Glaucus Hand Line Fishing Survival Card

The World’s First Complete EDC Hand Line Fishing kit Survival Card

I don’t know about you guys but I’m always on the lookout for new innovative Survival & prepping tools to add to my everyday carry (EDC). For me, these gear items should be fully functional lightweight and both easy to use and to carry.

I recently came across such an item which has been launched as a Kickstarter Project. The Glaucus Hand Line Fishing Survival Card. This new Survival Fishing Card has been created and launched by fellow Survivalist and Prepper Brian Pate from (GFO) Go Fishing Often.

Now whilst I appreciate that not all Kickstarter projects goals are successful. This one is currently on target to reach its goal and go live. Having had previous experience with Kickstarter projects myself such as an excellent EDC item called the Wazoo Survival Cache Belt, I am definitely looking forward to getting my hands on the Glaucus.

So for those of you who like me are interested in functional lightweight EDC Survival tools. Continue reading this article to find out more.

The Glaucus Hand Line Fishing Survival Card

Glaucus is the world’s first complete fishing kit in a 3.5” x 2” survival card. This credit card sized tool provides you with all the essential components required to catch an essential protein source in a survival situation or for simply enjoying an afternoon fishing with a minimalist approach.

Glaucus Hand Line Fishing Survival Card Specs


This Survival Fishing Card is made of .025” Thick 8-18 full tempered stainless steel and includes:

  • The Hand Line Casting Handle
  • Assorted Bait Holder Hooks with break-away-point safety tabs
  • Lures
  • D-Ring
  • 15 LB Monofilament


Glaucus Hand Line Fishing Survival Card – More Info


Glaucus dismantles all the complex expensive fishing gear currently available and provides a simple, efficient system in the lightest most compact platform possible.

Hand Line Casting Handle


Starting at the outer edge of the card you will notice the uniquely contoured lines which make up the handline casting handle. This design gives you an almost hypnotic power over the water allowing you to accurately place casts in even the most technical fishing situations.


6 Assorted Size Bait Holder Hooks with Break-Away-Point Safety Tabs

Glaucus Hand Line Fishing Survival Card


Once these tabs are removed you are left with a serrated edge leading up to the sharpest point possible. Truly the first effective flat hook design ever created.



1 Spoon & 1 Fold-able SD Lure

For situations where live bait is not desired or possible we have included 2 of the best cold water lure designs. The classic spoon and the fold-able SD. Each of which is capable of being kept in action with the casting handle.


Although humble in appearance the small D-Ring located in the bottom left corner. Enables you to add weight to your line which directly translates to your casting distance. It can be tethered to a stone or fastened to a dry branch to act as a float.

15 lb Mono-filament

Each system also includes enough mono-filament to have you hooking up in seconds. You can upgrade this to your favorite line type and weight.

GFO Founder and Glaucus Creator Bio

Brian founder of Go Fishing Often, explains:

“I created Glaucus because I wanted a complete fishing system compact enough to be carried with me in my wallet so I would always be ready to fish in a moment’s notice. I think “card carriers” are going to be blown away with how technical and precise the casting handle is, it is so satisfying to accurately place casts into small pools up and down a creekside. It is truly the most effective survival card ever made”.

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