A Prepper Message For Non-Preppers

There are most likely a number of reasons why you have stumbled across this article. It could be that you’re a prepper who is eager to find ways of encouraging non-preppers to start prepping. Or you are a non-prepper who is curious about how to get started.

If you are already an advocate of all things prepping and survival. You may have expected a detailed list of ideas on How To Turn Your Family into Preppers. As you can see we have already done this as have many other prepper websites. If you are a non-prepper you may be looking for a basic Prepping 101 guide for preppers to help get you started with prepping.

If you came here for either of the above reasons then we are glad we have highlighted the links above and hope you find them helpful.

However, there may just be another reason you have arrived at this article. You may be a non-prepper who is skeptical of preppers and believes that we are all a bunch of wackos. This is most likely because of something you have read or seen that paints preppers in this light.

The title of this article is “A Prepper Message For Non-Preppers” and we want to send a message to any non-preppers who have been put off prepping simply because of the way some people have portrayed the prepper image.

So Whats The Message?

The message is simply this:

Don’t believe this stereotypical prepper image.

Often the media will portray preppers as extreme apocalyptic doomsday fanatics who continue to predict the end of the world. Almost as if we truly want these events to happen.

However, this couldn’t be further from the truth. The truth is that preppers are hard working everyday people with families who enjoy life. We simply like to be prepared for whatever may come our way in the best way that we can.

Whilst we do prepare for serious disasters like hurricanes, earthquakes, and tornadoes. We do this because these events are on the increase. In comparison, we also prepare for everyday events like creating a kit for our cars for when we break down. We also pack emergency supplies if we go on camping holidays with our families.

Funnily enough, we also have first aid kits at home for when we cut ourselves and flashlights for when the power goes out. None of this is extreme its just plain common sense.

Its likely that many people you either know or have come across in life are preppers. Not all preppers advertise that they prep. At the end of the day, we are a community of normal everyday people who simply try to enjoy life to its full extent whilst at the same time making provision and preparing for any unexpected life events.

A Prepping Concept For Non-Preppers

prepper insurance

If you still not convinced that prepping is a sensible thing to do. Consider that learning prepper skills and knowledge is a form of insurance policy.

When you purchase a home insurance policy you are providing financial coverage for any unforeseen circumstances that may happen such as fire, theft, flooding. You purchase auto insurance in case of an accident or health insurance for if you become ill. You’re not considered a wacko for taking such measures to protect yourself from these events.

Prepping is not really all that different from this concept. As a prepper, you gain the knowledge and skills that would help you if you ever found yourself in an emergency or disaster situation.

In the same way that you hope you never face a fire or a flood, You hope that you and your family never have to face an emergency or disaster. But if it happens you have some form of insurance to help you handle the situation.

A Prepper Message For Non-Preppers – Conclusion

Whilst you will always be able to find extreme examples in all areas of life. It’s important to not always believe the stereotypes that are presented to you. Do a little more research and think about the fact that prepping is about common sense. Preppers enjoy everyday life but have the knowledge and skills that allow them to adapt to emergency situations.

Prepping is a personal choice, you prep for what concerns you to the degree that it concerns you. Don’t allow prejudices and stereotypes to prevent you from protecting you and your family.


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