Everyday Survival Items

Everyday Items You Can Adapt For Survival Purposes

Many everyday items that you already have around your home or carry about your person could be adapted and used as everyday Survival Items. Some of the items In the list below are often intentionally carried by preppers in their survival kits, such as condoms and tampons.

List Of Everyday Survival Items

If you have no other alternative the following everyday survival items have a number of uses in a survival situation, whilst not an exhaustive list here are some of the more common items you could use and their everyday survival uses.


A condom can come in very useful in a survival situation, here are some things it could be used for.

  • As a water container – condoms can hold as much as 2 liters of water if carefully handled.
  • Fire Starting – use a condom as a fire accelerant by lighting it with a flame, it can also be used to keep your spare tinder dry.
  • Wound dressing – by cutting the end of the condom you can roll the condom up your arm creating a waterproof wound dressing that will stay clean and dry.
  • As a surgical glove – to keep your hands clean.
  • To carry Items – A condom is stretchy so you can use it to store and carry food or other items with the added benefit of keeping them waterproof.

Plastic Drinks Bottle

Don’t throw your water drinks bottles away, you can use them to sterilize the water you collect. You can do this by using a method called Solar Water Disinfection (SODIS). If you put some contaminated water in a transparent plastic bottle and leave it in the sunshine for a day or two the UV rays will help kill the bacteria. Keeping an empty water bottle on hand also allows you to refill it as soon as you find a fresh supply of water.

Tights – Pantyhose

Tights / Pantyhose can help you to do the following in an emergency.

  • Filtering debris from water – by stretching it over a container and pour the water into a separate container.
  • Use As Mosquito Netting.
  • As an emergency fan belt for your car.
  • As a Mask – use as a temporary face mask to protect you from dust or ash in the air.
  • First Aid – you could use a sling, tourniquet or hold a splint in place.


Survival Socks

Apart from keeping your feet warm, your socks have a number of uses in a survival situation.

  • As a pre-filter to remove large particles from water.
  • Self-defense – put some rocks or stones in the sock and tie it off, then use at your own risk.
  • Carrying items – use to carry food items or water by using the sock as added support for a water-filled condom.

Lipstick or Lip Balm


Lipstick contains petroleum, which is flammable so you can use lipstick or lip balm as an accelerant to help you light a fire.

House Keys


Keys can have a number of uses in a survival scenario.

  • As a Saw – help you to cut through the material, to cut yourself free from clothing. It may take a while but keys could also be used as a saw on things like rope or small branches.
  • Self Defence – ideally when attached to a keychain hold the key between your fingers to use a weapon to inflict enough damage to buy you time to get away.
  • Use as a Pry Tool.


Tear apart a tampon to use as tinder. Pull the cotton stuffing out and use it as tinder to start a fire. Tampons also have first aid uses, as an emergency bandage or to stop bleeding.



In an emergency with nothing else at hand Vodka has a number of survival uses, vodka could be used to treat wounds and prevent infection. It’s useful for treating blisters and bug bites. It also has cleaning and sterilizing uses.


Without a medical kit at your disposal, if you have no other option, superglue could be used to close wounds. Super glue was used during the Vietnam war in field surgery with good effect. However, it was not approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration due to its unknown toxicity. It is also known to cause further tissue damage and is an irritant to the eyes, nose, throat, and lungs. So only use it to close wounds if you have no other first aid options available to you.

Pocket Mirror


If you have a pocket mirror similar to the one pictured above, you can use a mirror to signal for help to rescuers. You could also break the mirror to create sharp edges and make a crude knife.



You can tie earphones together to use as a makeshift rope or for simply secure items together. You could make a sling or use the components to make a compass. With a bit of time and effort, you could even sharpen the jack plug to fashion a weapon of sorts. Using for fishing is another idea that springs to mind.


There are many smartphone apps available that can help you in a survival situation. For example, a compass app to get you heading in the right direction. Even if the SHTF GPS satellites would take about two months until they shifted out of position and no longer worked.

Plastic Bag

You can use a plastic bag to keep the rain off you or to protect items you don’t want water getting into. you can also use it to sit on if the ground is wet and you need to rest. Another use for plastic bags is to keep your footwear dry if you have to make your way through water that would overwise soak your feet.



Using long-sighted glasses lenses you can focus the suns rays to start a fire. In a similar way to using a magnifying glass to start a fire, you can use the lenses to direct the suns rays on to your tinder and create an ember for starting a fire. You may need to use a drop of water on the inside of the lens to allow light to bend further.

Everyday Survival Items Summary

Although these household items are designed for specific purposes. If you have nothing else at hand everyday household items can prove very useful in a survival situation. By keeping an open mind and thinking quickly you can use various everyday survival items to help you survive.

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