Diy Prepper Projects

DIY Prepper Projects For Preppers On A Budget

If like me you’re a Prepper with a family and commitments. It’s important to carry out as many of your Prepper projects as you can on a Diy basis.

By doing this, not only will this save you money it will also help you to practice your prepper skills. And teach you more than just going out and buying off the shelf Prepper Solutions.

You’d be surprised at the things you can do yourself with little or no investment other than your time.

How To Get Started And Plan Your Own Diy Prepper Projects

To get started on your own Diy Prepper Projects. First, start off by making a plan and breaking your projects into categories. For example, you could break your project into the following groups:

General Survival Projects

  • Start an Emergency Binder containing critical information that you can take with you if you have to evacuate.
  • Take photos of household possessions and keep them on a memory stick that can be taken with you in an emergency.
  • Backup your PC or Laptop onto a portable hard drive or memory stick.
  • Prepare Your Pets for Emergencies – Make a pet bug out bag that contains any medication, insurance documents, food and anything else that will make sure your pet does not suffer in an emergency situation.
  • Make your own DIY Faraday Cage to protect your electronics in an emp emergency.
  • Get hold of some paracord and teach yourself to make paracord survival items. Such as bracelets, knife lanyards, ranger beads and more. There are plenty of tutorials online and its easier than you think to do.


Heres a picture of a paracord knife lanyard I made for one of my knives. It’s a basic Snake Knot Paracord Lanyard.

Takes no more than 10 minutes to make and can be made for a fraction of the cost of buying them from Amazon or eBay.



Below Is the YouTube Video I watched to learn how to make it.

Water Projects

  • Don’t throw your soda bottles away, instead save them to fill with water for Emergency Use.
  • Research and set up you’re own water-butt set up in your garden to collect water for use in emergencies. For example, to flush toilets or water your vegetable patch.

Food Projects

  • Make your own compost bin.
  • Start an inventory list of your prepper food supplies, keeping a note of expiry dates. So that you can rotate your supplies.
  • Make Your own Hardtack or Shelf-Stable Survival Bars (Tastier and Packed with Calories).
  • If you are short on space why not start your own vegetable garden in pots and containers.

Safety and Security Projects

  • Set to work on Earthquake “Proofing” your cupboard or Pantry Shelves.
  • Make a fire escape plan with your family so everyone is on the same page in such an emergency.
  • In fact, why not create Disaster Response Plans for any possible emergencies, such as earthquakes, hurricanes, flooding and so on.
  • Take a First Aid Course.
  • Learn about the dangers, signs, and symptoms of Carbon Monoxide poisoning.
  • Learn about hypothermia and what to do in extremely cold weather to keep warm.

Hygiene Projects

  • Make your own cleaning and sanitation products.
  • Create an Emergency Toilet.
  • Make a Homemade Mosquito Trap.

You may be wondering why I haven’t gone into more detail about how to go about each Diy Prepper Project Suggested above.

The reason for this is because like I did using the video above to make my paracord knife lanyard. It’s important to do your own research. By doing so you will learn much more and be able to adapt the project suggestions I have made above to your own needs and circumstances.

47 Easy DIY Projects

To get you started on your own research into some DIY Survival Projects of your own. You may want to take a look at a book I recently came across called “47 Easy Diy Survival Projects”. The book’s author is  Damian Brindle the editor of a long-standing survival blog.

This is Damian’s eighth survival book and in it, he covers many of the Diy Prepper Projects I mentioned above and more in detail. Heres an excerpt from the book to give you an idea of the detail he goes into:

Create an Emergency Toilet
In some emergency situations the toilets won’t flush because they’re backed-up, or the water stops flowing, or both. If this happens, you’re going to need an alternative toilet ASAP. Although it’s possible to, at times, go outside, dig a hole, and use that… there are other instances where that’s not entirely feasible, such as during the middle of winter, or maybe the ladies don’t want to have to go outside all the time. Makeshift a portable toilet instead.
It’s simple to do, just take any five- or six-gallon bucket with tight-fitting lid and toss in the following: 13-gallon trash bags (dozens), latex-free gloves (dozens)……………………………………………………………………………………, (this a small excerpt from the book. The advice Damian gives on creating a Diy Emergency toilet goes into even more detail)

Diy Prepper Projects For Preppers On A Budget –  Conclusion

There’s no getting away from the fact that some areas of prepping require the investment of your hard-earned cash. However, there are also a lot of projects you can undertake that cost very little. And often no more than your own time.

You can get more ideas and tutorials from books like the one I have talked about above. There are also many free resources available online.

Trust me when I say you will also get a great feeling of satisfaction when you not only teach yourself a new skill. But revel in the fact that it cost you little or nothing to do.

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