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Why The M65 Field Jacket Makes

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The M65 Field Jacket also known as the M-1965 is a great jacket for preppers to add to their wardrobe. It’s a tried and trusted jacket design which was first introduced into US military service in 1965. Fifty-two years later this jacket is still going strong. If you haven’t got one already you should definitely consider adding one to your wish list.

Continue reading to find out about the history of this iconic jacket and why we think it’s a great jacket for preppers.

M65 Field Jacket History

The M65 field jacket came into service in 1965 replacing its predecessors. The M-1943 jacket which was used by the military in 1943 during world war two and the M-1951.

US forces used the M-65 field jacket during the Vietnam war because of its ability to keep soldiers warm from the cool weather that came after monsoonal rains. It was also a standard US military issue in several other wars all around the globe.

Alpha Industries was one of the first major military suppliers of the M65 jacket. They started producing the jacket under contract with the U.S. government in 1965. They continue to make the M65 to this day.

M65 Field Jacket Features




Genuine M65 Field Jackets that are made to mil-spec for the US government have a contract number in them which looks like this. (DSA XXX-XX-X-XXXX)

On the front of the M65 field jacket, there are two large hip pockets and two medium-sized breast pockets. On the rear of the jacket, there is a built-in hood. This can be rolled up into a zipped pouch on the back of the neck of the jacket.

The M65 field jacket has velcro fasteners on the sleeve cuffs and collar. It can also be combined with an insulated lining for cold-weather use. The lining is attached to buttons on the inside of the jacket and can be removed when using the jacket in warmer weather.

Why Is The M65 Field Jacket Great For Preppers?

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The M65 field jacket makes a great prepper jacket because of its simple, practical and flexible features. It comes in many different colors so can be purchased in neutral colors for use in an urban environment. Or in camouflage variations for use in wilderness settings.

It has a practical fold away hood and well positioned easily accessible pockets in which you can carry many basic items of emergency gear. Heres a list of some items we have easily been able to carry in these pockets in an urban environment:

  • Small survival kit in a tin.
  • Small tactical flashlight.
  • Multitool or Knife.
  • Lighter.
  • Wallet.
  • Phone.
  • Small First Aid Kit.

With all of this kit on board, you can still walk down the street without standing out to passers-by.

Another great feature of this jacket is its flexibility of being able to be used in varying weather conditions. The insulated lining ensures this jacket keeps you warm in cold winter weather conditions.

In warmer conditions, you can simply remove the lining so you don’t overheat. This also reduces the weight of the jacket. When you factor in the ability to add layers such as fleeces or under armor this jacket has you covered for most temperatures.

M65 Field Jacket Buying Advice

Nowadays the M65 field jacket is produced by many manufacturers and these range in both quality and price. When it comes to buying an M65 Field Jacket our advice is to buy the best quality you can afford. The better the quality the longer it will last.

As mentioned earlier Alpha Industries have a great reputation for manufacturing quality M65 jackets and have done so for many years. You could also consider purchasing a mil-spec version from any military surplus outlet.

If you’re on a budget you can get hold of cheaper versions of this jacket from many online retailers. Heres an example of an M65 Field Jacket currently available on Amazon.

M65 Field Jacket Conclusion

When it comes to the ideal jacket for prepping the M65 field jacket is definitely our preferred jacket. Mainly because of its simple practical design and the ability to adapt it for use in most weather conditions. We realize that not everyone will share this opinion and we welcome your opinion on any jackets that you have tried and tested as a prepper. Let us know which jackets you prefer and why?

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