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Todays Guest Post article “3 AM. Flashlight In Windows – Banging On Door – Cops Outside” was written by Vey who is the founder of Prepperlytics.com. Throughout recent months we have featured a number of Vey’s articles all of which make for great reading and receive a lot of comments. What you are about to read is a real-life story and should serve as a reminder that as preppers we should constantly review and improve our home and retreat defense strategies.

 3 AM. Flashlight In Windows – Banging On Door – Cops Outside

It was the day after Thanksgiving, and a banging sound woke me up. I looked over at my wife, “What’s that?”, I whispered. She must have heard it too. “I don’t know, it sounds like someone banging on the door.”

Normally I would be reaching for my gun at this point, but we had family staying with us for the weekend, so I didn’t sense any immediate danger. I knew they were heading out early in the morning to return home, so maybe my sister-in-law needed to tell my wife something before they left. Who knows? I debated on whether I would get out of bed to check on the sound, or whether the wife would. I started pulling off the covers and felt around for some jogging pants to throw on.

Meanwhile, the wife was already at the door. Finally, I found the pants and sweatshirt I was looking for. My wife turned to me from the door and said, “The Cops are outside!” I was confused. “Wait, what! Outside our bedroom door?!” She shut the door and came over to me to explain, “That was my brother knocking on our door. He says there are two cop cars outside. They are banging on the front door and ringing the doorbell.”

I exited the bedroom and saw my brother-in-law standing at the top the stairs, looking out the 2nd story window. He turns to me and says, “They’re leaving.” I looked at him. “Who’s leaving?” “Two cops.”, he says. I throw on some shoes and my coat. I flip the porch light on and go outside. I start walking outside, and I see the cop cars peeling out of my driveway. One went left and ones went right. I’m standing in my driveway dumbstruck. “They had to have seen the porch light.” I thought. “Why would they be in such a hurry to talk to me, then get up and leave once I came to the door?”

I went back inside. Took off my coat and shoes and walked back upstairs. “Do you think they were looking for someone?” my wife asked. I closed and locked the bedroom door. “I’m not sure,” I answered. “Really strange.” I looked at my phone. 3 am. “Why would 2 cops show up at 3 am, bang on the door, then leave?”

We laid in bed for a few minutes thinking about the events. I opened my phone back up and did a search. “What are you doing?” the wife asked. “I’m looking for the number for the Sheriff’s office”, I said. Right as I hit the “call” button from the search results. I waited while the phone rang. It had to be at least 5 rings before someone picked up. “Sheriff’s office”, the women on the other end of the line said.

“Um… Hi. My name is Vey, I live on Parks Place. I just had 2 cops show up, ringing my doorbell and flashing lights in my windows. You know anything about this?”

“Oh, I’m very sorry about that.” She said, sounding sincere. A woman on your street called us, but she gave the wrong address, so the officers are looking for her house.”

“Ah, ok”, I said. “So, they won’t be coming back?”

“No, they shouldn’t be coming back. I’m very sorry for the confusion.”

“That’s ok. Thanks for the help. Have a good night.”

I hung up the phone, relayed the conversation to my wife. We talked for a few minutes, then we tried to go to sleep without much luck. As I lay in bed, I replayed the night’s events.

Why did I let my wife open the door?

Why didn’t I bring my gun downstairs with me?

What if the cops were still at my front door when I got there, would I have just opened the door?

What if this was SHTF?

My security protocols were really bad. If one of our door or window alarms had gone off, I would have my AR in low ready with my plate carrier and battle belt on in seconds. I know this because one night one of the doors didn’t close all the way, and it slowly crept open during the night setting off the alarm.

But a knocking and ringing a doorbell? What burglar breaks into your house by ringing the doorbell? It was just so weird, it didn’t even set off my internal alarm. Still, though, I need to make some serious changes to my security planning so this doesn’t happen again.

The next day I sat down and made an action list to improve my retreat security.


I have fencing in front of my house, but I never put up a driveway gate. The one that I want is too expensive right now, but I can put a cheaper livestock gate up for the time being. Won’t be pretty, but it will keep cars out pre-SHTF until I get a proper gate up.


What’s the point of having a gate if it’s left open all the time? If the only time I close it is when I leave, it’s a dead giveaway for burglars. I need a way to open and close the gate remotely, so I can shut it each night from the house. I also need an alarm if someone arrives at the front gate. An alert that someone is there, and a way to talk with them.


I have two Livestock Guardian dogs, but they are fenced in with the sheep. I can’t hear them barking from the house when I’m in a dead sleep. I need to fence in the entire perimeter of the retreat so that I can keep 1 LGD with the sheep and one can patrol the property near the house.


Lights should go on if motion is detected near the house. It’s a good layer in combination with dogs to alert you of where there is movement. It’s also important to have light if you need to engage a threat.


There are a lot of wireless doorbell cams. Most connect to your smartphone via wi-fi so you can see and talk to your guest without answering the door. It probably wouldn’t do you much good if the grid went down, but it sure would be nice if police showed up at your door pre-SHTF.


I bought 4 motion activated security cameras a few months back, but never fully connected them. I will get on this, so I can monitor my driveway and retreat boundary from my smartphone.


I picked up some really nice Thermal night vision earlier in the year but ended up returning it, because I wasn’t happy with the time it took to load up and acquire an image. I told myself I would take the refunded money and buy some nice Nightvision, but I used the money for other projects. Guess I need to prioritize night vision once more.


I cleared out a number of trees from behind the house this year, but there are still others that would provide someone concealment should they try to sneak up. I need to clear out trees I don’t need and trim lower branches from ones I want to keep.


I’ve got an AR and Glock ready to go for bumps in the night, but they a really aren’t set up properly. The Acog on my AR is really meant for 100+ yards, and while I do have a flashlight on the AR, I don’t have one on my Glock. I need to build an AR pistol with a standard red dot, drop a light on my Glock and get a new holster for my belt to fit the Glock + light.


Even with a full perimeter fence, there are still going to be areas where I want to slow people down. For that, I plan on creating tangle foot out of barbed wire. I need to stock up on at least a dozen rolls of barbed wire.


What a wake-up call (no pun intended). I’m thankful this run-in with the cops was just a mistake on their side, and wasn’t an actual threat to my family. I am going to use this to motivate me to improve my Standard Operating Procedures as well as my layers of defense. It’s going to be expensive. All the fencing, cameras, night vision, etc. This is all really pricey stuff, but what’s more important that the safety of your family? I need to make some tough financial decisions to improve my security posture.

I hope my Thanksgiving story has encouraged you to improve your own retreat security for both before and after TEOTWAWKI.

Vey Prpeprlytics
The article above was kindly contributed by Vey from Prepperlytics.com, and the original title, 3 AM. Flashlight In Windows – Banging On Door – Cops Outside can be found on the Prepperlytics.com blog.

Prepperlytics is an online website that helps preppers calculate the number of calories that would be needed post SHTF. Vey’s site also has a number of other really useful tools that help preppers prepare. You can check out our Prepperlytics Review Here

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  1. There have also been instances of home invasions, where the criminals identified themselves as police. Before I open my door, on my isolated, rural farm, I plan to call dispatcher and verify that it is indeed law enforcement on my front porch. If someone should break down the door,they had better be wearing level 4 body armor. We can let God sort it out later

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