Antiseptic healing cream

Antiseptic Healing Cream For Your Prepper First Aid Supplies

Why You Should Add Antiseptic Healing Cream To Your Prepper First Aid Supplies? If you don’t already have an antiseptic healing cream in your prepper kit its well worth adding it to your prepper first aid supplies. Antiseptic healing cream can Read More

Bug Out Bag Checklist

Comprehensive Bug Out Bag Master Checklist

Bug Out Bag Checklist – Master List The idea behind the following Bug Out Bag checklist was to create a comprehensive master list. From which you can select the items you want to include in your own 72 Hour kit. Read More

DR ABC Emergency Resuscitation

DR ABC Emergency Resuscitation Approach

Knowing When to Give CPR in an Emergency As a prepper, I’m always looking to improve my knowledge especially if it doesn’t cost me anything. I’m fortunate that my wife works in healthcare so yesterday I got to learn all Read More

Polymath MEDC First Aid Keyring

Polymath Products MEDC First Aid Keyring Review

MEDC First Aid Keyring After recently purchasing the MEDC First Aid Keyring (a keychain mini first aid kit) I wanted to share my views with you on what I think is quite a unique idea from Polymath Products. This is Read More