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The following article is all about defending your homestead during an SHTF grid down scenario. The article was kindly submitted by a regular contributor to the Prepper Bits Sam Bocetta. Who enjoys sharing his knowledge and experience of disaster preparation, survival, firearms, and self-defense. Thanks, Sam.

5 Critical Steps To Defend Your Homestead

During an SHTF, Grid-Down Disaster Scenario

One of the biggest priorities you must have in any grid down disaster scenario is security. It certainly ranks up there with food and water, medicine and first aid, and communication. This is because all of your preps will be utterly useless to you if you don’t know how or aren’t able to defend it.

But many preppers figure that home defense is really only a major concern if they live in an urban or suburban area during a disaster. In reality, even a homestead out in a rural area is perfectly vulnerable to attack from looters, burglars, and raiding party. Which is why you need to come up with a viable defensive security strategy.

Here are the top five steps that you should follow when defending your homestead during an SHTF grid down disaster scenario:

5 Top Steps for defending your homestead

Step #1 – Invest In Defensive Firearms

First and foremost, no defensive strategy is truly complete without including the use of defensive firearms.

That being said, you also will want to be very selective about the specific firearms that you choose to use for defensive purposes as well.

When it comes to homesteading, there are three specific firearms that will unquestionably belong in your armory.

The first, as you may have guessed, is a shotgun, preferably chambered in either twelve gauge or twenty gauge. A pump action shotgun such as the Mossberg 500. Or Remington 870 in either of those calibers is one of the best close range defensive weapons that you can own.

That being said, the range of a shotgun is also very limited, and in the case of defending your homestead. You will need a firearm that can reach out to longer distances.

That’s why the next gun you’re going to need is a semi-automatic rifle with a detachable magazine. Such as the AR-15 or Mini-14. Such a rifle will give you a much greater range than a shotgun. Not to mention more limited recoil and better velocity than a handgun.

Speaking of handguns, this is the last essential firearm you need. The best type will be a mid-sized pistol chambered in 9mm, either a Glock 19 or a pistol of very similar size, which holds a lot of rounds and can be easily carried on your person at all times.

Step #2 – Fortify Your House

The reality is that the vast majority of American homes are incredibly easy to break into. And if you haven’t made any defensive or security modifications to your own home yet, you’ll definitely want to change that.

There are three basic home fortification measures that you can take right now. The first will be to replace all glass windows with the more durable acrylic glass, which requires much more force in order to break down.

The next step will be to replace all wooden doors leading outside with steel doors, and all locks and hinges with heavy duty replacements.

Finally, also invest in sandbags that you can set up behind your doors and windows to help absorb incoming ammunition.

Step #3 – Construct A Perimeter

The main goal when defending your homestead should be to keep the fight outside of your house at all costs.

And this is exactly why you will need to construct a defensive perimeter around your homestead after the grid has gone down. If you already have fencing surrounding your property. You can wrap barbed fire around it to enhance its value as a defensive structure.

If you don’t yet have fencing, you can create a makeshift barbed wire fence by driving stakes into the ground and then wrapping barbed wire fencing between it. If you really want to beef up your defenses, you can consider Step 4 below.

Step #4 – Consider Additional Defensive Structures

When defending your homestead, keeping all of your defenders within your home will be a poor strategy. Instead, you’ll want to keep defenders in multiple defensive structures. This will make it much more difficult for any raiding party to attack.

This is why you should strongly consider building additional structures on your property such as a shed. Not only would a shed be a great structure for storing more supplies. You can beef up its defenses just as you could your house as well (with heavy duty doors, acrylic glass windows, sandbags, etc.).

Opening fire on an attacking raiding party from multiple structures will amplify your defenses and always make an attack upon your homestead more difficult.

Step #5 – Have An Escape Plan

Last but not least. If all else fails, you need to have a proper escape plan to get out of dodge before you’re too overwhelmed.

You see, no matter how well thought out your defenses are. If the attack is too overwhelming or if everything goes wrong for you then fighting to the death is the last thing you should do.

Be prepared to move out if you have to. Have a designated bug out vehicle, bug out bags for each member of your family. Also, plan a road that you’ll be taking to get out, and a designated bug out location as well.


Hopefully, the five steps outlined in this article have given you an idea as to how you should plan to defend your homestead against attackers should the grid ever go down.

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One thought on “5 Critical Steps To Defend Your Homestead During SHTF Grid-Down Disaster Scenario”

  1. Given your recommendations, seems you are talking about a true, lawless grid down situation. In that case, if you have something I want or are in my way, then I am going to identify your weak point, flank you and simply light your house on fire. No amount of acrylic windows, steel doors, etc will help when I shoot you down as you try to flee the inferno. Truly you would need an escape tunnel to that shed you mentioned to get clear and live to possibly fight another day. Also, depending on what state you are in and the current gun laws, an invading force may have high caliber weapons with them and the will absolutely destroy an acrylic window, go through steel, and so forth. I’d concentrate on storming at least two different entry points and see whose better at the game – me or you. And no, I wouldn’t let you load up and ride off in a bug-out vehicle either, so you’d better be as stealthy as a mo-fo.

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