Could North Korean Nuclear Missiles Reach The UK

North Korean Missile Capabilities

Amidst recent media coverage of the increasing number of missile tests being carried out by North Korea. UK citizens are growing increasingly concerned, wondering could North Korean Nuclear Missiles really reach the UK.

To shed some light on this we need to look in more detail at North Korea’s current nuclear capabilities and answer the following questions.

Does North Korea Have Nuclear Capability

North Korea has carried out a number of Nuclear bomb tests, so it is clear they have nuclear capability. However nuclear capability on its own is not enough to launch nuclear missiles. To achieve this there is a need to make a nuclear warhead small enough to fit onto a missile.

North Korea has claimed it has successfully done this but international experts have long doubted this statement. However according to recently leaked information in the Washington Post. US intelligence officials have now concluded in a confidential assessment by the Defense Intelligence Agency that, North Korea are now be capable of producing miniature nuclear warheads.

What is North Korea’s Missile Range

Recently North Korea stated it had tested an intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) which was capable of reaching the US mainland. Experts doubt this claim but agree their missiles currently have the potential to reach as far as Hawaii or Alaska.

The North Korean missile that is said to pose the greatest threat to the world is the Hwasong 14 missile. This weapon is still being developed and reportedly has a range of almost 6,000 miles. If North Korea perfects the Hwasong 14 missile, it could be used to attack almost every country in the northern hemisphere including the UK.

Pyongyang is 5,380 miles from London, so the UK falls well within its range as do many other major cities such as New York and Paris.

North Korea has recently test-fired two Hwasong-14 intercontinental ballistic missiles and it has also been recently reported that they have tested a hydrogen bomb which subsequently caused a major earthquake registering at a magnitude of 6.3

Is Nuclear the only North Korean Missile Threat?

The answer is possibly not It is also suspected that North Korea has stocks of chemical weapons like sarin, VX gas. These chemical weapons could theoretically be attached to ballistic missiles and used as a weapon.

So could North Korean Nuclear Missiles reach the UK

The answer to the question could North Korean Nuclear Missiles Reach The UK, unfortunately, seems to be in theory YES. There is no doubt concern surrounding North Korea’s Nuclear Missile program is growing.

In a recent interview, the UK Defense Secretary Sir Michael Fallon said British cities are closer to North Korea’s missiles than some American targets and he suggested it was only a matter of time before the UK was in range.

NATO secretary-general, Jens Stoltenberg, said the Pyongyang regime now posed a “global threat”.

The World War 3 Debate

Could North Korea really start World War Three? There’s no doubt the debate and speculation on this matter will rage on and on. Whilst escalation of the North Korean Nuclear threat is possible there are some potential signs that all is not well in the North Korean regime.

A recent Daily Express article alludes to information provided to CNN regarding a NORTH KOREAN defector who has predicted Kim Jong-un’s regime will come to an end as elites’ loyalty is plummeting and will continue to do so.

All we mere mortals can do is be vigilant and be PREPARED.

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