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Todays Guest Post Article “5 Survival Two-Way Radios To Consider On Your Next Hunting Trip” has been submitted by Craig who is the owner the Two-Way Radio Talk blog.

5 Survival Two-Way Radios To Consider On Your Next

Hunting Trip

Communication is important when you go hunting with your friends or colleagues, but given that you may end up in areas without signal coverage, it’s best to think outside the box. In this case, most experts recommend a two-way radio, which incidentally, is also a great survival radio.

The radio is a device that doesn’t depend on satellites, AC power or commercial lines to transmit and receive a signal for communication. This is why they are extremely useful in various survival situations and when you’re hunting deep in the woods where most commercial signals are not covered.

The device helps keep the group together and, in case one of you gets lost, you’ll still have a way to communicate. Still, you should be aware of the fact that two-way radios are short-range devices and, once you get out of range, you won’t be able to stay in touch with the group. However, the two-way radios designed for hunters and survival are more advanced than the ones you can find on the market at low prices. The best two-way radios are more powerful and better prepared to resist the rough environment in the outdoors.

Now, I know that there are lots of designs and producers and this can confuse a beginner. This is why I put together a short guide with the top five survival two-way radios you can take on a hunting trip.

Survival Two-Way Radios

#1: Motorola MH230R

The radio devices are small and vivid in color so if you drop it in the tall grass or anywhere in the woods it will be easy to find. Speaking of drops, the body is durable and water resistant (but not waterproof) so it will still work if it’s raining.

Unlike most devices out there, this radio is powerful and the signal won’t hindered by obstacles such as trees or shrubberies. Even more, it gets NOAA alerts to let you know when bad weather is close by.

#2: Midland LXT600VP3

This device has 36 channels so it won’t be difficult to find a free line to chat with your hunting partners. The range is a bit shorter than with the Motorola device (26 miles), but if you’re not spreading your group on a large area, this should be enough. It is also compatible with a series of Midland headsets so you can hear your partners’ messages without disturbing the hunt.

Finally, the Midland LXT600VP3 design supports standard and rechargeable AAA batteries, which gives you the chance to choose.

#3: Motorola MR350R

Another Motorola model made my list because it offers some great features that shouldn’t be ignored. First, you can set this device on vibrate so the sound of an incoming message won’t interrupt you from hunting. Second, this device supports a 35-mile range and it isn’t bothered by obstacles (which are plenty in the woods).

This device is IP-51 rated. This doesn’t mean it is waterproof, but it will definitely live through a rough hunting trip.

#4: Retevis H-777

I loved these devices because of their great features and because they come with an earpiece for each user. Usually, these are purchased separately, but with the H-777 from Retevis you don’t have to worry about finding a compatible device. So, if you want to get some survival hunting tips from your partners, this two-way radio may be the best solution to get them while hunting.

#5: Cobra ACXT545

This device is equipped with a rubber coating that protects the body from shocks. It also comes with a built-in flashlight which comes in handy in an emergency and can be set on vibrate. The maximum range is 28 miles but the small design and impressive features make it one of the best two-way radios to have on a hunting trip.

5 Survival Two-Way Radios to Consider On Your Next Hunting Trip Summary

The article above was kindly contributed by Craig who has his own blog which can be found at the

Two-way radios can make a great addition to your survival kit because they don’t rely on satellite link-ups to transmit and receive signals. They are a simple and cost-effective method of emergency communication. A good set of two-way radios will allow you to keep in touch with family and group members If other means of communication fail.

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  1. Talking range on these radios, where trees and brush, is less than one mile. I have purchased several, all with the same result. The last 36 mile Midland I purchased worked barely over 1/2 mile.

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