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This guest post article has kindly been written and submitted by one of our Twitter followers Joe Lavelle. Joe a.ka. City Prepper has approximately 20 years of survival and outdoors experience and 10 years of Law Enforcement.

A big thanks to Joe for sharing his views on the importance of a well maintained Everyday Carry Bag. We hope you enjoy reading his article below.

What Is An EDC (Everyday Carry) Bag? And

Why It’s Important To Have A Well-Maintained EDC Bag?

With the ever-present and growing threat of lone wolf terrorism and the severity of natural disasters occurring throughout the world on almost a daily basis. It is now more than ever extremely important to have a well-stocked and maintained EDC Bag. An EDC should be small and versatile to not draw attention and should be well equipped to handle any situation.

The objective of this article is to hopefully relay to you the reader that the purpose of an EDC is to have the power and the means to survive and thrive without drawing unnecessary attention to yourself. The purpose of this bag is to go about everyday life and blend in. It is not designed to be a Bug out Bag or Get Home Bag.

B.O.B’s and G.H.B.’s tend to be bigger, bulky, more complex in regards to the equipment they require and tend to have enough gear to last 72hrs.

The average person believes that having an EDC. is only useful if you’re going to be in a rural environment, that can’t be further from the truth. As I just stated, we (this is not just specific to Americans this is a worldwide problem) are exposed to terrorism and they usually happen in crowded cities. So I feel that this is something that should be carried more so in an urban area, but again it should be made with your specific needs in mind.

A Brief Bio About Me

I am a survival and outdoors enthusiast with 20 years of experience. I began my journey of sharing my survival experience and skill over the last year by posting videos as well as blogs on survival techniques. As well as current events that relate to the prepping and survival community.

Any and all gear that is in My EDC has been specifically tailored to my needs through trial and error and are designed for my profession and the environments that I’m in. The items that you will be learning about are items that I have chosen because of necessity and most have been used in a time of emergency.

Examples Of What Should Be Inside Your EDC Bag And Why



Inside of your EDC you should have an I.F.A.K. (Individual First Aid Kit) to help yourself, a loved one or to be a Good Samaritan during a time of medical necessity. It is extremely important to spend money on a really good kit, one that comes with a clotting agent and a tourniquet.


Light Source


A light source in cases of a blackout or being trapped in a dark area (I.e. an elevator). Again a light source is something you want to spend a good amount of money on, having a cheap unreliable light source during a time of need is not ideal for survival.


Cutting Instrument

Spyderco Honeybee C137

A cutting instrument which can be used for protection or self-rescue, for example, you are trapped in a car after an accident and need to cut the seat belt. It is also important to make sure that you periodically check the sharpness of your cutting instrument because a dull cutting instrument will hinder your ability to survive.


550 Cord

At least a 15ft piece of 550 cord, this can be useful in both urban and rural survival. 550 cord can aid you in lowering yourself from an elevated area or provide cordage to aid in making a shelter.

Emergency Blanket

An emergency blanket, which can help keep you alive on those cold nights if you become stranded and to use as a signal because of its reflective surface. This happens to be an overlooked aspect of survival. People tend to forget that survival also means getting out of the bad situation. If you don’t have means to signal for help your chances to survive are low, so the emergency blanket is a great way to go.



Spare Fire Arm Magazine

Last but not least to the readers who are legally allowed to carry a firearm, you should have a spare magazine. If you run out of ammunition or don’t have a means to reload your firearm in a combat situation, you essentially have a $600.00 hammer. The spare magazine will come in handy if you have to engage a threat or multiple threats (active shooter).


What’s In My EDC Bag?

My personal EDC Includes the following:

  • Multi-tool
  • Knife
  • An IFAK complete with a tourniquet
  • Chem light (glow stick)
  • Small flashlight
  • 550 cord,
  • Emergency blanket
  • Extra firearm magazine

All of the above-listed items fit into a small backpack and are readily available if the need arises. I carry these items every day and also have taken the time to practice in the use of each of them. The only thing worse than not having these items in a time of need is having them and not knowing how to use them.

Lastly, I employ you to design an EDC Bag to your specific needs and I advise you to always be vigilant. At the end of the day, the one is who is prepared and knowledgeable is the one who survives.

If you liked the article that you have just read please voice your positive feedback to the amazing people at Prepperbits.com or if you will like to check out my social media page you can find me on Twitter @cityprepper1. Until next time stay tuned for future articles on my experience as a Prepper.

Stay safe,
Joe Lavelle “City Prepper”

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