Bug Out Bag Checklist

Bug Out Bag Checklist – Master List

The idea behind the following Bug Out Bag checklist was to create a comprehensive master list. From which you can select the items you want to include in your own 72 Hour kit. Some items in this list are normally included in all Bug Out Bags. Other items would be included depending on personal preferences and your geographical location.

What Is A Bug Out Bag?

Bug Out Bags or 72 Hour Bags are packed with essential items needed to survive a minimum of three days. A Bug Out Bag is usually stored at home in case you have to leave due to an emergency or disaster. Your Bug Out Bag needs to be stored in a convenient place so it is ready to grab and go at a moments notice.

Bug Out Bag – Master Check List

In most cases, it would not be practical to include all of the items listed below in your Bug Out Bag. This is because your bag needs to be lightweight and portable. Your Kit will be of no use to you if the bag is too heavy. Many of the items in the Bug Out Bag checklist below will have multiple uses. When choosing items for your kit, prioritize essential items like food and water first.

Drinking Water
Food RationsAntibiotics
Water ContainerCan OpenerGauze
Hydration BladderEnergy BarsMoleskin
Water FilterDehydrated MealsSuture Kit
Purification TabletsPortable StoveSuper Glue
Collapsible Water BottleStove Fuel Tourniquet
Hard Water BottleSporkQuick Clot
Metal Water BottleMetal CupTriangle Bandage
Chlorine BleachMetal Cooking PotPrescription Medications
Condom (non lubricated)Fishing KitN95 Face Mask
Iodine TabletsSnare WireBasic First Aid Kit
Latex TubingAluminum FoilBug Repellent
CoffeeChocolateMedical Gloves
Purifying StrawBeef JerkyQ-Tips
Electrolyte TabletsSalt / PepeprInstant Ice Pack
Trail MixBee Sting Kit
Multi VitaminsAspirin, Ibuprofen
Survival Blanket
Wet NapkinsMap Of Your Local Area
Sleeping BagSmall Pack TowelCompass
HammockHand SanitizerSignal Mirror
ParacordTravel Toilet PaperEmergency Radio (hand cranked)
TentToothpasteSignal Flares
BlanketGarbage BagsSmartphone
Ground PadResealable BagsSolar Battery Charger
Tent StakesDeodorantCB Radio
RazorWalkie Talkie
Feminine ProductsSolar Charged Radio
Foot PowderWatch
Comb / BrushMarking Chalk
Shaving Cream
Dental Floss
Foul Weather Gear
Hatchet / AxeIdentification
UnderwearGas Main ToolPassport
HammockHydrant WrenchWaterproof Pen & Paper
Wool Hiking SocksPry Tool / CrowbarUSB Drive
Working GlovesShovelKnots Guide
Rain PonchoSawWild Edibles Guide
ShemaghScrew DriversFirst Aid Guide
FleeceMulti-ToolContact Book
Convertible (Zip-Off) PantsFilet KnifeSurvival Guide
Lightweight Long Sleeve ShirtHunting/Skinning KnifeInsurance Documentation
BandanaPliersPet Documents
SunglassesWaterproof Marker
Shoes / Boots
Hat / Scarf
Magnesium Firestarter
TinderCan OpenerExtra Cash
CandlesRiflePlaying Cards
Water filterAmmunition Duct Tape
Mini LED LightSlingshot & AmmoElectrical Tape
HeadlampPepper Spray550 Parachute Cord
LED FlashlightSurvival KnifeDry Bag
Light Glow StickTrekking PoleBinoculars
Mini LED Key ChainMacheteSewing Kit
Waterproof MatchesPocket KnifeZip Ties
Magnifying GlassKnife SharpenerSafety Pins
LighterPet Food
Petroleum Cotton Balls
Steel Wool


Bug Out Bag Books

There are quite a few helpful Bug Out Bag Books available on Amazon. Here are some examples:


Bug Out Bag Checklist – Master List Summary

The idea behind this article was to create a Bug Out Bag checklist that would act as a comprehensive master list. Instead of creating another Bug Out Bag checklist in the future we plan to keep this post up to date. If we have missed anything, let us know in the comments section and we will add it to the list.

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6 thoughts on “Comprehensive Bug Out Bag Master Checklist”

  1. Because I take transit 2 hours to work (and 2 hours back) my EDC bag is a light weight GHB. (If I’m starting from the office I have a few extra supplies there.) I have a 15 hour walk or a 6 hour bike ride (assuming i were to “acquire a bike”) so I don’t plan on sleeping anywhere along the way but I do carry extra supplies in the winter.

  2. Excellent list. I,m sure many things can be taken off the list by folk that keep up with their survival skills. On the other side there are people who need just about everything they can get there hands on. No list is going to have what everyone agrees on. You just have to know how healthy you are, what your limitations are. Because of some physical or health needs there are people who may need to take a small camper.

    1. Hi George, thanks for your comments. Your spot on, a list is just that. It contains items that some will benefit from and others will not. It will be down to individual circumstances and preferences.

  3. Except for food and water none of the other items are essential. Essential means absolutely necessary all the other items are conveniences not necessities. People have and do live without them.

    1. Hi Dusty thanks for adding your comments. I can see where you’re coming From with regards to food and water. Personally I would consider it essential to also have items like first aid, my medication and clothing. As I said though it is a matter of personal preference. Thanks again 👍

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