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How To Get #Prepperfit

The beginning of a new year is often a time when we refocus on our health and fitness. Todays Guest Post Article entitled “How To Get Prepperfit” has kindly been provided by Kimoosabi from He discusses how he focused on getting prepper fit. Also Providing some steps you can take to achieve your desired level of prepper fitness.

Its Called Survival Of The Fittest For A Reason

In the wild, the young, the old, the sick and the weak are killed by predators, disease, and starvation. When SHTF and the fragile rules that bond our society together break down, you better believe that stronger, fitter, more adept predators are coming for what’s yours.

If you think that more gear, guns, and bullets are the answer to you not being in any reasonable physical shape, then ask yourself why any military in the world emphasizes physical fitness. Ask yourself how you’re going to be able to live on a calorie restricted diet, make good decisions and contribute enough to your group. So that they don’t turn on your and toss your fat ass out into the wild when you’re tired hungry and exhausted from using your body in ways it is just not accustomed to.

Ask yourself how you’re going to survive when you tear a muscle trying to push, pull or lift something because your body is not conditioned.

If what I just wrote pisses you off in any way it’s likely because I hit a nerve and II challenge you to read the below. It’s how I went from fat and out of shape to losing weight, gaining control of my life and getting my energy back to give to other members of my family. It’s how you can do it too.

Why We Prep

The reason why we prep is that we have a nagging voice inside of us that tells us that the way society lives today is unsustainable. That our existence is so fragile and dependent on vulnerable systems that it could take just one event to undo every aspect of life as we know it.

We are preparing for a return to the natural order with no artificial means of preserving our current daily lives. No electricity, no access to modern medicine, no readily available food supplies… This is why we prepare. Survival of the fittest is a reality we all will have to deal with because once the artificial means of preserving the weak and the old fall away, nature in it’s purest form will take over.

The modern first-world, society built law and systems to protect the most vulnerable in our communities. But should of rule of law ever cease to exist you will need to be the fittest, baddest man or woman on the planet to defend what’s yours and contribute to your community in any way that is needed.

Our society is in freefall. Humans have a natural instinct to move to the path of least resistance. We build our lives around convenience. The bulk of the technology that has emerged in the last 20 years has been centered around making our lives more convenient. Apple, Amazon, Microsoft, Netflix, Facebook, e-Harmony… the giants of convenience ensure that you can do everything you used to without having to get up off your couch.

You don’t have to leave your apartment to get the latest news on your phone, shop til you drop, work a full day, watch more movies than you knew existed, stalk your high school ex or find your soul mate. And as we have fewer reasons to get off the couch there is an army of moral arbiters removing any social stigma that would act against becoming overweight and making unhealthy choices. “Fat shaming” is now a thing you’re told anytime someone mentions weight. Adults and children are referred to as “victims of obesity”. Like they were just hanging around one day and BAM – obesity struck. This is a race to the bottom and one which many do not recover from.


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If you are serious about prepping you need to prepare your body, your mind and be as healthy as you can be before anything goes wrong.

Some of you who will read will get angry just by reading this. Getting fit and eating right requires a commitment on a massive scale that is just too big for most people to make. It’s a complete lifestyle adjustment that changes everything you do and the way you think. Dieting will allow you to test your body and how you function under different energy levels. Good exercise will train your mind and show you what’s possible. Hard regular exercise is an awakening and shows you what you are not capable of and remind you how vulnerable you are.

Adult Obesity Facts (According To The CDC)





Obesity Rates By State In The USA



If It Was Easy Everyone Would Do It

As tough as this road is, the benefits are immediate and life-changing Unlike the tacti-cool gear we all end up buying that hardly gets used (if ever), your fit, new, healthy self will be used every day. You’ll be able to run around with your kids, get stuff done around the house, have more energy for work, be a better lover in the bedroom and overall feel great and more confident about yourself. You will feel younger and alive and the harder you exercise the more you will realize how small and insignificant the majority of problems you encounter on a daily basis are.

Losing Weight And Getting Fit Is Your Best Prep

And just to be clear I’m not talking about going from a sedentary couch potato to becoming an athletic specimen. I’m talking about taking some basic (but tough) steps to bring your weight within a healthy range and to be able to do physical activity that will help you be prepared for a range of activity should you ever need it. That’s it. If you have that in your back pocket you are not only in the top percentile of the general public who have no inclination to prep but you will be in the top percentile of preppers.

