Lone Wolf Versus Prepper Group

Lone Wolf Versus Prepper Group – The Big Debate

We recently published a guest post article written by Vey from Prepperlytics entitled ” The Ideal Prepper Group Size“. As with a lot of our posts, this article received some great feedback via the comments section. This feedback highlighted the ongoing discussions about the lone Wolf Versus Prepper Group debate.

This article will discuss the lone wolf versus prepper group and the smaller family group concepts. Including what they are and some of the potential pros and cons of each concept.

Loan Wolf Approach Explained

The dictionary definition of a Lone wolf is someone who prefers to live, act, or work alone or independent of others. This is true of the lone wolf prepper because they plan to go it alone doing whatever it takes to defend themselves and survive if the SHTF. They believe that they will have the skills and knowledge they would need to help them to survive alone.

Lone Wolf Pros

  • The lone Wolf can make their own decisions quickly without debate.
  • Has more freedom to travel and change their location swiftly.
  • Fewer resources are needed to survive such as food, water, shelter and medical supplies.
  • A more stealthy approach making it easier to move undetected.

Lone Wolf Cons

  • Surviving alone without any backup Support from others.
  • Vulnerable when sleeping with no one to watch over them.
  • Ability to carry supplies limited due to the most weight one person can carry.
  • No physiological or emotional support from others.

Prepper Group Approach Explained

The prepper group approach to SHTF survival differs from the lone wolf approach. In that, it involves working together with other people in a group. The idea behind this approach is that a group of people with specific skills would add more value to the group. Therefore providing more security and prospects for the group if the SHTF.

For example, a prepper group that has the following skill sets would be considered an advantage by those who believe the prepper group approach provides a greater chance of survival.

  • Medical & First Aid Skills.
  • Agricultural, Farming, Homesteading Skills.
  • Military and or Security Skills.
  • Bushcraft and Wilderness Skills
  • Food – Butchering & Cooking Skills
  • Teaching Skills.
  • Building and Construction Skills.
  • Other Skills that would be considered a benefit to the group.

Prepper Group Pros

  • A Larger group is better placed to defend a large settlement.
  • The Prepper Group provides an increased skill set.
  • More hands on deck to take the strain and give rest time to other members.
  • Has the ability to grow community and infrastructure to improve quality of life moving forward.
  • Increased productivity because of the larger group numbers.
  • When traveling more supplies and equipment can be carried.

Prepper Group Cons

  • Not as stealthy as lone wolf approach, settlement can easily be spotted due to the size of the group.
  • Not all group members will be well-known to one another so there could be trust issues.
  • More food, water, and supplies are needed to support the group.
  • The possibility of discontent or mutiny among the ranks.
  • Not as easy to move an entire group if the situation changes and requires evacuation.

 Family Prepper Group Approach Explained

Not to be forgotten is the concept of the family prepper group. Such a group would usually consist of a few family members and sometimes close friends and neighbors. The size of the group can vary but is smaller than a prepper group.

Family Prepper Group Pros

  • Families will know each other well and can trust one another.
  • Aware of one another’s strengths, weaknesses and have empathy for one another.
  • Other family members can guard whilst others sleep.
  • Tasks can be shared so the strain is not all on one person.
  • When traveling more supplies and equipment can be carried.
  • Likely to have prepped together for some time with well-practiced plans in place.

Family Prepper Group Cons

  • Loss of a family member can cause greater emotional stress.
  • Family Prepper Groups may not have enough numbers to defend against a larger group.
  • More food, water, and supplies needed to support the group.


The Big Debate

The lone wolf versus prepper group debate will continue to be had by preppers and survivalists around the world. This is human nature as we all have different opinions and our own self-beliefs. The lists of pros and cons provided above are not exhaustive so you will need to decide if they are truly pros or cons as far as you’re concerned.

The approach you see as the best one for you will not only depend on your experience, knowledge, and self-belief. It will also depend on certain circumstances like your family set up, geographical location, skill set, and other variable factors.

The important thing that should come out of any debate and this one is no different. Is that you should do your own research and think about the scenarios you could face. Being aware of how these concepts work and how you would use them to your advantage in a survival situation is important. Although you may fall into one particular camp at the moment. You may find that particular SHTF circumstance you face may need you to change your approach.

To put it another way, we don’t have a crystal ball which allows us to see into the future. So although most of us will be able to decide on what we would ideally like to do. We must accept that sometimes we have to adapt so that we can survive.


Whether you are planning on surviving as a lone wolf, with a large group or as a smaller family group. Keeping an open mind is the best approach. If the SHTF, your priority will be to survive by whatever means you have at your disposal. Whichever camp you fall into remember that as a prepper the ability to adapt is a key strength.

For example, as previously mentioned the definition of a lone wolf is someone who prefers to live, act, or work alone or independent of others. The key word here is “prefers” which means in an ideal situation. There could be some situations when becoming part of a group would be beneficial so as to survive.

This debate will continue and this is a good thing because out of debate comes the ability to learn and look at things from the point of view of others.

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3 thoughts on “Lone Wolf Versus Prepper Group – The Big Debate”

  1. what I think a lot of people fail to realise is that immediately following SHTF a lot of people could be left on their own, they have to be able to survive on their own merit BEFORE they can even hope to join up with any group.

  2. I was really surprised to see how many people in the comments on the last article favored the Lone Wolf approach. I think the biggest Pro for that is the fact that you don’t need to worry about managing a group of people.

    I guess a lot of people have been burned by groups before. It’s true that the larger the group, the higher the potential there will be for personal conflicts and disagreements. There is also a high risk in adding people to a group post-SHTF where you don’t know them well.

    1. Hi Vey

      Opinion definitely differs on this subject, personally I try to keep an open mind.because some of the decision making process will depend on the circumstances at the time. It cant hurt to be prepared for the for the possibility or either method of survival.

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