How To Make An Effective Home Emergency Plan

How To Make An Effective Home Emergency Plan We rarely know when an emergency will strike but we know they can and do happen. It’s therefore important to take some time out of your busy schedule to make yourself a home Read More

Sinkhole Emergency Preparedness

Sinkhole Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Preparedness For Sinkholes We often see or hear news reports of sinkholes that range in size and the damage that they cause. This article will discuss what sinkholes are, the different types, how they happen and the implications they Read More

Natural Disaster Preparedness

Natural Disaster Preparedness – How To Stay Safe In Your Home?

Natural Disaster Preparedness How To Stay Safe In Your Home? Around 350 weather-related catastrophes were recorded between 2005 and 2017. The top five countries most affected during this time period were the United States, China, India, Philippines, and Indonesia. So It’s no Read More

After Disaster Hygiene - Biological Attack

After Disaster Hygiene And Sanitation Tips

After Disaster Hygiene And Sanitation Hygiene and Sanitation are important factors of everyday life, they keep us healthy and free from disease. Modern life has an infrastructure in place that deals with human and environmental waste. We also have easy Read More

Hunter Gatherer Prepper

Hunter Gatherer Prepper Permanency Consideration

The Hunter Gatherer Prepper Historically hunter-gatherers date as far back as prehistoric times when our ancestors used to forage for wild plants and hunt animals. As part of their preparedness planning the hunter-gatherer prepper learns and practices these hunting and Read More

Typhoon Tornado Tsunami Emergency Preparedness Tips

Emergency Preparedness For The Three T’s

Typhoon Tornado Tsunami Preparedness Tips With the number of natural disasters seemingly on the increase, this article covers emergency Preparedness tips for the three T’s (Typhoons, Tornado’s and Tsunami’s). The idea behind today’s article was to provide some helpful Typhoon Read More


Apocalypse Survived – Now What?

A Crucial Plan You May Have Forgot Hands up all those preppers who haven’t made plans for what you would do if you managed to survive an apocalypse. As a prepper, on occasion, I have given this matter some thought Read More

Prepping For The Unexpected

Prepping For The Unexpected

Preparing For Unpredictable Scenarios Prepping for the unexpected is one of the biggest challenges a prepper can face. We do our best to prepare by creating specific plans and gathering supplies for set scenarios. For example hurricanes and extreme weather Read More