My Journey

A little bit about my journey. Up until 4 months ago, I was overweight (read fat) due to some really bad eating habits I had gotten into along with a complete lack of exercise. I used to teach Martial Arts and fight competitively growing up but stopped in my late twenties. I kept somewhat in shape until I got married at 34 and had three kids in a 4-year span. Going to the gym was out of the question and my eating habits degenerated to a point where I put on a solid 40 pounds in fat.


During this time I started getting into prepping. I bought the gear and stocked up on food. But I continued to eat badly and would have periods of a few weeks I would try to go back to the gym but consistency was my kryptonite. One night I was brushing my teeth leaning over and I saw my “moobs” (man boobs) jiggling from side to side as I was brushing. I pointed this out to my wife and she had a good laugh saying I was about a c-cup.

No More

I decided there and then no more. I made a choice to be active about losing weight and getting fit again. I want to share how I did it with you. I know that everyone’s body is different and that what worked for me in totality will most likely not work for you. However, I think there are probably some things you can take and perhaps tweak to make work for you that you could benefit from.

prepper fitness

I lost roughly 30 pounds in 3 months. It took hard work but most of all it was all about being an outright stubborn bastard. I worked out roughly 4-5 times per week. If you’re over 40 working out is very beneficial but it’s not a weight loss tactic by itself. Weight loss is 90% diet. However, the benefits to working out and getting fit are huge and I will go into in more detail later on.


I’m No Doctor

I’m not a doctor nor am I a nutritionalist. I’m an average Joe and I found what works for me and I think it could work for you too. If you are thinking of losing weight you should do your own research and consult with a doctor or sign up for a diet that you can follow. All that matters is that you lose weight and keep it off. These steps below can work in part or as a whole and should be seen as advice and guidelines for anyone looking to lose weight, but not an absolute how-to in and of itself.

Which Diet Should I Follow?

I know there are many schools of thought when it comes to weight loss. This is what worked for me. Count calories. It’s somewhat about what you eat and where the calories come from but it’s more about total calories in vs total calories burnt.

STEP 1 – Figure Out How Many Calories You Can Eat In A Day Without Gaining Weight

Use our Calorie Calculator to figure out how many calories you will need to sustain your weight per day (Basal Metabolic Rate or BMR). Once you have your BMR now know what the ceiling of your metabolic rate is. Now set your daily calorie goal below your BMR. That will ensure that your body converts your fat into energy and burns it off and you lose weight. In order to lose a pound of weight, you need to burn roughly 3500 calories. On a day to day basis you will see your weight fluctuate as a result of water retention as well as the body fighting to keep its fat stores especially in the beginning but on a weekly trend, you will see it go down.

My BMR is about 2500 calories a day. I wanted to lose 30 pounds in 3 months. That means I needed to keep my calorie count around 1500 calories a day. With regular exercise, it meant that I was able to keep my total calorie intake around the 1000 calorie mark (calories-in minus an estimated 400 calories per workout).

Below is what that looked like over 3 months (using the MyNetDiary app).

weight chart

STEP 2 – Track Everything

Losing weight is all about the numbers. Download an app (I used MyNetDiary) and track every meal and every workout. Track your sleep. Everything counts. Mynetdiary allows you configure how many calories you can eat each day based on how much weight you want to lose over how much time you want to lose it in. I’m a numbers guy so this resonated with me. It also has a calorie finder which gives you the calories in just about every food there is. Adding your calories up and then seeing what your breakdown is of proteins, carbs, and fats at the end of the day is a huge help

my net diary

STEP 3 – Take Control Of Your Meal Prep

Don’t eat out. Cook everything yourself with portion-control in mind. That way you can keep track of your calories by weighing every meal and using your calorie calculator in the app of your choice to let you know exactly what is in each meal. If you don’t have a food scale get a digital one off of Amazon for $20 and take control of what you’re eating. I used to make a beef stew and measure out 700 calorie portions by weighing them. Then I would vacuum seal those bad boys, freeze them and then have 700 calorie meals for lunch that were ready to grab on my way out to work.

