Polymath MEDC First Aid Keyring

MEDC First Aid Keyring

After recently purchasing the MEDC First Aid Keyring (a keychain mini first aid kit) I wanted to share my views with you on what I think is quite a unique idea from Polymath Products.

This is my second review of an everyday carry (EDC) survival product from Polymath. I recently wrote a review on the Polymath Products Mini Survival Tin.

It’s important to point out that I am in no way affiliated with Polymath Products and that I purchased the MEDC First Aid Keyring – Ultra compact ‘go everywhere’ first aid kit with my own money from Amazon.

So Whats Different about The MEDC First Aid Keyring?

Polymath says the MEDC First Aid Keyring is the world’s only effective first aid keyring and they may well be right. I can’t tell how many first aid kits I have owned, this in itself is not a bad thing because as a prepper you ideally need a first aid kit for your:

  • Home
  • Workplace
  • Car
  • Wallet
  • Purse
  • Bug out bags
  • EDC

To meet these needs I tend to buy large kits and break them down for specific survival first aid scenarios, using suitable pouches and containers to carry them in. This approach ticks most of the boxes in the list above but I always felt that I was lacking a quality portable first aid kit solution for my EDC.

I needed a kit that could be carried discretely and go everywhere with me in my pocket or on a keyring/keychain. This kit also needed to be effective with regards to dealing with a range of minor wounds. I also wanted it to be a lightweight and waterproof first aid kit. My search for such a product lead me to the MEDC First Aid Keyring.

The great thing about the MEDC First Aid Keyring and the main reason its so compact is that it does not contain traditional plasters for treating minor cuts and grazes.

Instead, these are replaced with a product called Liquid Skin a medical grade tissue adhesive/wound sealant. Liquid Skin acts to close and seal minor cuts, abrasions, and blisters, reducing the risk of infection, and providing a protective shield even on elbows, knees, fingers, neck, feet and other flexible parts of the body. The liquid skins protective layer can last up to 5 days, is waterproof, sweat proof, and after time will naturally come off.

Key Features Of The MEDC First Aid Keyring

The MEDC Keyring Capsule / Container dimensions are  21.5mm in diameter x 86mm in length and it weighs 26.7g.

  • Compact, lightweight, tough and waterproof floating container.
  • Suitable for dealing with minor cuts, grazes, and blisters.
  • Extra space to store additional items like daily medicines, painkillers or emergency Aspirin.
  • Externally printed with the earliest expiry date of contents.
  • Quick and easy refill – simply pop a refill roll into the empty capsule.
  • Both ends of the waterproof capsule unscrew (so no need to remove from keychain to access contents).

MEDC First Aid Keyring Contents

Each refill roll includes:

  • 5x5cm Low Adherent Dressing Pad.
  • Liquid Skin.
  • Sterile Dressing Pad.
  • Wound Closure Strips – closing clean, straight-edged lacerations (cuts).
  • Surgical Tape Strip.
  • Indications guidelines.


Here are some Photos of my MEDC First Aid Keyring

Both ends of the waterproof capsule are removable.
Best before, use by, expiration date displayed.
MEDC branded so you can tell t apart from similar capsules in your kit.
Lightweight and fits in the palm of your hand.


MEDC First Aid Keyring Summary

I really like the MEDC First Aid Keyring because personally, it fits my description of the perfect EDC first aid kit. Its both portable and waterproof weighs very little and I can take it everywhere with me. Whilst the MEDC First Aid Keyring is only intended for treating minor wounds and would never be a replacement for traditional larger first aid kits. Refill packs for the container are readily available so the container can be reused on an ongoing basis.

This little keychain first aid kit is a welcomed addition to my EDC.  Polymath has a good reputation for quality and warranty of there products. I also use their Mini Survival Tin which is loaded with an impressive amount of outdoor survival essentials. It’s worth checking out if you’re after a good quality highly portable mini survival tin.

Who Are Polymath Products

Polymath Products are a UK-based company who came into being back in 2013. They specialize in creating innovative outdoor products. Polymath Products ships internationally and their confidence in their products is backed by their full 40-day guarantee. More information is available on the Polymath Products Website

I hope you enjoyed my review of my Polymaths products Mini Survival Tin. Check back soon for more EDC and Survival Gear Reviews.

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