Polymath Products Mini Survival Tin

A Mini Survival Tin Every Prepper Should Have

Welcome to my review of the Polymath Products Mini Survival Tin. I first stumbled across the Polymath Products Mini Survival Tin about a year ago when I was browsing Amazon for a small but fully loaded survival kit to add to my every day carry (EDC) load out.

Now I am going to start off straight away by saying that this is not a pros and cons type of review of the Polymath Products Mini Survival Tin. This is because in my personal opinion as a Prepper, it’s all pros as far as this offering from PolyMath Product Goes.

Keep on reading to find out more about this great little mini survival tin, whats included and why I think so highly of it.

Who Are Polymath Products

Polymath Products are a UK-based company who came into being back in 2013. They specialize in creating innovative outdoor products. Polymath Products ships internationally and their confidence in their products is backed by their full 40-day guarantee.

They also make a very good key-chain first aid kit which I currently carry on my EDC key-chain. Its called the MEDC First Aid Keyring – Ultra compact ‘go everywhere’ first aid kit which I have also recently reviewed.

Mini Survival Tin description

Polymath Products Mini Survival Tin is a lightweight survival kit which comes in a neat little compact hinged tin. The tins small dimensions makes it extremely portable so whether it’s in your pocket or attached to your belt you will hardly notice you are carrying it.  One of the great things about this tin compared to other survival kits that I have tried is you really can take it anywhere with you.

I carried mine on a belt by using the included ranger band, in my pocket, in combat shorts and trousers, even in a suit jacket pocket. The contents of the kit which I will list in full shortly will help you in an emergency or survival situation to do the following:

Start a fire, collect and purify water, build shelter, signal to rescuers or find your way to safety, deal with minor wounds and even go fishing!

In the kit you get a very helpful instruction sheet covering in more detail the different ways to use the kit in specific survival scenarios. For example Emergency First Aid, Food Capture, Fire Lighting, Navigation,  Signalling, Water Purification and Shelter Building.

Survival Tin Contents

The dimensions of the Tin are 79mm x 54mm x 25mm and the entire kit only weighs 79 grams. The tin itself is hinged, so no losing the lid and its packed very well with the following survival items:

1m Paracord, 550lb
Emergency Light Source
Whistle / Ferrocerium Rod & Striker
Liquid-filled Compass
Mini Sewing Kit
Ranger Band
Water Carrier
4x Water Purification Tablet
Alcohol Swab
Compressed Towel
20cm Fabric Surgical Tape

There is also a Small Parts Tin in the main Hinged Tin which contains:

2x Swivel, Size 10
8m Fishing Line, 6lb
3x Fishing Hook Size 10
Split Shot Weights, 2x #4 & 2x BB
2x Safety Pin
Brass Eye
Worm and Maggot Lures
Glow Stick.


Here are some Photos of mine

Polymath Products Mini Survival Tin
The tin closes nicely on its own but it’s additionally secured by using the ranger band that comes with the kit.
Polymath Products Mini Survival Tin
As you can see everything fits nice and snug in the tin to avoid rattling when it’s in your pocket.
Polymath Products Mini Survival Tin
The tin fits easily into the palm of your hand so is ultra-portable.

Polymath Products Mini Survival Tin Summary

Sometimes I review Prepping and Survival Gear that is sent to me for review. Sometimes I am so impressed with a product that I want to make other like-minded Preppers aware of its existence. This is one of those products and times.

PolyMath did not send me this product to test or review, I purchased it from their Amazon Store with my own money.

I love this Kit because of its quality contents and portability and It provides a wide range of survival options. All in a tin that is easy to carry discretely in any way you choose. This kit would make a great gift even to a non prepper, although I suspect once they open it that’s where their prepping journey will start 🙂

More information is available on the Polymath Products Website

I hope you enjoyed my review of my Polymaths products Mini Survival Tin. Check back soon for more EDC and Survival Gear Reviews.

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