STEP 4 – Protein Is Your Friend

Egg whites, red and white meat are all good. Bread bad. Anything with a high caloric intake from fat is bad. Salt makes your body retain water. Soda is bad. Even carbonated drinks like seltzer water are bad. Take your calories from protein if you can. Drink lots of water. Oh and if you can get hold of some Acai that will make your life a lot easier. Caffeine is good because it suppresses appetite and kickstarts your metabolism. Alcohol bad. Not only does it contain a ton of sugar – my decision making gets really bad when I have a few drinks in me and bad ideas like pizza or burgers at 112 seem like really good ideas. To get to my goal weight I cut out alcohol during the week and only had a bit on weekends.

STEP 5 – You’re Going To Get “HANGRY”


Embrace the suck. Learn to live with the discomfort. It will be worth it. Get angry. Angry with yourself for making so many stupid, shortsighted decisions that have led you to this point. Where you stand right now is all that counts. You are choosing to make amends with your body. Free yourself. It’s not easy. It’s so hard that most people cannot do this. You can.

This is fantastic training to help you give your mind control over your body. This control of yourself is what will ensure that when life as we know it comes to an end you will survive. Be stubborn. Do this. I promise you it will be worth it. You will learn a lot about what happens to your decision making and ability to function once you have a reduced amount of calories – and that will inform your decisions of how much food you need to store for your preps.

STEP 6 – Celebrate Your Victories

Each step forward, each pound lost, each inch that comes off your waist is a win. Celebrate it. Talk about it with whoever will listen. External validation is very powerful. Earn it.

STEP 7 – Don’t Be Too Hard On Yourself

Take a day off every week. I ate without much restriction on weekends during this diet. Keep your metabolism on its toes by allowing yourself to indulge at least once a week. Make sure you get lots of sleep too. This will not work if you’re hungry and you’re tired.

Getting Fit

I approached working out with a view of what the best type of exercise would be a grid down, extended SHTF scenario knowing that if I was ready for that I would be ready for most things. I also wanted to follow a regime that would allow me to train hard with little risk of injury. At the age of 41 every time I injured myself it requires layoffs of several weeks and makes consistency impossible.

So with that in mind here are the criteria I wanted my workouts to cover:

  • Get stronger.
  • Build cardio.
  • Condition my body to work under strain.
  • Work on functional movement.

My goal was to be physically capable of dealing with any scenario that presented itself in a SHTF scenario: carrying, lifting, pushing, pulling or fighting. My workout needed to prepare for anything.

The type of workout I find works best for me are Cross fit type routines. I found that I got taken to my max every single work out. Cross fit is designed to prepare you for the unknown so for prepper purposes it’s perfect. I train at a UFC gym that is not Cross fit accredited but that has Cross Fit style workouts that skew towards fighting fitness.

I highly recommend that you join a class that challenges you and that makes use of kettlebells, functional movements (pushing, pulling, lifting, dragging), sandbags, tractor tires and pull up bars. The exercises that go with this type of equipment are perfect for prepper purposes. Being in a group environment is really motivating. It brings out competitiveness and makes you push that much harder. The social element also provides some positive peer pressure to make sure you come back and continue to work hard.

If joining a class is not for you, invest in some equipment and work out at home. A quick search on Google for cross fit routines will return more workouts than you could do in your lifetime.

Remember – exercise without dieting is not going to help you. This was a crucial mistake in all of the previous attempts I made at getting in shape. If you are pounding on ice cream and pretzels right before you go to sleep you’re not going to want to work out at 6 am in the morning. If you are killing yourself with workouts but not seeing any results in the way you look because you’re eating unhealthily it will demotivate you and you will stop exercising. The two go together. As you get past 40 the benefits of exercise are not in weight loss but rather in many other facets.

Prepper Fit Conclusion

This was hands down the most difficult but rewarding thing I have ever done. Once I hit my weight loss goal I went into maintenance mode which means just eating healthily, watching my portion size and trying not do anything stupid during the week like eating all my kids pirate booty at 11 at night. I don’t count calories anymore just generally watch what I eat. I’m a few pounds over goal but I have the template to lose weight should I need to. As much as I have benefited my wife and kids have benefited too. I am way more proactive around the house and am seeing to things before I am even asked that I know beforehand I would have left. It feels amazing to be able to run around my kids without getting tired and I know now that my most important prep is taken care of.

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A Big Thanks To Kimoosabi

The article above was kindly contributed by Kimoosabi from Prepperlytics, and the original title, “How To Get Prepperfit” can be found on the blog. A website that provides web tools to help preppers calculate their food storage and the number of calories that would be needed post SHTF.


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