Survival First Aid Kit

Survival First Aid Kit Ideas

Survival First Aid Kit – 101 Whether your prepping for a hiking trip or planning for a full-on SHTF scenario one of the key items of gear to have ready is a Survival First Aid Kit. There are many variables Read More

Faraday Cage

What is a Faraday Cage?

Faraday Cage Explained A Faraday Cage sometimes called a Faraday Shield is a type of enclosure that is used to create a protective barrier that blocks electromagnetic fields. It gained its name from its creator an English scientist called Michael Faraday who invented the Read More

Survival Emergency Apps On Smartphone

Survival Emergency Apps for Preppers

Survival Emergency Apps for your Smartphone Survival Emergency Apps are often overlooked by Preppers because they assume that in a SHTF scenario technology is no longer of any use to them. This does not have to be the case. Even Read More

Emergency Preparedness Store

Welcome to Prepper Bits

Hi and welcome to Prepper Bits Welcome to prepper bits thanks for stopping by, we are quite new to the online Prepper Galaxy and are busy adding content to our brand new website. Don’t worry though we may be new Read More