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The following article entitled ” The Three Tiered Approach To Civil Unrest ” was kindly written and submitted by Aaron from The Simple Prepper.Com. The Simple Prepper is a survival blog devoted to making prepping easy and fun! Thanks, Aaron.

No matter what part of the world you live in if you are concerned about being prepared for the occurrence of Civil Unrest. Aarons three-tiered approach to civil unrest response below aims to put you in position to react effectively if that time comes.

The Three Tiered Approach To Civil Unrest

I find it sad to admit, but our nation has some serious healing to do. Granted we have been through much worse as a nation. Unfortunately, the last few decades have divided our nation and created the breeding ground for divisiveness and instability. If we are at this point when the economy is strong, and jobs are plenty, what happens when things get tough?

What if the nation faces a real disaster or war?

Although unlikely, if we are headed for an eruption of civil unrest in this nation – are you prepared to deal with that?

I want to introduce you to a three-tiered approach to civil unrest response that will put you in position to react effectively if that time comes.

Tier One – Comms and Recon

One of the trickiest parts of managing civil unrest is understanding the scope of the threat. A small riot can grow and become violent in a hurry. Two factions can start fighting one another in the blink of an eye and chaos can break out.
It won’t take a very large altercation to completely exhaust your local police force. From that moment, you’re on your own.

The only way you are going to be able to stay on top of the chaos is by relying on powerful communications and recon preps. These are very important to any survival plan but priceless when the disaster can be observed from afar.

If you can listen in on local news, even better local police, you will be able to understand when its time to go or when its time to get armed. No matter where you fall politically mob violence does not discriminate.

You can use police scanners to keep up on local law enforcement in order to understand how they might be struggling. You will also know exactly when they have been overwhelmed.

HAM radio will allow you to get more personal information from people who might be closer to the action. You could also use HAM radio to get a feel for the type of chaos that might be unfolding in other parts of the nation.
While you may not want to hear it, social media will likely be a powerful tool when it comes to getting intel on civil unrest as everyone has a camera and a story.

Tier Two – Getting Home and Preparing for Action

In most cases, you are either going to be asleep or be at work. If you play the odds the vast majority of your life is spent at work or asleep. That is a sad existence but its really how the average person’s life breaks down.
That being said, you need to be prepared to get home from work and prepare to take action in the event of civil unrest. This involves the creation of a get home bag.

The get home bag is a bag that stays in your car or at your job all the time. It is only to be used when you have to make your way home in a disaster. Getting home could include your car or it might not, depending on the situation. The bag should be packed in such a way that it can get you home without the vehicle. Let’s take a moment to look at the items that should be included in your bugout bag.

Bugout Bag List

While your bugout breakdown should be uniquely about you and the items you need to get home quickly and safely, there are some things that are necessary across the board.

  • Ready to eat foods
  • Water filter
  • Water bottle (hopefully filled before you leave work)
  • Quick shelter option
  • Firearm for self-defense (observe local laws of course)
  • Fire kit
  • Spare clothes (seasonally appropriate)
  • Comfortable shoes (in case you need to put in a few miles)
  • Optics
  • Cash
  • First aid
  • Identification
  • Breaching or cutting tools

From here you can add all sorts of other things, but you should at least consider these as a means of getting from your job to your home. This will not be an easy task but its something you can accomplish. Some trips will be longer than others, but you have to be prepared to make the trek whether its 30 mins walking or 3 hours! Until you get home you are at risk and so is your family.

Tier Three – Bugging in or Bugging out

The third tier of dealing with civil unrest is making the important decision to bug in or bugout. This should not be a decision made on a whim. Do not go with just your instincts on this one. Instead, use the intel you have gathered since the start of the event.

There is a simple acronym that can help you along your way as well. It’s called REDOUT.


Are you out of required resources at home?


Is the environment itself creating a hazard to your survival?


Do you have a place to go to from your home? Do you have a way to get there?

Overwhelming Force

Are you facing a situation that you cannot deal with in your present location?


While you might think you are prepared for everything you need to recognize when you are not prepared.

Threat is Increased

Has the threat increased in your immediate area?

If you answer yes to any of these questions, or multiples, then its time to consider getting out of dodge. REDOUT is as clear an indicators as you will need if you are facing off against the dangers of something like civil unrest.

The Three Tiered Approach To Civil Unrest – Conclusion

These three tiers of preparedness can be used to address any type of serious disaster. They work exceptionally well for civil unrest because it’s highly unpredictable. Its hard to know what direction a mob will go or what the overall motivations of a riot could be.

Civil unrest can also involve smaller satellite groups that infiltrate neighborhoods to do harm to the people who live in them. Do not take this danger for granted. You need to be very careful about the thing veil of civility.

Use these tiers to prepare yourself for disaster. They will take a bit of investment but more time and focus. Invest today so that you can be prepared for tomorrow.

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