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10 Ways To Maintain The Blade Of Your Favorite Damascus Knife

Now when it comes to knives, everybody has their favorites, and in this case, an avid knife collector does too. Although they may own different kinds of knives each for a different purpose. One of the favorite knives of a collector is often a Damascus Knife. And when owning and caring for such a knife it’s important to take care and maintain the blade.

If you are one of those people who absolutely love and adore their Damascus Chef’s Knife, well you are in for a sweet surprise. In this article, we not only tell you why you should invest in a Damascus knife. (for those who are yet to make it their favorite). But also offer you tips and tricks to keep it look as good as new with proper care.


To answer this simple yet crucial question, one needs to show you all the reasons why you should buy a Damascus knife. And that’s exactly what I am going to do below:


One of the main reasons people are lured into investing in a Damascus knife is because of its attractive design. You can’t help but stop to stare at the beautiful wavy patterned blade. You just can’t help adding it to your Knife collection.


Naturally, Damascus knives are somewhat of an antique piece even when you buy them brand new. This is because the technique that involves the combination of two or more varieties of steel to form a stronger alloy dates back to hundreds of years. Although modern methods have replaced the traditional, this layered forging technique is still a classic in the knives industry.


Owing to the special technology, the finished tool is a multi-purpose one. It sets together with the alloys that would work best together thus increasing its sharpness and cutting ability. Making it perfect for purposes such as hunting, fishing and of course cooking.


Not only are they super sharp but the sharpness tends to persist for a long time. It’s much better than most production quality knives and even though there’s no guarantee that there’s no need to sharpen the blade ever. You will definitely need to sharpen it a lot less often than other knives. Which makes it a great investment.

Not Just An Outdoor Knife

And most importantly, the Damascus steel knives aren’t just meant for hunters and fishermen. These beautiful pieces are a perfect gift to be added to people’s set of kitchen knives. They provide optimal performance and stay sharp in the long term. Splurging on these will add a beautiful element to your kitchen.

damascus knife

Steel Properties Of A Good Damascus Knife

There are three qualities that are especially important for the steel that’s to be used in kitchen knives:

  1. Tensile- Strength
  2. Rust-Resistance
  3. Edge Retention

Now, it’s difficult to have all the three properties together in one type of steel as a knife. High edge retention will be difficult to sharpen and a knife with a high tensile strength will not hold an edge for long. Thus, there’s a lot to ask from a kitchen knife as it is used as a culinary tool. It should be able to slice things paper thin and make cuts with precision. It should also be able to withstand acidity and chemical reactions when coming into contact with tomatoes and citrus fruits. Finally, It should also be able to chop frozen meat.

damascus knife

Why Is Damascus Steel Perfect For Chefs Knives?

As discussed above, a plain stainless steel or any one type of steel is not able to meet all the requirements of a good kitchen knife. That’s why Damascus steel that’s an alloy of two or more variants of steel comes into the picture and is perfect to be used in the kitchen.

  • The outer layer of flexible and stain resistant stainless steel provides durability and is more casual or rust resistant.
  • The hard high-carbon core is very tough, holds an edge longer and is easier to sharpen.


(1) Refrain from putting your Damascus kitchen knives into the dishwasher. Clean them by hand using a soft sponge and warm soapy water and dry them well with a dishcloth.

(2) Always make sure to use a wooden, plastic or bamboo board for chopping on. Using boards made of stone, glass or marble may lead to bluntness or chipping of the knife.

(3) To prevent the knife from blunting, sharpen when needed using a ceramic rod pulling the blade of the knife slowly across the rod along with light pressure.

(4) DO NOT use the cutting edge of the knife to transfer the chopped vegetables from the board, instead use opposite edge of the knife.

(5) The knives should be stored in a dry space. Storing them in leather sheaths for long periods will cause the blades to rust due to leather’s absorbent nature.

(6) The blade should be coated with vaseline or a light oil such as olive oil which will prevent the staining of the blade even if you are storing it for a long time.

(7) In case you plan to store them in a leather sheath, make sure to wrap the blade in a plastic wrap before inserting.

(8) If the blade has rusted, you can clean it with the help of wet/dry sandpaper or steel wool that acts as a cutting agent.

(9) Take care to polish it every couple of months so that dirt and dust doesn’t build up on the blade.

(10) Oiling the Damascus steel blade will give it a rich luster that will maintain its gorgeous pattern.

10 Ways to Maintain the Blade of Your Favorite Damascus Knife – Conclusion

If you haven’t already Invested in a good, handmade Damascus knife, consider adding one of these great knives to your collection. Remember to use it to your best, and don’t forget to maintain the blade to increase the lifetime of your knife.

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