Learning Archery Prepper Survival skills

Beginners Guide To Learning Archery For Survival

First of all, let’s start off by explaining why I decided to write this article on Learning Archery Prepper Survival skills.
As a Prepper I feel it’s important to be confident in your prepping knowledge and abilities. However, being over-confident in your ability and level of preparedness can be a dangerous thing.

Most Preppers continue to research, practice, enhance and continue striving to learn new skills in their pursuit of being as prepared as possible for the many survival scenarios they may or may not face in their life.

Up until a month ago, I had never used bow and arrow. I recently decided to add Archery to my list of survival skills that I wanted to learn. It’s important to make it clear from the outset that even now I consider myself no more than a beginner. I make time whenever I can to practice and improve my Archery skills. I thought it would be a good idea to share my experience and research so far with other beginners who may be considering Learning Archery Prepper Survival skills for themselves.

Is Archery A Good Survival Skill For Preppers To Learn?

My opinion as a beginner is yes Archery is a good survival skill for Preppers to learn. A bow and arrow could be used for self-defense if you live in a country where firearms are not allowed. You may want a backup weapon to use when a stealth approach is required or if you run out of ammo. Learning Archery and Bow Hunting could be an invaluable skill to add to your current skill set because it can be also be used to hunt game and animals for food in a survival scenario.

To put it another way whilst being able to use a bow and arrow as a skill on its own will not guarantee your survival, it certainly improves your chances and options.

Different Types Of Bows

There are a number of different types of Bows and so far, I have only had the opportunity to start using a target shooting bow. This is simply because I decided to sign up for some target archery lessons just to get me started. You can pay by the hour and don’t have to shell out for your own equipment. It’s quite an inexpensive way to dip your toe in the water.

Here are just a few examples of the different types of bow available.


If you’re a fan of the character Daryl from the walking dead you’ll recognize one of these. It’s the most lethal of all the bows able to fire bolts at tremendous speed.

Take-Down Recurve Bow

Many Survivalists and Preppers prefer this type of bow because they like the fact that it is very portable.


The oldest form of a bow and said to be the simplest type to use.

How To Get Started As A Beginner

There are a number of ways you can start Learning Archery skills. If your budget allows and you are committed to learning Archery, confident you will stick with it. With a little research, you can buy your own equipment and practice as often as you like.

If you’re unsure if learning Archery as a survival skill is for you, but would like to give it a go. Or if you’re on a limited budget don’t worry there is another option. You can sign up for a single session or course with an Archery School that charges by the hour. This is a good option if you’re not sure whether you want to use a crossbow or a normal bow and arrow.

Learning Archery Prepper Survival Skills Summary

I hope you found my Learning Archery Prepper Survival Skills article helpful. My experience as a beginner with a bow and arrow is that apart from being a useful survival skill to learn. It’s also great fun, I found it very satisfying and confidence boosting once I realized that I could shoot an arrow and hit the target. From there on in it’s just a case of practice and more practice.

Recommended Reading

There’s a lot of Archery information available on the web and I realize that one person’s research will differ to another. So I didn’t want to bombard you with loads of articles to read. Here are just a couple of articles that I found useful to get you started.

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  1. Great to see someone else who sees the benefits of archery skills when it comes to survival. It’s so easy to include a crossbow or recurve takedown bow in your go bag! And they’re great for urban survival, wilderness survival, you can even fish with them! Do you have any other resources you’d recommend for someone who wants to learn more?

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