European Union Civil Unrest

European Union Civil Unrest – Are Bad Times Ahead?

One of the things preppers are good at is ensuring they are both politically and globally aware. This is an essential part of being prepared. We may not have a crystal ball but nor do we suffer from normalcy bias. We know that whilst being politically and globally aware doesn’t guarantee prediction of exact outcomes. It provides valuable insight regarding the likelihood of potential SHTF scenarios occurring. This leads me to the topic of today’s article, European Union civil unrest drawing closer. The European Union is already starting to implode and the possibility of European Union Civil Unrest should not be underestimated. There’s no getting away from the fact that the European Union is a mess. Many pundits consider the union to be already imploding.

Is The EU Really Imploding?

No matter how bullish the EU is regarding talking up their future. The evidence suggesting otherwise is building and boasts of so-called new growth are all but fairy tales. The truth is at its best the EU economy is stagnant and has been for some time. If the EU is not already declining it’s about to, the United kingdom’s Brexit will see to that.

Compared to the US and the Far East, the European Union is uncompetitive. Weighed down by bureaucracy, heavy taxation and costly social security. UK Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson has gone on record as saying the EU is a graveyard of low growth; the only continent with lower growth is currently Antarctica. Liam Fox UK Secretary of State for International Trade has said Brexit has destined the European Union to catastrophic failure. With Germany set to become the world’s largest cash machine in a bid to prop up the ailing bloc.

Brexit is already damaging Germany’s trade with the UK and it is set to get worse. The Association of German Chambers of Commerce has cautioned that even if the UK strikes a free trade deal with the EU. The impact of trade barriers would only be reduced, not completely neutralized.

Then there’s Catalonia if their fight for independence is successful. The Spanish government has said it will not support Catalonia remaining an EU member. The EU would be worse off without Catalonia which is an economic powerhouse that subsidizes the rest of Spain. With a population of 7.5 million Catalonia generates almost 20 percent of Spain’s GDP.

Current Signs Of European Union Civil Unrest

The European Union has many other problems including migration, turgid economies, terrorism and populism which is sweeping across the continent. There is already a degree of unrest felt all over the EU zone. Brexit is already causing unrest in the UK, more in fact than the UK government would like to admit. Many UK citizens are unhappy with the way their government is handling Brexit. So much so that already there is an official Leave the EU immediately petition that would have to be considered by the UK government once it reaches 100,000 signatures.

A lot of UK citizens are outraged at the EU’s attitude towards the UK exit and are growing increasingly frustrated. This is because even if the UK struck an exit deal it could be vetoed by the remaining EU members. It’s not just pro Brexit supporters who are starting to feel this way. Even some of the pro remainers just want to get on with it.

The German and French governments are not going to make it easy for the UK to leave. They know they will have to pick up a bill they can’t afford. In both of these countries, there is a degree of unrest with a growing number of citizens showing support far-right political party’s pushing for independence. As already mentioned Catalonia is going through civil unrest as part of their battle for independence. Did anyone else see the news reports on how quickly the police in Catalonia turned to brutality amidst the protests.

Signs of Recession

There are also signs that the UK is heading for another recession similar to that of 2008. This will in turn affect the economy in Europe. Here are some reasons why:

  • UK citizens are suffering from historically low levels of disposable income.
  • They also have historically high credit card and loan borrowing.
  • The Bank of England has indicated interest rates are about to increase, reducing disposable income further.
  • Wages increases are stagnating.
  • Consumer confidence is crashing in light of Brexit.
  • Increased reliance on the use of food-banks.

The above reasons are not unique to the UK and with global financial markets being so closely linked. Don’t rule out a larger financial collapse.

TV News Shows Stirring the Pot

Is it just me or has anyone else noticed that TV news shows are no longer content to just report the facts. Nowadays they seem to broadcast more speculation than real news. When something does happen, wow see how they milk it. They will milk it for weeks if nothing else happens in the world. Then when a new story comes along they will drop the old one like a stone. In search of their new target, which politician, for example, is going to be in favor today. Probably the very same one that they picked on two weeks ago.

They even interview their own journalists to fuel the fire. They may have some expert knowledge but most of it is news for new’s sake and still, amounts to nothing more than speculative opinion. No doubt this has a lot to do with the evolution of 24 hour news. If you’re wondering why I’m citing TV news as an example of civil unrest it’s because I believe they are fueling a fire of negative speculation. Underestimate the damage the news outlets are causing at your own peril.

Further Indications of European Union Civil Unrest

Add terrorism to the above mix and it’s easy to see that European Union civil unrest is not as far-fetched as some people may have thought. If your still not convinced have a read of this article Europe on the brink. Which talks about why European leaders are said to be preparing for mass civil unrest as multiple catastrophic problems engulf the continent.

European Union Civil Unrest Drawing Closer Summary

Some of the information discussed above is fact and some is my opinion. If for a moment you set aside SHTF scenarios like natural disasters, nuclear war and so on. In my opinion, civil unrest is closer than most people think. Not only European Union civil unrest but also globally. Civil unrest should be high up on your list of emergency preparedness scenarios you are planning for. The emergence of civil unrest is rarely instant, instead, it gradually creeps up on us. Bare this in mind be vigilant and prepare for it.

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  1. Survival plan: get rid of your TV and cancel your TV licence; minimise the extent to which you are funding the Treasury e.g. by legally deferring taxes and reducing your tax burden; grow your own & buy from local producers; boycott EU27 goods and services and holiday outside the EU27; home-school or work to undo the indoctrination of your children; work toward self-reliance and prepare for food and power shortages; vote Brexit Party/UKIP/Britain First; donate to Brexit Party/UKIP/Britain First; campaign for Brexit Party/UKIP/Britain First; switch to independent media e.g. Breitbart, BitChute etc., attend Church and challenge your Church leadership where they espouse policies of the far-left; get involved in your local community; support the family through support for organisations that work to criminalise the murder of the unborn child; cancel union memberships; boycott globalist companies and globalist celebrities e.g. Superdry, Vodafone, Gary Lineker (Walkers Crisps), and crucially….keep your friends, colleagues and family informed.

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