Carrying and Using A Firearm During An SHTF Disaster

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5 Considerations For Carrying and Using A Firearm During

An SHTF Disaster

Today, experts consider it to be the most peaceful time in human history. But if you turn on the news, it seems like there are terror attacks and mass shootings happening on the daily.

Be it with a van slamming into a crowded area, gunmen shooting up public places, or madmen running into crowded areas with knives to commit unspeakable acts. Often it comes down to a good guy with a gun stopping the bad guy.

What about self-defense? Do you have a firearm to defend yourself?

Think about it for a second, if society were to plunge into madness tomorrow, you can’t dial 911, help isn’t coming for you. The only difference between life and death may come down to how well armed and prepared you are.

If you are armed, do you have a plan? If not, don’t worry. Today’s article will give you an excellent foundation to base your tactics and strategies with five considerations for carrying and using a firearm when the SHTF or massive disaster strikes.

Rules in a World Without Rules

Say the grid goes down and mass hysteria strikes. You can’t walk around like a vigilante or marauder and gun down people at will. Otherwise, you’re no different than a thug with a gun.

Say martial law goes into effect, so your right to carry may not even exist. The best way to keep your weapon is not telling a soul you have one.

If there is no choice but to use it. Make sure you’re operating from a moral perspective by protecting yourself or others from serious bodily harm or death.

Any other reason is invalid, even if the laws that once protected us are gone. Actions will always have consequences and it doesn’t mean the rules change entirely.

Security Through Obscurity

The best defense in the worst case scenario is the bad guy not knowing you’re armed until you deem it necessary to neutralize the threat.

Having a solid basis of deep concealment in your repertoire is vital for making sure you get out alive.

Experts and gun gurus all have their methods to teach you all of these things, but it’s a fairly simple concept; keep your weapon hidden until the last moment and train both defensive and offensive tactics.

Use some common sense, don’t walk around open carrying your weapon for all to see, you’re projecting you’re a threat to the bad guy and you’ll most likely be taken out first.

Instead, invest in a durable deep concealment holster, such as an inside the waistband holster or a safe appendix carry holster, just take into consideration the size of your weapon and your body type before choosing one.

Make sure it will be comfortable enough to wear for extended periods but sturdy enough to keep your weapon in place if you have to run yet low profile enough to keep your weapon hidden.

Another option will be to invest in a gun safe at home and then to hide that safe so that it’s not easily discoverable (for instance, you could hide it amongst a large stack of cardboard moving boxes). This way, not only will your firearms be kept safe from intruders or a house fire, but they could go without detection as well.

Embrace the Inner Minuteman

If you’re a student of history, you’re probably aware of the Minutemen of the American Revolutionary War. These elite soldiers could be activated and deploy for combat at a minutes notice.

Take a page from history and embody this mindset. You never know what’s going to happen from one minute to the next so its vital to have your weapons near so you can react to any situation at a minutes notice.

It can be something as simple as keeping a loaded shotgun or rifle in a safe, yet accessible place.

Think about what hard points offer you cover and concealment, yet is a realistically defensible position where you can fight a prolonged battle should worst come to worse.

Just make sure you have enough ammo, magazines, and supplies to realistically sustain a coordinated attack. Because if the SHTF, help is either a long ways off, or you’re going to be on your own, so plan accordingly.

Long Guns Over Handguns in Home Defense

Though it may seem like a shotgun or a rifle is less ideal as opposed to handguns in home defense. You may be surprised to learn that quite the opposite is true.

Sure, long guns require a lot more training, less ideal to use in confined spaces, and seem like they’d be more powerful, thus increasing the risk of collateral damage; but in fact, most handgun cartridges have higher muzzle velocities than most long gun cartridges.

Instead, opt for using alternative long gun rounds with lower muzzle velocities that won’t sail through walls. Home defense is castle defense, you want to contain the chaos within four walls.

Shotgun shells loaded with birdshot offer enough stopping power to neutralize any threat with a widespread. But are less likely to have the muzzle velocity to penetrate walls, which could jeopardize your loved ones if you have to be dynamic.

Most rifle rounds have variants which are designed for target shooting as opposed to penetrating body armor or re-enforced surfaces.

In home defense, it’s a fight at close quarters. Selecting rounds with lower velocities will mitigate the penetration power, yet offer enough stopping power to stop a threat in their tracks.

Tactical Considerations

Practice maneuvering with a firearm in narrow corridors and doorways. You don’t want to smack your weapons off the walls and increase the chances of giving yourself away.

Keep your elbows tucked into your sides and move with your weapon at high ready. Practice room clearing and shooting from cover from both kneeling, prone and standing positions.

Practice covering fire and immediate action drills while at the range. So you can build confidence and technique with your weapons in the event of a tactical retreat to a better position within your home while staying in the fight.

Carrying and Using A Firearm During An SHTF Disaster – Closing Thoughts

The thought of doomsday is hard to imagine. Most people choose to think it won’t happen to them. But it’s happened before, it can and probably will happen again.

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