclear blasts and attacks including the following topics:

It also contains many links to useful information and checklists that I think will prove invaluable to you.

Preparing To Survive A Nuclear Attack Summary

I hope you enjoyed my article on preparing to survive a nuclear attack. Whilst I may have started this article off on a light-hearted note there is no getting away from the fact that if you were to be caught up in a nuclear attack, being prepared for it will give you the best chance of survival. So be sure to head over to and get preparing.

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