BCB Explorer Button Compass

BCB Explorer Button Compass CK311

Welcome to my gear review of the BCB Explorer Button Compass, I have owned many of these small compasses most of which were included in various mini survival kits and tins that I have purchased over the years. Some of these have worked well but the majority of them have not been great quality or at all accurate.

I have been looking for a new reliable small button compass to carry with me in my Wazoo Survival Cache Belt. So I decided that in order to find a robust reliable replacement it ideally needed to be of military spec. During my research, I came across the BCB Explorer Button Compass which is Nato approved.

BCB Explorer Button Compass Features

The BCB Explorer Button Compass CK311 is described by BCB Adventure as an exceptionally robust, oil filled, pressurized military approved compass which features in most of their survival kits. It’s a mini oil filled compass designed for escape and evasion purposes.

Explorer Button Compass Specs

  • Load tested to:  24kg (52.9 lbs)
  • Weight : 2g (0.07oz)
  • Size : 1.3cm (0.51”) diameter
  • Weight : 0.002 kg
  • NATO approved: NSN-6605-99-127-9239
  • Model No: CK311

Unboxing The Explorer Button Compass

I managed to get hold of this compass for a reasonable price from Amazon. At the time of purchase, It cost me £1.50 as an add-on item –BCB CK311 Explorer Button Compass. It was also available at a slightly higher price of £1.75 as a non-add-on item – Bushcraft BCB Explorer Button Compass – Black it arrived the next day, here are some pics of the original item I received:


BCB Explorer Button Compass
The mini explorer button compass arrived securely packed in a plastic cover.
BCB Explorer Button Compass
Here is a photo of the packaging from the rear. Information included here is model code and features.
BCB Explorer Button Compass
Once out of the box you really do see how small it is. It would fit in a mini survival tin very easily.
To give you an idea of the dimensions of the mini compass, here it is pictured alongside a small and medium button.


Testing The BCB Explorer Button Compass

As mentioned earlier I’ve had a mixed performance from previous mini compasses I’ve owned. so I decided to carry out a test to see how accurate this compass really is.

In order to conduct an accurate test, I compared the reaction and direction of the mini compass with the readings from my Casio G-Shock Master of G Rangeman watch.

I have to say I was quite impressed with the mini oil filed compass. The dial spun freely and when held flat in the palm of my hand its directional readings matched the Rangemans. As a result of this test, I am happy that the BCB Explorer Button Compass would perform well in an emergency situation and get me out of trouble.

Explorer Button Compass Unboxing Conclusion

The compass performed well when I tested it for accuracy, it’s well-built and costs very little. In my opinion, this small compass is an ideal solution for preppers wanting a backup compass and would make a great addition to your every day carry (EDC). I am confident that it would help me out if I was in a tight spot. Its small enough to go anywhere with you whether in your pocket, survival tin or wallet. It would also make a great addition to a paracord bracelet.

That’s all, for now, I hope you found my review helpful and good luck in your search for a small Button Compass to add to your EDC kit.

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